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By Jennifer-Lynn D’Anna



JENNIFER: We need to talk.

COLIN: (beat) Talk then.

JENNIFER: You said I could save…(choking on the words)…you said I could save Jack.

COLIN: Jennifer, I-

JENNIFER: (adamant) You said I could save Jack.

COLIN: You…you can.

JENNIFER: Save him.

COLIN: Are you saying-

JENNIFER: (trying to remain strong) I’m saying save him, Colin. Call whoever you have to call, see whoever you have to see, but save him.

COLIN: Then you agree to cut all romantic ties with him?

JENNIFER stares blankly at him.

COLIN: Jennifer, do you hear me? Any contact with him would ensure his death. You do understand that, don’t you?

JENNIFER: (pausing and finally letting out a long breath) Yes.

COLIN: So be it. (picking up her chart at the foot of the bed and flipping it open)

JENNIFER: What are you doing?

COLIN: Reading…I wouldn’t want my new wife to---(seeing a notation) Well, this is interesting…

OUT on JENNIFER, knowing that COLIN knows about the baby.


COLIN: You weren’t going to tell me, were you?

JENNIFER: (playing it off) Tell you what?

COLIN: (smiling) That I was going to be a father, that’s what.

JENNIFER: (ripping the chart from his hands) You are not-

COLIN: I read it right there, in black and white. So that explains the dizzy spell.

JENNIFER: (angrily) You-you…

COLIN: Oh, come on now, you shouldn’t talk to the father of your child that way (snatching the chart back from Jennifer).

JENNIFER: You are not the father of my child.

COLIN: Biologically, no, but trust me, before you know it, this whole town will think I am.

JENNIFER: I’ll never-

COLIN: You will. (walking towards her as she backs towards the window) Jennifer, don’t you realize that in order to save Jack, I own you now? I own you, I own your darling little Abigail, and I own whatever Jack or Jennifer Jr. that is living and breathing within you? Of course, if you’d like, you can change your mind… I wouldn’t recommend that, though, seeing as knowing that you were responsible for the death of the father of your child, er, children might just be too much for the pure heart of Jennifer Rose Horton to handle. (touching her belly and leaning down to talk to it) Isn’t that right, baby?

JENNIFER: (instinctively slapping his hand away from her stomach and then regaining her composure) Save Jack, Colin.

COLIN: I thought so. (smiling evilly) We’re going to be so happy, Jennifer. Trust me. I’ll see you (touching her belly as she cringes) and you later. (before heading out the door) Later, my love.

JENNIFER: (once he leaves, looking out on the pouring rain) This is for our own good (touching her belly and tearing up).


JACK and BILL are screaming in the cabin, which is dark and shaking violently. All of a sudden, the plane straightens itself out and the lights begin to flicker on.

BILL: What’s going on?

JACK: (confused) I…I don’t know.

The stewardess enters.

STEWARDESS: (lying and trying to smooth over the situation) Is everything alright in here?

JACK: Yes…no…what the heck was that?

STEWARDESS: Turbulence. We must’ve hit a patch. I can check with the captain if you’d like.

JACK: What about the phone lines? (picking up the cut wires) What about these? How do you explain this?

STEWARDESS: (laughing nervously) Those, well, those, Mr. Deveraux are from the phone lines. I was trying to fix them. I overheard you and Dr. Horton talking about them not working and…

BILL: Thank you. (ushering her out through the curtain) We’ll call you if we need anything. (walking back towards JACK) Are you happy now?

JACK: She was lying, Bill.

BILL: (trying to calm JACK down) She was nervous. Turbulence and an unruly passenger will do that to you.

JACK: She cut those lines on purpose. She wasn’t trying to “fix” anything.

BILL: Jack, can’t we just sit down and have a relaxing rest of the flight? Lord knows we’ll need it once we get to Africa. We won’t have any time to do anything, much less relax.

JACK: I still say-

BILL: Jack.

JACK: Fine. (sitting down; to himself) Something fishy’s going on here. I just know it.



STEWARDESS: (walking in and talking to the pilots) What the hell was that all about?

PILOT #1: You’re asking me? All I know is that Chuck and I here were about to put on our parachutes when a call came in to abort the mission.

STEWARDESS: (sitting down and lighting up a cigarette after taking off her wig) From who? The Irish fellow?

PILOT #2: You got it. The boss is not going to be happy with him. Not in the least. (beat) Our guests alright?

STEWARDESS: Shook up, that’s about it. That Deveraux guy’s not buying it, though. He’s a smart one, I tell you.

PILOT #1: Not smart enough. (laughing) He did get on the plane, didn’t he?

