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No Ordinary Love

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JACK has just come back from dropping ABBY off at a friend's house where she is spending the night. As JACK comes in, JENNIFER is coming down the steps, carrying her purse.

JACK: Oh, you're... going out?

JENNIFER: Yeah, I thought I'd stop by Hope's and see if she was up for watching a video since Bo's on some all-night stake-out tonight.

JACK: (disappointed) Oh.

JENNIFER (noting his disappointment and feeling a little guilty) Did you need something? Should I not go? I can-

JACK: No, no, you shouldn't feel obligated to skip your plans. I'd feel awful if you do...

JENNIFER: Hope doesn't even know I'm coming, actually. I was just going to drop by.

JACK: I see.

JENNIFER: So... do you want me to stay?

JACK: I don't want to impose, really.

JENNIFER: (starting to get frustrated) Jack, would you just-

JACK: Look, it's just that... well, I was hoping you'd be free tonight, that's all. (beat) At least for an hour or so.

JENNIFER: (curious) Why?

JACK: I wanted to, um... I wanted to show you something.

JENNIFER: Show me... what?

JACK: (smiles) It's a surprise.

OUT on JENNIFER'S smile.



JACK has a surprise for JENNIFER.

JACK: I hope I can interpret your silence to mean I haven't overstepped my boundaries.

JENNIFER: (realizing what he meant) What? (softly) Jack, you don't have to walk on eggshells around me, you know.

JACK: (gives her a look) Don't I?

JENNIFER: (smiles) I guess I deserved that. I haven't been too easy to get along with, have I?

JACK: You haven't exactly been the most accommodating, no. (quietly) But then, I probably haven't given you much reason to be lately.

JENNIFER feels guilty for how she's been towards him and can't say anything.

JACK: (clears throat) So, uh... If you don't mind a slight alteration in your plans for tonight, how about you let me show you that surprise I had in mind?

He extends his hand. JENNIFER looks at it and hesitates, which JACK notices.

JACK: Trust me. (smiles) I promise this won't hurt a bit.

JENNIFER smiles back and takes his hand.



JENNIFER is taken aback by where JACK has taken her. JACK turns off the engine and looks at her.

JACK: You haven't said anything.

JENNIFER: (overwhelmed) I'm, uh... I'm not sure what to say, Jack.

JACK: (half-smiles) You never seemed at a loss for words in the past. In fact, as I recall, I always had problems trying to get you to stop talking.

JENNIFER laughs.

JACK: I would like to know what you think.

JENNIFER: (looks at him) I don't really know what to think right now... I'm not sure what this all means. Why you've taken me here.

JACK looks at the steering wheel to avoid her eyes, then gets out of the car and goes around to open her door.

JACK: Come on, let me show you why.

Camera pulls back and they are shown at the entrance to the old SPECTATOR building.

JACK: (as they go in) Not quite the bustling office you and I both remember...

JENNIFER: It sure is dark in here.

JACK: (reaches back to hold her hand) Watch your step there.

JENNIFER laughs.

JACK: What?

JENNIFER: Nothing, this just reminds me of the time we were stuck here in the dark.

JACK: (remembering) Yes, that was... quite an experience. (leads her to the elevators)

JENNIFER: You think they're working?

JACK: We'll find out, won't we?

The elevator lights up and the doors open. JACK and JENNIFER step inside.

JENNIFER: You still haven't told me why we're here, Jack.

JACK: (looks at her) All in good time, Miss H.

JENNIFER smiles at his nickname for her, then looks away, hoping he does not see how this is all affecting her. The elevator opens. JACK leads her out, and switches on the lights.

JENNIFER: (wistfully) Wow.

JACK: Brings back memories, doesn't it?

JENNIFER nods. She is very emotional being back here.

JACK: Come on, I think this will bring back even more memories...

He takes her by the hand and leads her to his old office. As he turns the lights on, JENNIFER is overcome with emotion and tears begin to form in her eyes.

JENNIFER: What is all this, Jack? (looks at him) Why are we here? What is this supposed to mean?

JACK: All right, here it is... (takes deep breath) It's ours. It's all ours again.

JENNIFER: What? What are you talking about?

JACK: It finally happened, Jennifer. We got the paper back.

OUT on JENNIFER'S shock.



JACK has just told JENNIFER that they've reacquired THE SPECTATOR.

JACK: (nervous about JENNIFER'S silence) Jennifer? Did... did you just hear me?

JENNIFER: (turns away from him) Yes, Jack, I heard you...

JACK: And?

JENNIFER: And... I don't really know what you want me to say right now.

JACK: (crushed by her answer) I see.

JENNIFER: I am happy for you, Jack. (touches his shoulder to turn him around to face her) You've wanted this for a long time, and I'm glad... that it finally happened. I'm glad your dream came true.

JACK: (quietly) Once upon a time, it was our dream.

JENNIFER: Well, I guess I just didn't know how much it would cost our family.

JACK: (hurt) I was doing it for our family. And if you can't see that, then I guess you don't know me as well as I thought you did.

JENNIFER: Don't. Don't do that, Jack-

JACK: (knowing he hit a nerve) Don't do what?

She starts to walk away, but JACK gets a hold of her arm and turns her around.

JACK: Don't hold back on me now, Jennifer. You've been shooting straight from the hip ever since Paris--why stop now?

JENNIFER is near tears now. JACK sees this and immediately feels guilty for hurting her.

JACK: I just... I am at the end of my rope here, Jennifer. I don't know what else to do. (lets go of her arm) You know how I feel. I've made that abundantly clear. (beat) I just thought this could finally turn it around...

JENNIFER: You thought what could turn it around?

