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By Jennifer-Lynn DíAnna

One week later. JENNIFER is still living with COLIN, unhappily, and JACK is getting antsy in Africa, wondering why BILL is not returning his messages.


ALICE is sitting on a park bench with a cup of coffee in her hands. HOPE comes around the corner with the boys in a double stroller and smiles her way.

HOPE: (rushing over and planting a kiss on her cheek) Gram! Iím sorry for running late. Bo came home for lunch and then JT wound up spilling juice on his shirt, and-

ALICE: Nevermind, dear. We have more important things to talk about.

HOPE: (handing the babies a cookie each and sitting down) You sound serious.

ALICE: I am serious.

HOPE: (worried) Whatís wrong? Are you alright?

ALICE: No, dear, Iím better than ever. Itís your cousin Iím worried about.

HOPE: Which one?

ALICE: Jennifer, of course. Now tell me, when was the last time you spoke to Jennifer Rose?

HOPE: IÖIÖdonít know. I guess before she went to the hospital. I sent a note with Bo, but I just assumed that Jenn had been so busy with things that she hadnít had a chance to get back to me.

ALICE: By things, you mean Colin?

HOPE: It makes no sense to you, either, huh?

ALICE: Of course not. She and Jack seemed so happy. And itís unlike Jennifer Rose to go so long without talking to her family. Remember when she lived in Africa? The letters weíd receive?

HOPE: Weekly. Thatís how I knew it was Wednesday. Iíd open the mailbox and there would be a new letter from Jenn. Like clockwork.

ALICE: As Jack would say, ďsomething is rotten in the state of Denmark.Ē

HOPE: You havenít heard from her either?

ALICE: No. I was wondering-

HOPE: Say no more. (standing up) If youíd watch the boys-

ALICE: (squeezing her hand) I knew I could count on you, darling.

HOPE: (squeezing back) Always. Iíll get to the bottom of this.

ALICE: I hope so. See you in about an hour.

HOPE: (walking off) About an hour. Donít worry, Gram.

ALICE: (laughing) Thatís impossible, you know that.

HOPE: (laughing as well) I do. I do.


JENNIFER is standing at the door, signing a clipboard for a MOVING MAN. The living room is filled with boxes, marked ďJENNIFERĒ or ďABBYĒ. Another MOVING MAN is carrying in a few more.

MOVING MAN #2: (setting the box down on the floor) Thatís the last of it, maíam. (he nods and walks past the two of them at the door)

JENNIFER: (smiling weakly) ThankÖthank you.

MOVING MAN #1: Smile maíam, itíll look good on ya.

JENNIFER: (chuckling a little at his insistence) Thanks. I just donít have much to smile about anymore.

MOVING MAN #1: Aw, címon now, you have a cute place here and I heard that youíre getting married. That should make you happy.

COLIN: (hearing all this from the stairway and heading down) Oh, now, all this moving must be making my lovely fiancťe tired (slipping his arm around her). Isnít that right, love?

JENNIFER: Um, yes. I am a littleÖa little tired.

COLIN: I thought so. (handing the man a $20) For your services, sir.

MOVING MAN #1: (looking at the bill with disgust and then surveying the ďhappyĒ couple) Well, thank you. Good day, maíam. I hope you feel better soon.

JENNIFER: Thank you. Goodbye.

COLIN sees him out and then closes the door behind him.

COLIN: (smiling) See, that was painless.

JENNIFER: Married?

COLIN: Donít sound so surprised, love. After all, you wouldnít want this child growing up to be a bastard now, would you? (touching her belly).

JENNIFER: (flinching and walking away) Donít-I never agreed to marry you, Colin.

COLIN: Well, you never agreed to that exact question, but as part of our other agreement, it was implied. And donít worry, I know that in your delicate condition you cannot be bothered planning such an occasion, so Iíve made all the arrangements.


COLIN: Rings, vows, justice of the peace, little reception at the Brady PubÖthat sort of thing. The ceremonyís tomorrow.

JENNIFER: To..tomorrow?

COLIN: The sooner the better, right?

JENNIFER doesnít answer. Instead, she turns away and looks out the window. COLIN watches her for a second before speaking.

COLIN: The wee one?

JENNIFER: Sheís at day camp.

COLIN: I see. What are your plans for today?

JENNIFER: I donít know. I was thinking that maybe Iíd sit here and play solitaire again. (turning towards him) Is that alright with you?

COLIN: Jennifer, youíll see your family soon enough. They should be receiving their invitations today, matter of fact.

