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By Jennifer-Lynn DíAnna


IN on JACK, in his seat, bouncing his leg up and down anxiously. He canít sit still. Finally, he picks up the jet phone and dials. BILL across the aisle, briefly looks at him and resumes reading.



IN on JENNIFER, passed out on the floor. COLIN immediately jumps up and grabs her wrist, shaking and trying to wake her.

COLIN: Jennifer? Jennifer, come onÖ

JENNIFER is not waking up. Behind them, the phone begins to ring. COLIN looks around nervously as the machine picks up.


ABBY: (v.o.) You have reached the Horton-Deveraux residence. We canít come to the phone right now, so if you kindly (In the background, JACK whispers to her to go on) leave your name and number weíll get back to you as soon as possible.

JACK: (in a whisper) Say thank you, Abigail.

ABBY: (v.o.)Thank you, Abigail.

The machine beeps and JACK begins to leave his message.

JACK: (v.o., kind of low so that BILL cannot hear him) Jennifer? Jennifer, if youíre there, pick up. Listen, IÖ.I want to tell you thatÖoh shoot, Iíll come right out and say it, I donít have a good feeling about this trip. I know Iíve said it before but I mean it, I donít want to be doing this. IímÖIímÖIím scared, JenniferÖfor you, for Abigail, forÖfor me. (long pause as he regains some composure) Anyway, IÖI just had to let you know thatÖthatÖthat I love you. I know I donít say it enough or show that I mean it, but I doÖI (thick with emotion)ÖI do. From the moment that you walked into my off---(the machine beeps and cuts him off)

COLIN: (listening with one ear to the message) Thatís right, Jackie-boy, you shouldnít feel good about this trip. You shouldnít feel good about this at all.

All of a sudden, there is a knock on the door.

BO: (v.o.) Jenn? Jenn, are you in there? Your carís outside. I just figured you might be--

COLIN: Dammit. I hate to do this, butÖ.(kissing a passed out JENNIFERíS forehead) ĎTil we meet again, my love.

COLIN rushes out just as BO kicks the door in and sees JENNIFER on the floor.

BO: (running over) Oh noÖ(kneeling down and checking her pulse and then calling on his police radio) Hi, this is Officer Bo Brady. We need an ambulance right away to 488 Fletcher Avenue. (beat) Yes, 488.

Hanging up, he leans back over and frantically tries to jostle JENNIFER.


IN on JACK, hanging up the jet phone. Behind him, VICTORíS stewardess watches.

BILL: Jennifer not home?

JACK: How did you know I called Jennifer?

BILL: Who else are you going to call from 30,000 feet up? (beat) Are you two still going through with this insane scheme to make others think you are broken up?

JACK: We are broken up.

BILL gives him a look.

BILL: Jack, Bo told me that Jenn is working to get to the bottom of Colinís identity.

JACK: And you donít care that weíre putting your daughter in harmís way?

BILL: Bo promised that heíd watch her like she was his own.

JACK: Need I remind you of the Princess Gina fiasco, vats of acid?

BILL: Jack-(sighing) Look, why donít you give her another call? Iím sure she was just in the ladies room and couldnít get to the phone.

JACK: YouíreÖ.youíre probably right. (picking up the jet phone and listening) Thatís funny.

BILL: What?

JACK: No dial tone.

BILL: HmmmÖmaybe itís the altitude.

JACK: (hanging up, not buying it) Maybe. BILL: Did you try your cell phone?

JACK: (taking it out) No signal. (beat) I wonder whatís going on.

In the back of the plane, the stewardess is seen with wire cutters. Sheís cut the lines to the jet phone.


The emergency room doors swing open and the EMTs wheel JENNIFER in. She has come to, but is still groggy. CRAIG, stepping out of his office runs over.

CRAIG: (to BO) What happened?

BO: (worried) I donít know. I got to her house and found her passed out cold on the living room floor.

CRAIG: (shining his pocket light into JENNIFERíS eyes) Jennifer? Jennifer, can you hear me?

JENNIFER nods slowly.

CRAIG: (to the EMTS) Take her to emergency. Iíll have one of our best on staff check her out. (to a passing nurse) Brenda, can you find Dr. Murphy for me? (she nods and rushes off)

JENNIFERíS eyes widen as she is being wheeled off. She obviously does not want COLIN treating her.

