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By Jennifer-Lynn D'Anna


A replay of JENNIFER bursting in and slapping JACK. He is still holding his cheek in shock when he speaks.

JACK: Follow you? (rubbing his cheek) Ow. Jennif...Jennifer, I came down here to warn you.

JENNIFER: (going with it and hoping he catches on) Oh, you did, did you? Did it ever occur to you that maybe I don't need to, or want to be warned?

JACK: (lost; to himself) We've got to stop doing this. (making a face to get her to understand) Then...then you know?

JENNIFER: Of course I know.

COLIN: (interested in what they are saying but lost as well) If you don't mind me asking...know what?

JENNIFER: That...that I know why he came down here. Jack came down here to keep me from telling you that I...that I love you, Colin. He wanted to head me off at the pass in hopes of getting me to reconsider. (through gritted teeth) Isn't that right, Jack?

JACK: (flashing her an odd look and then realizing what she's doing. Overly dramatic) Alas, it is so.

JENNIFER rolls her eyes at his drama.

COLIN: I...I don't understand.

JENNIFER: don't need to. (walking over and nervously placing her hand on his) All you need to know is how I feel.

Behind them, JACK nearly gags. JENNIFER spins around quickly and makes a face and then resumes her sweet-talking.

COLIN: But you were so happy yesterday.

JENNIFER: Were we Colin? You know as well as I do that Jack and my happiness has always been fleeting.

JACK: Hey-

JENNIFER: (without looking at him) Go, Jack!

JACK: But Jennif-

JENNIFER: Go. I'll talk to you later.

JACK: (walking over) Now, wait a minute. I'm not leaving you here with him. You know why. He's an-

JENNIFER: (trying to stop him) He's what, Jack?

COLIN: (interested) Yes, Jack, what am I?

OUT on JACK, not knowing how to answer that question.



JACK: Why...why he's a...not for you. You know that. I know that.

JENNIFER: (adamantly) Jack, go. I've made my decision.

JACK: Without consulting me?

COLIN: Why should she have to-

JACK and JENNIFER: (simultaneously) Shut up!

JENNIFER: (softening her tone) I mean, Colin, could you give Jack and I a minute?

COLIN: Sure. (shaking his head) I think.

COLIN exits and JACK makes sure he's gone.

JACK: Are you going to tell me what this is about or am I going to have to keep guessing?

JENNIFER: You know what this is about, Jack.

JACK: You know he's not who he says he is?

JENNIFER: I know that. Jack, you really could've blown it for us.

JACK: Jennifer, if he'll lie about who he is, he'll lie about anything.

JENNIFER: We have to figure out what he's lying about, Jack. This is the only way.

JACK: I'm starting to hate this plan more and more.

JENNIFER: If you want me to, I won't go through with it.

JACK: (shocked) What? I can't ask you to do that. This is important to you and your family. (rubbing the back of his neck nervously) Besides, how are we going to cover (referring to what they just did) that up? Our little show for the good doctor.

JENNIFER: (realizing how hard it was to say what he said) I love you, Jack Deveraux.

JACK: For what? For allowing you to be your own person? Jennifer, I never wanted to box you in, you've got to know that.

JENNIFER: (nodding) I know. And I love you for that. (taking his hand) We'll get through this, Jack. (hopeful) I just know it.

JACK: (rubbing her hand tenderly) I'm glad one of us does.

JENNIFER: I...I should go. Colin's probably wondering what's going on. (making her way to the door) I'll call you later at Bo and Hope's.

JACK: (smiling begrudgingly) You do that.

After JENNIFER leaves, JACK lets out a sigh and begins to pour a cup of coffee. He is interrupted by his cell phone ringing.

JACK: (Picking up the phone) Deveraux here. (Beat) What? You've got to be kidding me.

OUT on JACK, clearly not happy with the news on the other end of the phone.


A few minutes later. JACK exits the NURSES' LOUNGE in a rush and runs smack into BO.

BO: Whoa there, buddy.

JACK: Where's Jennifer?

BO: Relax. She's in the cafeteria with Colin. Trying to smooth things out.

JACK: I thought you were supposed to be watching her.

BO: Jack, nobody's going to hurt her in a crowded hospital. I have full faith in Jenn.

JACK: To get herself killed? Last time I checked, chasing her through a crowded mall wasn't exactly a bright idea either, but he did it anyway.