JENNIFER: You-you invited my family?

COLIN: Of course. Why wouldnít I?

There is a knock on the door. COLIN goes and opens it to find HOPE.

COLIN: Hope. What a pleasant surprise.

JENNIFERíS face lights up in the background. HOPE cannot see her yet.

HOPE: (dryly) Hello Colin. Iím here to see my cousin.

COLIN: Well, Jenniferís-

JENNIFER: (rushing over) Hope! Iím so glad to see you. Come in.

HOPE shoots COLIN a triumphant look and steps inside. Defeated, he closes the door behind her.


JACK is now untied and unshackled and is pacing back and forth. The GUARD comes in with some food for him.

JACK: Still no word?

GUARD: NopeÖnothing.

JACK: Dammit!

GUARD: Donít be getting your panties in a wad. Iím sure heíll respond soon.

JACK: Soon? I donít need soon. Look, I have to get back to Salem. Iíve been in here over a week and amÖam (sniffing his shirt) starting to smell like it. Canít you do something?

GUARD: Iíve done all I can. If my bosses found out that I unchained you-

JACK: They wonít. I promise you that. I justÖWhat am I doing here anyway?

GUARD: Wish I could help you there, too, buddy.

JACK: I have to get back. I have to get back to Jennifer.

GUARD: Jennifer? She sounds pretty special.

JACK: (sadly, slumping on the bed) She IS pretty special.


GUARD is sitting at the little table eating his lunch and waiting for JACK to eat his. JACK, however, is otherwise preoccupied, trying to figure out how he can get home.

GUARD: Well, arenít you going to eat? Itís getting cold.

JACK: Let it get cold. I know longer crave for nourishment of the stomach.

GUARD: Themís pretty dangerous words. I am kinda hungry, you know. (when JACK doesnít laugh) Look, I know youíre pretty upset. Why donít you tell me a little about this Jennifer person?

JACK: (smiling a little) Really?

GUARD: Really. And talk while you eat. Iím not supposed to be in here, remember?

JACK: (walking over and sitting down. After a bite of roast beef, he begins to speak) Well, Jennifer and I, well, we met under strange circumstances. See, I was the owner of this little rag called the-

OUT on JACK, telling the GUARD about his favorite subject.


HOPE: (giving JENNIFER a big hug) Jenn, Iíve missed you so much. Why havenít you called?

COLIN: Sheís been busy.

HOPE looks his way suspiciously.

JENNIFER: IíveÖIíve been busy with moving and all, and-

COLIN: And the wedding.

HOPE: (to JENNIFER) The wedding?

JENNIFER: YeahÖI was going to tell you about it, but-

HOPE: But what? Jenn, a marriage is something kinda big to forget about.

COLIN: Forgive her, us, Hope, but Jenniferís pregnancy has been tough on her as of late. (slipping his arm around JENNIFER again) The morning sickness has been horrid.

HOPE: (shocked) PregÖJenn, youíre pregnant?

JENNIFER: (throwing COLIN a look) YesÖyes, I am.

HOPE can tell something is wrong and wishes COLIN would leave them be.

COLIN: (squeezing JENNIFER closer to him) Arenít you going to congratulate us? Pretty soon JT and Isaac will have a new playmate.

HOPE: (trying to read JENNIFERíS face) Yes. Um, congratulations. (she tentatively pulls COLIN into an embrace and lets him go rather quickly)

COLIN: (throwing JENNIFER a warning look before heading to the door) I trust youíll take good care of my fiancťe while Iím away?

HOPE: (not taking her eyes off of JENNIFER) Definitely.

COLIN: ĎTil we meet again.

JENNIFER doesnít respond, just waits for him to exit. After she is sure he is gone, HOPE turns to her.

JENNIFER: (lying, trying to ease the tension) Isnít he the greatest?

HOPE: Yeah.

JENNIFER: Not you, too, Hope.

HOPE: Yes, me too. Jenn, what the hell is going on here? Why are you marrying Colin Murphy when you know perfectly well that youíre heart belongs to Jack Deveraux?

OUT on JENNIFER, not wanting to go through this again.


GUARD is crying into his napkin as JACK finishes his tale of he and JENNIFERíS love.

JACK: Öand so thatís what happened. She and I finally married and a little later had our daughter, Abigail.

GUARD: (sobbing) And you lived happily ever after?

JACK: Well, not exactly. If you recall, Iím here, locked up with you and she, only God knows where she is right now.

