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No Ordinary Love

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JENNIFER has discovered BRANDON'S shocking secret, that he has been helping LEXIE cover up that LEXIE'S and HOPE'S babies were switched at birth. JENNIFER decided to start investigating BRANDON and LEXIE, but JACK soon got wind and got involved to watch out for her. Resentful at first, JENNIFER has since reluctantly accepted agreed to team up with him to uncover the truth.



It is the night of LEXIE'S party for HOPE. JACK and JENNIFER have decided that it will be a perfect opportunity to find out what BRANDON and LEXIE are up to. JACK and JENNIFER enter the mansion, all dressed up. JACK is wearing a black tuxedo, and JENNIFER is wearing a burgundy strapless velvet gown. JACK can not help but gaze at her in admiration as they walk in, which JENNIFER notices.

JENNIFER: (a little uncomfortable with JACK looking at her, but at the same time flattered) What is it?

JACK: What's what?

JENNIFER: You're staring at me, Jack.

JACK: (embarrassed at having been caught) I... was? (clears throat) Well, I... I mean...

JENNIFER: (amused) Come here a second.

JACK: I beg your pardon?

JENNIFER: (beckons with her finger) Come here...

JACK slowly leans over, until their faces are almost touching. JENNIFER looks into his eyes and gives him a small, flirtatious smile, then looks down at his tie and starts to fix it.

JENNIFER: Let me fix this for you.

JACK: (realizing that was why she wanted him to come closer) Oh, yes. Of course. The tie. (after she finishes) Thank you.

JENNIFER: Anytime.

JACK: Don't know what I would do without you.

JENNIFER: I don't know either.

The sexual tension between them is palpable. A few seconds of silence goes by as they continue to look at each other, then they both realize where they are.

JACK: (a bit flustered) Uh, we should, um... We should, we should go in... Don't you think?

JENNIFER: Right. (snaps out of it) Right, you're right. I mean, we are here to do work, after all.

JACK: (disappointed) Right. Work.

He holds out his arm, which JENNIFER slowly takes.

JACK: Jennifer...

JENNIFER: (still looking at him) Yeah, Jack?

JACK: You really do look beautiful tonight.

JENNIFER: (touched) Thank you.

OUT on the two as they lock eyes.



JACK and JENNIFER have been mingling with the guests, but are keeping an eye out for BRANDON and LEXIE the entire time.

HOPE: I'm so glad you guys could make it here tonight...

JENNIFER isn't listening; she is watching LEXIE.

HOPE: (noticing JENNIFER is distracted) Jen?


HOPE: (smiles) Just what I thought.

JENNIFER: What do you mean? What?

HOPE: Oh, just that you weren't paying attention to a word I said.

JENNIFER: Of course, I did.

HOPE: Oh really? Then what was I just saying?

JENNIFER: (looking to JACK for help, who just shrugs) You, uh... you were saying...

HOPE: (laughing) It's all right, you're off the hook. I was just giving you a hard time.

JENNIFER: I'm sorry, I really am. I'm just... you know, I'm excited to be here, that's all.

HOPE: Well, as I was telling you just a second ago... I'm glad you guys could make it. (looks at JACK) Both of you.

JACK and JENNIFER exchange looks.

JENNIFER: (quietly) Me too.

GRETA: (comes up to them) Jack! Jennifer!

JACK: Princess.

GRETA comes over to JACK and kisses him on the cheek. JENNIFER is clearly annoyed, which both JACK and HOPE notice. GRETA then gives JENNIFER a hug, which JENNIFER half-heartedly returns.

GRETA: Doesn't everything look fantastic? Look at everyone!

JENNIFER: (forced laugh) Oh, yes, everything's so... (imitating GRETA) fantastic.

JACK sees how affected she is by GRETA'S presence and is secretly delighted.

GRETA: (hooking her arm with JACK'S) Jennifer, would you mind if I steal Jack away for just a second? There's an amazing table arrangement over there that I want to show him.

