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No Ordinary Love

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What made Jack and Jennifer so special was the fact that so many details went into their relationship--from special songs, to special momentos, to special places. Here are some of the things every Jack and Jennifer fan should know...


  • First meeting: February 5, 1989, at The Spectator. Jennifer had been hired by Diana Colville as a college intern at the newspaper, and she had gone in to see Diana about a story. Diana was not in her office, but there was Jack, and the rest is history...
  • First kiss: In Jack's office at The Spectator. Jennifer had told Jack she thought they were getting closer and correctly assumed that Jack was uncomfortable working closely with her as a result. Jack tried to deny it, but he couldn't fool Jennifer, who thought he was pushing her away. Impulsively, Jack kissed her to prove he was "not pushy."
  • First "I love you"'s: Jennifer first told Jack she loved him when they were locked together in their stateroom on the ship The Loretta. Jack first told Jennifer he loved her when they were shipwrecked on the island and were about to make love for the first time.
  • First lovemaking: June 29, 1990, on the island where they were shipwrecked after The Loretta sank.
  • First date: At Wings, when Jennifer took Jack out to celebrate his TV debut.
  • First breakup: after Harper's death, Jack pushed Jennifer away.
  • First proposal: On the rooftop, with Jack quoting Romeo and Juliet. Jennifer turned him down because she was still traumatized over her rape.
  • Second proposal: At the loft, with Jack dressed as Santa. Jennifer said yes.
  • Second breakup: Jennifer, still suffering flashbacks from her rape, slapped Jack and called him a rapist. Jack was devastated and thought she was talking about his past with Kayla, not knowing that Jennifer herself had been raped.
  • Third proposal: Outside of the loft, in the rain, with Jack hiding her ring in the jade plant. Jennifer said she needed to wait until after Lawrence's trial was over, but she wanted to marry him.
  • Fourth proposal: At the courthouse, after Lawrence was sentenced. Jennifer said yes.
  • Fifth proposal: At Tuscany, during Jennifer's surprise birthday dinner. Jennifer turned him down, still scared to re-commit to him and leave herself vulnerable with him again.
  • (First :-)) Wedding: July 2, 1991, at the wild west arena. The entire town of Salem was invited and got to witness them exchange vows.
  • Honeymoon: In Hollywood.
  • Third breakup: Jack mistakenly thought he had killed an FBI agent and went on the run.
  • Fourth breakup: Jack learned he had owned the company that had authorized the toxic dumping that might have caused Abigail's Aplastic Anemia. Devastated that he might have inadvertently caused his daughter's illness, he left, thinking Jennifer and Abigail would be better off without him.
  • Fifth breakup: Jennifer left Jack in Africa, taking Abigail with her, having enough of Jack's constant absences and thinking that he would never be able to commit to her the way she needs him to.

Special Momentos

  • The shell ring: Jack gave Jennifer a shell ring on the island to symbolize their new relationship.
  • The hope chest: In Christmas of 1990, Jack gave Jennifer a hope chest filled with momentos of their various adventures: a toy fire truck to represent the time he kidnapped her from her wedding to Emilio, a lincoln log to represent the cabin he took her to, a life vest from The Loretta, and various other items with sentimenal value.
  • The jade plant: Jack gave Jennifer the jade plant as a symbol of their relationship when they were trying to work through the problems between them caused by her rape.
  • The snow people: Jack made two snow people for Jennifer to cheer her up when they were stranded in a snow storm: Herman and Hermione

Special songs

  • "All I have" by Beth Nielsen Chapman
  • "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak
  • "Towerblock" by Julia Fordham
  • "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off" by Harry Connick. Jr.
  • "(It's Only A) Paper Moon" by Nat King Cole

Special places

  • The Spectator: where they met and fell in love
  • The Loft: where Jack brought Jennifer to live when they were trying to be foster parents to Hannah
  • The island: where they made love for the first time
  • The island in Salem: where Jack carved their initials on a tree


  • Their special phrase: "Contra mundum," meaning "us against the world." Jack said this to her when he was trying to reassure her about the rape trial.
  • Jack and Jennifer always shake hands when sealing a deal
  • Jennifer always grabs Jack's chin to get his attention
  • Jack always plays with Jennifer's hair
  • Jack always calls Jennifer "Jennifer" or "Miss Horton" (except for the first few days after Jack came back in 2001 when he called her "Jen" ;-))
  • Jennifer likes to say Jack's name over and over
  • The biggest J&J cheerleaders in Salem: Alice, Jo, Vern, and Isabella (and now of course, little Abigail!)
  • Jack always hides things down his pants
  • Jennifer always hides things down her blouse

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