BO: (watching her go but not noticing her trepidation) Craig, listen, I donít think having Colin treating Jenn would be the greatest idea.

CRAIG: (lost) Why? I mean, Iím sorry, Bo, but heís obviously very comfortable with her.

BO: A little too confortable if you catch my drift. Look, I know Jennís brother isnít your favorite guy in the world, butÖ

CRAIG: Water under the bridge. Iíll check her out myself. (walking away and then turning back) By the way, whereís her husband or whatever you call him? Jack, right? He should really be contacted.

BO: He should. Iíll do that. (beat) Craig, take good care of her.

CRAIG: I will.

CRAIG rushes off and BO leans against the nursesí station.

BO: Now to get a hold of Jack. (sighing, then with emotion) Iím sorry, buddy, I think I may have failed you.


A little while later. BO is standing by the hall payphones when VICTOR gets off the elevator and quickly walks over.

VICTOR: Bo, whatís wrong? Is it Hope?

BO: NoÖno, itís Jenn.

VICTOR: Jennifer? Is everything alright?

BO: Would it matter to you if it wasnít? (catching himself) No, no, Iím sorry, itís just that things have been crazy lately.

VICTOR: Iíve always liked Jennifer Horton, Bo. Itís that husband of hers that rustled my feathers if youíll recall.

BO: Yeah, well, Jack does that to a lot of people. (beat) Letís make a long story short, Jennifer passed out and I found her, Craigís waiting for her test results to come back, and I need to get a hold of Jack.

VICTOR: Did you try the jet phone?

BO: (nodding to the payphone) Just tried again. I canít get through.

VICTOR: Does he or Bill have a cell phone you could call?

BO: Tried those. Do you think maybe one of your in-flight staff may have accidentally turned off the phone?

VICTOR: Thatís impossible.

BO: Whyís that impossible?

VICTOR: Because other than the pilot and his co-pilot, thereís no one else on the plane.



A nervous JACK is anxiously swirling around his empty glass so that the stewardess could hear the ice clinking. BILL is asleep in the seat across the aisle from him.

BILL: (annoyed) How long do you plan on doing that, Jack?

JACK: (nervous laughter) Oh, this (twirling the ice faster and louder)? I donít know. Maybe when I get it refilled, Iíll stop.

BILL: How many of those have you had, Jack?

JACK: OhÖtwoÖ.three. Iíve lost count.

BILL: You might want to keep a clear head for things, yíknow?

JACK: Perhaps Iím drinking to keep my mind off other things.

BILL: (sitting up) Still no word from Jennifer? JACK: Still no phone (picking up the dead receiver). You?

BILL: My phoneís been dead since lift-off.

JACK: Mine, too. (standing up and pacing) Dammit, I know somethingís wrong.

BILL: How do you know that, Jack? How could you possibly know somethingís wrong with Jennifer?

JACK: IÖI donít knowÖI just, and forgive me for sounding like (imitating her voice) Miss Cleo, man, but (resuming his voice) I just feel it. (picking up his empty glass and rushing towards the back of the plane) What does it take to get service on this plane? Youíd think Victor would hire better (his voice drops off as he rushes through the curtains. There, on the floor, are the wires to the phone that have been cut.)

OUT on a devastated JACK.


JENNIFER has been stabilized and is now in her own room. BO walks in to see her. Sheís a little groggy, but responsive.

BO: You sure gave us a scare back there, kid.

JENNIFER: (smiling weakly) Iím good for that.

BO: Craig back with your tests yet?

JENNIFER: NoÖhe said heíd be by as soon as he got them in. (beat) Thank you.

BO: For what?

JENNIFER: For taking me here. For not letting him have Colin treat me.

BO: (playing it off and looking out the window, where the wind has picked up and rain is pouring down) It was nothing. I just you to feel uncomfortable, especially since this plan of ours has just, you know, started.

JENNIFER: What are you looking at?

BO: The rain. Itís really coming down out there.

JENNIFER: (getting a bad feeling about the storm) Oh. (beat) Jo and Abby?

BO: (turning towards her) Theyíre fine. Here, actually. Vern told Abby that Mommy was sleeping. Hopeís here, too. And Mrs. H.

JENNIFER: (laughing weakly) The whole gang, huh?