JENNIFER: (confused by why GRETA would want to show him that) Uh... sure, go to town.

JACK: (disappointed that GRETA is taking him away from JENNIFER) You know, I'm not really interested in-

GRETA: Oh come on, Jack, it'll only take a few minutes. (muttering, so only he can hear) I'm telling you, you're going to love it. You'll want to take notes for your own party-planning.

JACK gives her a dirty look, which she does not catch on to.

JENNIFER: By all means, don't let me keep you.

JACK: (annoyed) Fine. (to JENNIFER) I'll be right back. You keep an eye on our friends over there.

JENNIFER: (sarcastically) Oh, you bet. (watches GRETA drag JACK away)

HOPE: (grinning) I saw that.

JENNIFER: Saw what?

HOPE: That, "how dare she put her hands on my man look."

OUT on JENNIFER'S embarrassment.



HOPE suggests that JENNIFER is jealous of GRETA.

JENNIFER: Don't be ridiculous, Hope.

HOPE: Mm hmm.

JENNIFER: Look, she can put her hands on him, or whatever else she wants to put on him--it doesn't matter. I couldn't care less, you know why?

HOPE: (humoring her) Why?

JENNIFER: Because it is over between me and Jack, that's why. We're just friends now. That's it. Friends. We're raising our child together, and living together, but we are not a couple, and we never will be again. End of story.

HOPE tries not to laugh.

JENNIFER: What?? What is that look for?

HOPE: Nothing.

JENNIFER: Oh, please, Hope, I know you. That is not a look of nothing.

HOPE: Well, it's just that I can't help but observe that you needed to give me detailed explanation of your relationship with Jack, that's all.

JENNIFER knows she is caught.

HOPE: But far be it from me to put you on the spot...


JACK: (really annoyed at having been dragged off) Princess, as usual, you have impeccable timing.

GRETA: Oh, stop being such a sourpuss.

JACK: (muttering to himself) Impeccable timing, just like Melissa used to...

GRETA: What was that, Jack?

JACK: Oh nothing, nothing. So, what is this marvelous, mind-boggling, life-altering thing you wanted to show me?

GRETA: Well, if you're going to be that way, I'm not going to show it to you anymore.

JACK: (starts to leave) Oh good, then I'll be going back to Je-

GRETA: (grabs his arm) I'm just kidding with ya, Jack! (laughs) You're so sensitive!


JENNIFER: Can we please change the subject? Why is it I can't ever seem to have a normal conversation with anyone that doesn't involve Jack Deveraux?

BRANDON spots JENNIFER and walks over to her and HOPE.


JENNIFER: (startled) Brandon!

BRANDON: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up on you like that...

JENNIFER: It's okay...

BRANDON: So... I, uh... haven't seen you around much lately. How've you been?

JENNIFER: Good, I've been good. I've, uh... you know, been busy with holiday preparations and everything... I decided to host Thanksgiving this year to give my grandmother a year off from cooking for once-

HOPE snickers; JENNIFER gives her a dirty look.

JENNIFER: Contrary to what some people might think, I am a pretty decent cook.

BRANDON: (getting the sense that she's avoiding him) I'm sure you are. Well, I hope that we can get together after the holidays, then. When things slow down for you.

JENNIFER: (thinking she can get more information from him if she goes out with him again) Yeah, that sounds great. We'll definitely have to do that.

BRANDON: Okay, great... (feels awkward) I'll see you later then.


BRANDON leaves.

HOPE: What was that all about?

JENNIFER: Don't ask...

OUT on HOPE'S confusion.



JACK wants to get back to JENNIFER but is stuck with GRETA.

GRETA: So anyway, the caterer told me who did these flower arrangements, and I thought, "Hmm, I'd better take this name down," and... Jack?

JACK: (distracted) Yes, yes, that all sounds fascinating...

GRETA: (whining) Jack, you're not even listening to me.