OUT on the three of them, laughing hysterically. Outside the cockpit door, JACK, who’s heard everything, is very worried.


COLIN enters. JENNIFER is anxious to see him.

JENNIFER: Did you call them? Is Jack okay?

COLIN: Whoa, no “hi honey, I’ve missed you”? (JENNIFER grimaces) Fine. They’ve been contacted. Your former lover is fine. For now. (beat) Craig said you were being released tomorrow morning. That gives me some time to get things in order.

JENNIFER: (confused) What things?

COLIN: Well, we can’t bring a baby into this world in a hotel room, can we? I saw this wonderful little apartment downtown. A loft actually. My cousin Kayla used to live there. You know it?

JENNIFER: (remembering her and JACK’S roots there) Y…yes.

COLIN: It’s not much, but it is on the market. John Black put it up the other day, albeit reluctantly, but it is still up. Now, I’m thinking that Abigail and the new baby can share a room for a little while and then maybe we’ll buy a house somewhere on the west coast. I’ve always wanted to see California.

JENNIFER: I’m not moving anywhere with you…

COLIN: But you are, Jennifer. And you’re doing so tomorrow. That gives you tonight to explain to your friends and family how you were dallying in a little extramarital affair with moi. Oh, wait, you and Jack were never married again, were you?

JENNIFER flinches at this mention.

COLIN: Now, I was thinking that BO should be the first person you tell. Get this insane idea of spying on me out of that little head of his.

JENNIFER: I…I can’t.

COLIN: You can and you will. Remember, it’s a long flight to Africa. Anything can happen.

JENNIFER: You wouldn’t.

COLIN: Would I? (beat) Think about it, Jennifer. Jack’s safe for now, but that could change at any given moment. (opening the door) Ta-ta.

COLIN walks out and around BO, who’s coming in to visit.

BO: What the hell did he want?

JENNIFER: (wiping her eyes) Nothing.

BO: Jenn, what did he say? He obviously upset you.

JENNIFER: He didn’t say anything, Bo. I…(trying to make it sound believable) I love him.

BO: (loudly) What?

JENNIFER: I…I love him and I can’t do this. I can’t go on spying on him.

BO: J…Jenn, where is this coming from?

JENNIFER: There’s something you don’t know, Bo. (BO looks at her confused) I’m…I’m pregnant…with Colin’s baby.

OUT on BO, not believing what he’s hearing.


BO: (in shock) I…I don’t believe this.

JENNIFER: Believe it. (turning away)

BO: When…why? Jenn, what’s going on?

JENNIFER: About six weeks ago. Colin and I had run into one another late one night and one thing led to another….

BO: Jenn, that doesn’t sound like…Does Jack know?

JENNIFER: No. (turning towards him) And he can never know.

BO: But I thought things were going so well for you and Jack. Jenn, we don’t even know who this guy is.

JENNIFER: He’s Colin Murphy. Your cousin.

BO: No, he’s not. You know that. I know that. He knows that. What’s going on?

JENNIFER: I told you. (turning away again. She cannot bear to look at him and lie) I’m moving out of our house tomorrow and in with him. The plan is off.

BO: Jenn, can’t we talk about this?

JENNIFER: No. (turning towards him and tearfully pleading with her eyes) Leave it alone, Bo. I’ve made my decision.

BO: This can’t be happening.

JENNIFER: It is. Now, if you’ll leave me alone.

BO: Jenn, talk to Hope. Tell her what’s going on.

JENNIFER: (nearly shouting) No!

BO: No?

JENNIFER: No. (beat) I don’t want to talk to Hope or Gramma or anyone else right now. (crying a little) I want to be alone.

BO: Jenn-

JENNIFER: Alone, Bo.

BO: (throwing his hands up) Fine. (opening the door but pausing to look at her deeply) Did he threaten you?

JENNIFER: He didn’t threaten me.

BO shakes his head in disbelief and exits. JENNIFER, upset over lying and not knowing what to do, covers her mouth with her hand and breaks down. As their signature leifmotif begins to play, she looks out to the dark and violent skies.

JENNIFER: Everything will be alright. It has to be. (sighing, trying to convince herself) It just has to be.

She begins to cry as the camera CUTS TO:

JACK, walking solemnly back to his seat. Without a word, he sits down and buckles his seatbelt, trying to remain composed. BILL looks up from his book.

BILL: Everything okay?

JACK: Dandy. (disbelieving) Just dandy.

BILL resumes reading as JACK looks out the plane window, touching the glass, thinking about JENNIFER, whom he’s sure is in pain right now. JENNIFER, back in her hospital room, places her hand on the window as well. They are reaching out to one another, although neither knows it.


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