GUARD: (blowing his nose) That was the most beautiful story Iíve ever heard of. Especially that word. What was it again-contra-

JACK: Contramundum. (Nostalgically) Contramundum.

GUARD: Contramundum.

JACK: So now you see why Iím so anxious to get out of here? Iíve got a wif, well, Iíve got a Jennifer and a daughter who are waiting for me.

GUARD: I see. (he gets it and carries his tray with him towards the door) I wish I could help you. I really do.

JACK: (Standing up and pleading) You can. Please, I just need to know why I am here.

GUARD: (nodding down the hall) The same reason he is here.

JACK: Lot of good that does me. Bill wonít even return my messages.

GUARD: Bill? If youíre talking about the guy down the hall, then-

JACK: (lost) Thatís not Bill? Who is it then? And what do I have to do with him?

GUARD: Think.

JACK: Think? Thatís all Iíve been doing these past seven days. Thinking. I canít think anymore. I need to act.

GUARD: Youíre a good fellow. I really do wish I could help you.

JACK: Show me the man.

GUARD: What?

JACK: Show me the man down the hall. I need to know why weíre both here.

GUARD: Oh, I donít know if thatís a good idea. My boss would hate that.

JACK: And I would love it. You did say I was a good fellow, didnít you? If you canít help me escape, at least help me figure out a way to do it on my own. Please. (near tears) For Jennifer. ForÖfor Abigail.

GUARD: (upset) IímÖIím sorry.

He leaves as JACK sinks slowly back down on the bed. He may have blown his only chance.


JENNIFER: Hope, Iím marrying Colin because I love him.

HOPE: Thatís bull.

JENNIFER: (in shock) Hope!

HOPE: Youíre lying. Bo said you were out of your mind and now, seeing it for myself, I finally believe him. Jenn, heís threatened you, hasnít he?

JENNIFER turns away.


HOPE: Then itís Jack. Heís threatened Jack.

JENNIFER: (turning towards her) Hope-

HOPE: Thatís it! You are marrying him to save Jack. Itís so simple.

JENNIFER: You cannot tell a soul.

HOPE: And this baby? Itís Jackís, isnít it?


HOPE: Gram will be so happy to find out.

JENNIFER: She canít find out, Hope. She canít.

HOPE: Maybe not now, but she will later.

JENNIFER: (near tears) Do you honestly think there will be a later?

HOPE: I hope so, Jenn. (beat) Why didnít you tell Bo all this?

JENNIFER: I canít. Hope, let me go through with this. Let me handle this.

HOPE: Jenn-

JENNIFER: Please. I have to save Jack. I have to. I owe it to him.

HOPE: Do you honestly think heíll want saving once he realizes heís lost everything?

JENNIFER: No. Heís not the type to give up. I, of all people, know that.

HOPE: So youíll pass this baby off as Colinís to save him from certain death?

JENNIFER: I have to.

HOPE: Not without me, you wonít. I can help you, Jenn.

JENNIFER: No, I canít ask that of you.

HOPE: You didnít. I offered. Let me stand up for you tomorrow. Let me help you save Jack.

JENNIFER: IÖ(crying into her arms) Thank you.

HOPE: (lifting her face to look at her) We will find a way, Jenn. We will find a way.

OUT on JENNIFER, hoping what she says is true


It is awhile later. JACK is lying in his bed, trying to sleep. The incessant sound of harmonica playing down the hall is keeping him awake. He covers his ears with the pillows as GUARD opens the door.

GUARD: Iíve changed my mind.

JACK: (bolting upright) You have?

GUARD: What could it hurt? Iíll let you see the other fellow and thatís that. Itís not like Iím opening the door for you and letting you out into the street.

JACK: (standing up, grateful) Thank you.

GUARD: YouíreÖyouíre welcome. And if you should find your way out of here, give that daughter of yours a big kiss on the cheek from me. If you should get out of here, that is.

JACK nods.

GUARD: Follow me.

The two of them exit and walk down the hall and stand outside GIDEONíS room. The sound of the harmonica is blasting from inside.

GUARD: (to JACK) He likes playing that thing. Says his grandfather taught him how to.

JACK senses some familiarity in the song but says nothing. GUARD unlocks the door and steps in to find GIDEON sitting on the window seat, playing away.

GUARD: Got someone here to see you.

GIDEON: If itís Nigel or Oliver, send them away.

GUARD: Itís neither.

Without a word, he pushes JACK in front of him. GIDEON stands up in shock, as if he recognizes the stranger before him and JACK, seeing that it is STEVE, goes completely pale. His brother, back from the dead, is standing before him.


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