JACK: Look, I'm sorry, I'm sure this is all incredibly interesting, but I really should be getting back to Jennifer...

GRETA: (mumbling) Why am I not surprised...

JACK: So, we'll talk about this some other time?

GRETA: (annoyed) Yeah, sure...


HOPE: Honestly, Jen, I can barely keep up with all the men in your life...

JENNIFER: (offended) What? What do you mean... men?? As in plural? What men? I mean, I live with Jack, but that doesn't count, 'cause we're only friends-

HOPE: I know, I know, only friends.

JENNIFER: And Brandon... (realizes she almost spilled the beans) That... that just didn't work out...

HOPE: And then there's Colin.

JENNIFER: (rolls her eyes) Oh please, Hope.

HOPE: What? I mean, he's here in town, and you know you're going to run into him sooner or later.

JENNIFER: I'd rather it be never, thanks.

HOPE: Jen...

JENNIFER: Hope, not only is that man a constant reminder of my single most stupid act, but...

HOPE: But... what?

JENNIFER: But... if Jack ever knew about him... I just couldn't hurt him like that.

HOPE: I thought you said you were just friends.

JENNIFER: We are, but...

HOPE smiles.

JENNIFER: Don't say it.

HOPE: (feigning innocence) What? I'm not saying anything...

OUT on COLIN, who has been watching the two women converse.



GRETA can not understand JACK'S constant need to be around JENNIFER all the time.

JACK: Are you coming?

GRETA: Jack, have you ever noticed how we can't do anything or be anywhere without Jennifer's name coming up?

JACK: (rolling his eyes) No, not this conversation again...

GRETA: What? It's a valid point I'm making here, Jack-

JACK: How many times do I have to tell you this, Greta? I want my family back. I want my wife back. I want my child to have a mother and a father who are together.

GRETA: Yeah, I hear you, but I don't understand you.

JACK: Well, no offense, but it's not really for you to understand.

GRETA: But as your friend-

JACK: As my friend, you will, of course, respect my choices in life and not try to undermine me... right?

GRETA: (reluctantly) Right.

JACK: Thank you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to Jennifer.


JENNIFER: I tell you one thing, Hope. I'm just grateful I've managed to avoid Colin this whole time he's been in Salem.

HOPE suddenly turns pale.

JENNIFER: Hope? Hey, what's the matter?

COLIN: Jennifer...

JENNIFER'S heart stops when she hears the voice. She slowly turns around and is in shock to come face to face with the person she's wanted to avoid.

JENNIFER: (barely audible) Colin...

COLIN: (smiles) I was hoping you'd be here. I've been... hoping to run into you for quite some time now.

JENNIFER: I don't believe this... I don't believe this...

COLIN: Jennifer, could we talk somewhere? Alone?

JENNIFER: (with contempt) I see, of course. Fiancée not around, so it's safe to speak to me, right?

COLIN: (surprised) You... know about Elizabeth?

JENNIFER: That's right. That's right, I know about Elizabeth--the fiancée you failed to mention all those times I was telling you all kinds of private details of my life. (just wants to get away from him) You know what, I don't even know what I'm doing here talking to you right now-

She turns to leave, then sees JACK walk back into the room with GRETA. They lock eyes, and JACK gives her a look of pain and disbelief. Then, without a word, he turns around and starts to leave.


She starts to go after him, but COLIN grabs hold of her arm.

COLIN: Jennifer, wait-

JENNIFER: (pulls her arm away) Get your hands off me... Don't you touch me!

COLIN: Please... you must let me explain-

JENNIFER: I don't want to hear a word from you, do you understand me?

She looks for JACK but sees that he's already gone.

JENNIFER: (to GRETA) Greta, where did he go?

GRETA: (confused by the whole thing) I... I don't know-

JENNIFER: (in tears) What do you mean? Didn't he say something to you? Did he just walk away?

GRETA: He didn't say anything, Jennifer, I'm sorry...