BO: The Horton support team.

The room door opens up and JO and ABBY poke their heads in.

JO: (nervously) Is this a bad time?

JENNIFER: (smiling bravely) No, not at all. Come on in.

JO and ABBY step in, and immediately ABBY runs and jumps in the bed with JENNIFER.

JENNIFER: (grunting) Man, youíre getting big. (stroking ABBYíS hair lovingly)

ABBY: Gramma Jo says youíre sick. Not like Daddy sick, right?

JENNIFER: NoÖno, not like Daddy sick. Mommy just got dizzy. (beat) Did Gramma Jo tell you that Daddy went away for a bit?

ABBY: On a business trip?

JENNIFER: You could say that. (noting her sad face) Hey, whatís wrong?

ABBY: I miss him. And Iím scared.

JENNIFER: I miss him, too.

ABBY: Maybe when he gets back you can work things out?

JENNIFER: (avoiding JOíS look) Maybe.

ABBY: Mr. Kiriakis (butchering the name) is here and he was telling me all kinds of things about Greece. Iíd like to go there someday.

JENNIFER: (to BO nervously) Victorís here? BO: YeahÖI was going to tell you that, butÖ

JENNIFER: (to JO) Jo, can you give us a minute?

JO: (lost) Sure. Címon, Abby (taking her by the hand). Letís go tell Vern his Jenny-Girlís okay.

JENNIFER waits until after they leave and then looks to BO.

JENNIFER: (worried) You canít get a hold of him, can you?

BO: Jenn, we tried. I even called Victor to maybe see if there was something wrong with the plane phone.

JENNIFER: I donít like this, Bo.

BO: Calm down. Iím sure everything is alright. We should worry about you, Jenn. What the heck happened anyway?

OUT on JENNIFER, remembering COLINís threat about hurting JACK while in flight.



BO: Jenn? Jenn, did you hear me? JENNIFER: I heard you. (lying) NothingÖnothing happened. I just got dizzy, thatís all.

BO: Nothing caused this? Nobody in particular?

JENNIFER: (adamant) No.

CRAIG: (peeking his head in) Is this a bad time?

JENNIFER: No. Itís fine.

CRAIG: I have your results back, Jennifer.

BO: Iíll leave you two alone. (on his way out) Jenn, this conversation is not over.

JENNIFER nods and waits for him to leave.

JENNIFER: So, whatís the diagnosis? Itís not serious, is it?

CRAIG: It is, actually. (noting the look on JENNIFERíS face) But in a good way.

JENNIFER: Iím not sure if I follow you.

CRAIG: Youíre passing out today had to do with a combination of stress and hormones. Both your blood pressure and your respiration dropped and boom, down you went. Itís not uncommon, actually, for someone in your state.

JENNIFER: What are you saying, Craig?

CRAIG: Iím saying you should really try and cut out a lot of that stress, Jennifer. And you should start looking around for good OBGYNs.

JENNIFER: IímÖ(shocked)

CRAIG: (smiling) Youíre pregnant. See, a happy surprise. (seeing her shock) Or not so happy.

JENNIFER: NoÖhappy. Just, just unexpected, thatís all.

CRAIG: Good. Iíll let you tell Abby that sheíll have a new brother or sister now. And weíll be keeping you overnight to monitor your process. Congratulations, Jennifer.

JENNIFER waits for CRAIG to leave and then immediately begins crying. She knows something is wrong. Touching her belly, she walks over to the window and looks out at the pouring rain.



JACK: (rushing back through the curtains) We need to get off this plane.

BILL: (jumping up) What are you talking about?

JACK: This (holding up the wires) This is what Iím talking about. Someone cut the wires to the phone.

BILL: Why would they do a thing like that?

JACK: You tell me.

The plane starts shaking. JACK looks frightened.

JACK: Weíve been set up.

The plane is now descending fast and loudly. They have to shout to hear one another.

BILL: What?

JACK: Weíve been set up, Bill! (the plane lights begin blinking on and off and BILL finally gets it).

BILL: What are we going to do?

JACK: IÖI donít know!

The lights go out and they both begin to scream.



JENNIFER is still standing by the window and crying when someone walks into the room.

COLIN: You called for me?

JENNIFER: (turning around slowly;emotionally) We need to talk.


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