JACK: The paper. Getting it back. Getting us back on it. Together.

JENNIFER: I'm sorry you thought we could do this together, Jack. But I can't, I just... can't...

JACK: (raises her chin with his hand) I just thought we could finally come full circle and fix all the things that had gone wrong...

JENNIFER: (quietly) Maybe it's too late to fix some things, Jack.

JACK: (after some silence) So that's that, huh?

He turns around so his back is to JENNIFER, and she can not see his face. She can hear the pain in his voice, and she starts to cry.

JACK: I messed up one too many times, and now it's irreparable-

JENNIFER: Jack, please don't-

JACK: (turns around to face her) You know something, there was a time when you would look at me and all I would see was pride. Faith. Love. As a matter of fact, I remember a time when you stood in that very spot and you told me you didn't believe what anyone said about me--even what I said about myself--because you believed in me... You used to believe in me. (beat) And you know, I think that's what I miss the most. Because I actually thought I could do anything. You made me believe that.

JENNIFER is crying. She realizes he is right, and she feels guilty for losing her faith in him and the two of them. When she doesn't say anything, JACK thinks the worst.

JACK: Well, I guess there's no reason to stick around here and keep on strolling down memory lane. (clears his throat)

JENNIFER wants to say something, but does not know what. She knows how much he is hurting and wishes she could do something.

OUT on JACK and JENNIFER as they head home.



JACK has left the house, needing to be alone and collect his thoughts. He has come to the airport so he can do what he used to do as a youngster, watch airplanes fly by and scream at them.


As the song plays, these images from their past flash across the screen.

You can say you love me
And I'll believe it's true
Trusting you is easy
'Cause I believe in you

When he asks her to dance at WINGS, on the night EMILIO proposed to her.

There is nothing
I would miss
As long as we're in love like this

After they have parachuted into LAWRENCE'S compound, and JENNIFER asks JACK to hold her so she can feel what is real again.

All I have
Is all I need
And it all comes down
To you and me
How far away
This world becomes
In the harbor
Of each other's arms

When JACK is romancing her on THE LORETTA and he dips her during their slow dance.

I feel like I've known you
Forever and ever
Baby that's how close we are

When they make love for the first time on the island.

Right here with you
Is where
My life has come together

When he gives her the shell ring.

And where love has filled my heart
You know I'd go
As long as I have you to care

When he has come to the Alamanian embassy dressed as a guard and asks her to take him back.

All I have
Is all I need
And it all comes down
To you and me

When he asks her to marry him in the pouring rain, with her ring hidden in the jade plant.

How far away
This world becomes
In the harbor
Of each other's arms

When they are dancing at JO'S surprise dinner for them.

Ooh and with the love you bring
I never want for anything
I found

On their wedding day, when JENNIFER is reciting the poem.

What I've been searching for
In you

When JACK takes her to the island on the lake and carves their initials on a tree.

All I have
Is all I need
And it all comes down
To you and me

When ABBY is born, and they are looking at her with wonder.

How far away
This world becomes
In the harbor
Of each other's arms

When they come to the airport runway to scream at airplanes.


As the song fades, JACK senses that someone standing there and he sees it is JENNIFER.

OUT on JACK'S surprise.



JACK is surprised that JENNIFER has found him at the runway.

JACK: (straightening) Jennifer. What are you doing here?

JENNIFER: (walking towards him and sitting down on the hood of his car) I saw that you were gone and I was worried about you.

JACK: How did you know where to find me?

JENNIFER: (smiles) Oh, I had a feeling I'd find you here. I know how special this place is.

JACK: You remembered.

JENNIFER: I remembered a lot of things, Jack.

She begins to lay down on the hood of the car, as JACK watches, surprised, but happy that she is here.

JENNIFER: There's something else I remembered.

JACK: What's that?

JENNIFER: (looks at him) I remembered... that the last time I ever told you I believed in you was when we came here all those years ago.

She sits up so they are face to face.

JENNIFER: And that was so long ago. Too long ago. (beat) I know I've been so eager to list all your faults-

JACK: (laughs, then turns away) You know, we really don't need to review them right here and now-

JENNIFER: (takes his chin and makes him look at her again) No, Jack, just let me finish, okay? Because I need to say this. And you need to hear it-

JACK: I really don't-

JENNIFER: It was easier to blame you for all our problems. Because I didn't want to face the fact that I messed up too--that I played a part in something I loved more than anything falling apart. And as much as I was quick to blame you for making me feel taken for granted and unloved... the truth is, I did the same thing to you. (beat) You needed my support and my encouragement, and I let you down over and over. And I was too focused on my pain that I didn't see I was the only one hurting.

JACK: Well, it's never easy to see someone else's pain when you're in pain yourself.

JENNIFER: That's not an excuse, Jack. I know that now. You used to tell me how Harper would beat the idea into you that you'd never amount to anything, and I... (becomes emotional) I made you feel like a failure. You were right. I used to look at you with pride and think, "That's my husband, and he's the most wonderful man in the world..." And to let you think that I had stopped believing that... I am so sorry, Jack. I am so sorry to let you think that...

JACK: Jennifer-

JENNIFER: I never stopped believing it, you know. Somewhere along the way I forgot to show you that, but deep down I never stopped believing in you.

JACK: (after some silence) So where do we go from here?

JENNIFER: (quietly) We try to heal.

She holds out her hand. JACK is surprised by the gesture, then after some hesitation, takes her hand. Up above them, an airplane approaches. They look up at it, lean back, and scream as loud as they can as it flies by. Caught up in the rush, they turn to each other, still screaming, and fall into a kiss.

OUT on them kissing.


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