HOPE: Jen, calm down, honey, it's going to be okay-

JENNIFER: How can you say that? How can you say that, Hope? Did you see the look on his face? Did you see how angry he was? I have to explain this all to him... I have to-

HOPE: (trying to calm her down) He probably needs to be alone right now. You'll see, he'll cool down, and then you'll be able to talk to him...

JENNIFER: No... No, I have to find him... I... I'm sorry, Hope, I need to go...

OUT on JENNIFER as she leaves to find JACK.



JENNIFER has gone home in the hopes that JACK came home. She looks around for a sign that he's there.

JENNIFER: Please be here, please be here... (sees his house keys on the desk) Oh thank God...

She runs up the stairs to go to his room and walks in.


JACK: (without emotion) You never did learn how to knock, did you?

JENNIFER is stunned and hurt by his coldness.

JENNIFER: Jack, we need to talk.

JACK: (walking over to try to close the door) No, we don't.

JENNIFER: (stops him from closing the door) Yes, we do. (forces her way in)

JACK: Well, by all means, come in-

JENNIFER: Look, I know how that all must have looked...

JACK: How what looked?

JENNIFER: Jack, you know what I'm talking about.

JACK: Oh, you mean that intimate conversation you were having with that young hunk-

JENNIFER: (hurt) How can you say that... How can you-

JACK: Look, you don't owe me an explanation, all right? I know the terms of our little arrangement here, believe me. I mean, I know it took me a while to get the hint, but you know me, I'm like a dog with a bone when I put my mind to something-


JACK: I was determined to put our family back together-

JENNIFER: I know that-

JACK: And you kept telling me it wasn't going to work! (sarcastic laugh) You would tell me that over and over, and I just wouldn't take no for an answer. I kept thinking if I could just help you remember the good times we have together, I'd convince you.


JACK: (overlapping) But it was never going to happen! (shouts) IT WAS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, WAS IT, JENNIFER?

JENNIFER is crying. It is killing her to see JACK hurting so much over this. JACK immediately feels guilty for shouting and making her cry. He turns away from her and lowers his voice.

JACK: All this time I had convinced myself that this little fling in Ireland was nothing. But now that I've seen the way you look at him...

JENNIFER: (takes his arm and turns him around) Don't do this, okay? Please... It wasn't what you think-

JACK: How can you say that? How can you expect me to believe that?

JENNIFER: Because it's true! It was nothing! It was the stupidest mistake of my life, don't you know that?

JACK can not take this anymore and starts to walk away.

JENNIFER: Damn it, Jack, don't you dare walk out on me now!

OUT on JACK'S look of anguish.



JENNIFER is trying to get JACK to understand what happened with COLIN.

JACK: (managing to keep his emotions in check) I believe this conversation is over.

JENNIFER: I am not going to let you walk away from this, do you understand me? You need to know what happened in Ireland-

JACK: Spare me the explicit details.

JENNIFER: (shocked at what he just implied) I can't believe you just said that to me...

JACK instantly regrets what he said, but can not say anything.

JENNIFER: You know what that... You know me, Jack. Do you really think that I...

JACK: Right now, I don't really know what to think, Jennifer.

JENNIFER: It was nothing, all right? I was... lonely and vulnerable, and he was there...

JACK: I really don't want to hear this-

JENNIFER: (grabs his arm) You have to hear it! Yes, I made a mistake, all right? Yes, I hurt our family, but don't you dare act like you are blameless in any of this-

JACK: You're saying I caused this? It's my fault you turned to another man?

JENNIFER: (sobbing now) Damn it, Jack, I never would have turned to him if you had been there! (can barely get the words out) I needed you there, and you were gone. As always.

JACK: As always? I have always been there for you, damn it! (emotional) I was there when they took Hannah away from you... I was there for you on the island and we thought we were going to die... I was there when we thought Hope was killed... I was there for you when Lawrence- (stops; can not bring himself to say the word "raped") -when Lawrence made your life a living hell. And we both know I could have walked away at any of those times, Jennifer, so don't you dare tell me that I was always gone when you needed me. I may not have been the perfect husband, I admit that, but I have never broken my vows to you! Not even after we were divorced!