BO: Again, Jack, relax. What's got you all flustered anyway?

JACK: Besides the fact that Dr. Murphy is no longer Dr. Murphy? Um, I don't know. (Sarcastically) What could it be?

BO: Shane's looking into that. What else is bothering you, Jack?

JACK: Bill just called. We have to leave for Africa today. Nigel wants to see us.

OUT on BO, pondering the new information.


JENNIFER and COLIN are sitting at a table having coffee. The mood is very tense.

COLIN: So, I take it you and Jack had words?

JENNIFER: You could say that.

COLIN: Jennifer, forgive me to saying so, but this...this change of so sudden.

JENNIFER: Are...are you complaining?

COLIN:'s just, well, it's just that I don't understand. Here I was the other day, chasing you-

JENNIFER: Yeah. What was that about anyway?

COLIN: Well, you ran away so quickly. I never had a chance to explain. My friend, the one in town for the cancer seminar, well, what he meant to say is that he came in for a private cancer seminar with Dr. Wesley.

JENNIFER: Craig gives private seminars now?

COLIN: (Hesitant) Just for important staff and visitors. It's something he doesn't like to make a habit of. Anyway, I was chasing you to try and explain.

JENNIFER: Oh. I see.

COLIN: Nevermind all that. I'm curious, what in the bloody hell happened between you and Jack? Why is it suddenly over between the two of you?

OUT on a nervous JENNIFER.


BO: Tomorrow? Are you ready?

JACK: I can manage but...I don't think this is the best time to leave Jennifer or Abigail. I hate this, I really do.

BO: Go. I'll see if Victor can fire up the Kiriakis jet. Do what you have to do to get to the bottom of this mess. I'll take care of Jennifer.

JACK: By staying here while she's-

BO: (walking off) I'm heading to the cafeteria now, Jack. Go home and pack. I'll give you a ring later on.

JACK: (watching him leave) Fine. (calling down the hall after him) And don't let her out of your sight. (to himself) Please.



JENNIFER: (pausing for a moment) Things just...things just weren't working, that's all.

COLIN: They seemed to be working the other day.

JENNIFER: (fiddling with her coffee cup) Well, things change, Colin. They change and sometimes you just can't get them back.

COLIN: Are you saying you want new things, Jennifer? Are you saying that you want me in your life?

JENNIFER: (nervously) If you can make room in it for me.

COLIN: (smiling) I always have room in it for you, Jennifer Rose. Always.

JENNIFER smiles back apprehensively as BO watches from a corner table. He doesn't like COLIN'S tone at all.


A little while later.

IN on HOPE, sitting on the couch, watching t.v. The door opens and JACK rushes in.

HOPE: Jack, did Bo and Jenn find you?

JACK: Yes. Now, if you'll excuse me. (turns to run up the stairs)

HOPE: (hopping up) Whoa, whoa, what's the rush?

JACK: I have to pack.

HOPE: (confused) Jenn decided not to go through with it?

JACK: No. She, much to my chagrin, is going through with it. I have to pack for Africa.

HOPE: Africa? I thought that wasn't for two more weeks?

JACK: As did I. Plans have changed. I'm going to Africa, Jennifer's spending time with Dr. Demento, and Beauregard is tailing them.

BO: (walking in) Was tailing them. (to JACK) Jennifer's at home, Jack. He's still at work. She's not happy about you having to leave so soon.

JACK: (going to run upstairs) I should call her.

BO: Go. Victor's got the jet ready. You'll be leaving in an hour.

JACK: Fine. Once again, for the record, I hate this. (running up the stairs)

BO and HOPE: (simultaneously) We know.

HOPE: What the heck is going on?

BO: (worried) I wish I knew, Fancy Face. (taking off his coat) Everything's just moving too fast.



JACK, on the phone, is desperately trying to get a hold of JENNIFER.

JACK: (after the fifth ring, into the receiver) C'mon, Jennifer, pick up. Why aren't you picking up?



JENNIFER has just opened the front door to COLIN. The phone can be heard ringing in the background.

JENNIFER: Colin? I thought you had to work.

COLIN: I got off a little early. (handing her flowers) I thought you and I could have a little talk. (stepping inside) That is okay, isn't it?

OUT on a worried JENNIFER.


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