JENNIFER: Don't you talk to me about broken vows, Jack. (crying hard) Because you were the one who broke them first by walking out on me and Abby...




JENNIFER stuns JACK by bringing up the fact that he walked out on her and ABBY.

JACK: (quietly) It's always going to be about that, isn't it? (beat) I thought you understood...

JENNIFER: I thought I did, too. In my head, maybe, but...

JACK: You said you understood. When you took me back, you said...

JENNIFER: (turns away) I know you did it because you loved us, Jack. I know that. But it didn't make it hurt any less.

JACK: I never meant to hurt you.

JENNIFER: No, you never do.

JACK: Jennifer-

JENNIFER: All my life, people have been leaving me, Jack. Everyone I've ever loved--my mother, my father, Frankie, my brother... then you. (faces him once again) Except you leaving hurt a thousand times more than all those other ones combined, Jack. Because I loved you more than anything.

JACK: But you forgave me...

JENNIFER: And do you know how much it took for me to do that? I thought, I honestly thought that we would start all over again in Africa, and we would put our marriage back together, but what was I supposed to think when you would leave us for weeks, months at a time? How was I not supposed to feel like I was second best in your life, Jack?

JACK: How could you have thought that?

JENNIFER: Because you didn't take the time to show me otherwise, that's why. (beat) And I wasn't going to live like that. I wasn't going to let Abby live like that either.

JACK slowly comes closer to her.

JACK: (softly) I'd do anything to erase what happened eight years ago. But I can't do that, Jennifer. So you have to decide if you're going to let that determine the rest of our lives.

He starts to walk away, but JENNIFER stops him by grabbing his arm. They stare at each other for a long time, neither of them knowing what to say, but both wanting to reach out to each other. Slowly, they move towards each other for a kiss. They break apart after a few seconds, but JACK kisses her again, and the kiss grows longer and more passionate. They fall onto JACK'S bed and continue to kiss. After a while, JACK breaks away, wanting to make sure this is what JENNIFER wants.

JACK: Jennifer... if you want me to stop, I will...

JENNIFER: (caressing his face) No... I don't want you to stop...

As they kiss, the song "SURRENDER TO ME" plays in the background.

Is it that we've been together much too long
The answer may not be in black and white
We're always trying to prove who's right or wrong
Yet now we're giving up without a fight
But I know when you're gone
I'll wish I'd held in

So baby surrender to me
There'll be no holding back now
So baby surrender to me tonight

I don't want our love to cause you so much pain
If this is how it's going to be, I'll walk away
Neither one of us should ever say goodbye
Let's forget about the past and who's to blame
'Cause when this is all gone
We'll wish we'd held on

So baby surrender to me
There'll be no holding back now
So baby surrender to me tonight

How could this love be in danger?
That used to be so good, so right
To think that fate could make us strangers
Has thrown me in your arms tonight

So baby surrender to me
There'll be no holding back now
So baby surrender to me tonight

OUT on them kissing.



JACK is holding JENNIFER and stroking her hair. Neither wants to be the first one to say anything, because both are afraid the other will say it was a mistake to make love. Finally, JENNIFER lifts her head to say something.

JACK: (putting a finger on her lips before she can speak) Wait... before you say what I know you're going to say, just... hear me out, all right?


JACK: Please... I need to tell you this... (brushes her hair from her eyes) I just wanted you to know that there's no pressure here.

JENNIFER: (confused) What?

JACK: I know how far away we are from working any of this out... I don't even know if we will be able to work it out, but I just want you to know that there are no strings attached. I won't ask you to forgive me. I won't ask you to forget about the past. I won't even ask you to say you love me. But whatever happens tomorrow morning, I just want to be able to have tonight...

JENNIFER wants to say something, but can not. JACK pulls her in for a kiss.



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