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By Jennifer-Lynn D'Anna

It is a few hours later. JACK has gone to BO and HOPE'S house to stay and JENNIFER is preparing to have her first visit with COLIN as a "single" woman.


IN on JACK, unpacking his suitcase. He does not seem thrilled to be there. There is a knock on the door.

JACK: Yes?

HOPE: (opening the door slightly) Hi. Everything going okay?

JACK: Yes...I mean, the accommodations are very...very homey.

HOPE: (entering and closing the door behind her. In her right hand, she carries a baby monitor.) You don't have to lie, Jack. I know it's not much, but...

JACK: No, the room...the room is very nice. (surveying his surroundings) You have your (patting the mattress) comfy bed, your...your (running his hand alongside the dresser) storage space, your (looking at a framed picture above the dresser) average picture of...of (squinting his eyes)...what is that anyway?

HOPE: (smiling) It's a sailboat. Shawn finger-painted it in the first grade. He wouldn't let us put it up in the kitchen, so it's regulated to the guest room.

JACK: It's a very nice sailboat indeed. (studying it closer) Oh now I see, (pointing) there are the sails and right there, there's a dolphin-

HOPE: (laughing) Shark. Shawn was obsessed with "Jaws" at the time. Bo used to do the theme music for him on a daily basis (hums the score).

JACK: (chuckling) Abigail was the same way. Not with "Jaws", I mean, but with "Willy Wonka". Jennifer and I had to hide the video to get the songs out of our heads. It's not a good thing for two adults to be singing "Oompa Loompa" at the work place, you know.

HOPE: (seeing that his misses them already,touching his arm tenderly) Jack, I know this is hard for you. I wouldn't like it either.

JACK: Good, then I'm not alone. (sitting down on the bed forlornly) I just don't get it. Must there always be danger lurking around every corner? Must we always be torn apart by some evil force?

HOPE: (sitting beside him) You're asking me? (beat) Look, Jack, I wish I had some words of encouragement to offer you other than what's already been said. It'll be okay. You and Jennifer will be okay.

JACK: You say that as if you mean it.

HOPE: I do. I really do. Look and Bo and me, we've been through everything possible and we've made it. You and Jenn will too.

JACK: I suppose you're right. (looking around) By the way, where is that hero husband of yours?

HOPE: He's gone to work. Said he had to go over a few things with someone early this morning. (getting up) I'm going to give the boys some breakfast. You should come down and have some with us. It'll be fun. (walking to the door)

JACK: (smiling widely). (beat) I'll be down in a minute.

HOPE smiles and exits.

JACK: (to himself, in deep thought) I wonder if Beauregard's gone to see Miss Horton. That's got to be who's he's gone to see.


JENNIFER is standing in front of the foyer mirror, primping. JO walks in from the kitchen and sees this.

JO: (sighing) I just don't understand. Jack's gone and here you are not doing anything about it. Jennifer, what is going on?

JENNIFER: (lying) Nothing. Nothing's going on, Jo. Jack and I, we just want...we just want different things.

JO: Like what-an evening and a daytime wedding? You're not fooling me, Jennifer Horton. I know something's up between the two of you.

JENNIFER: (exasperated) Look, Jo, there's nothing "up" between Jack and I. We've just...we've just deci-(the doorbell rings and she sighs a sigh of relief) Saved by the bell. (opening the door and seeing BO) Bo? What are you doing here?

BO: (seriously) Jenn, we've got to talk.

OUT on JENNIFER, not liking the tone of BO'S voice.


JENNIFER: You sound serious.

BO: I am serious.

JENNIFER: (looking back at JO, who is very curious) Maybe we should do this outside. You can walk me to my car.

BO: That'll do.

JENNIFER: (to JO) Jo, Bo's going to walk me out. I'll be back later, okay?

JO: Sure. (knowing something is up) See you later.

JENNIFER grabs her purse and coat and she and BO walk outside.

JENNIFER: (concerned) What's up?

BO: We've got bad news, Jenn. Really bad news.

JENNIFER: What's going on? Is it about Jack? (concerned) Did he not make it to your house this morning?

BO: No, no, Jack is fine. Hope called a little while ago and said that he was there. Jenn, it's Colin. He's not who he claims to be.

JENNIFER: Tell me about it.

BO: No. Literally, he's not who he claims to be. He's not even half Brady.

JENNIFER: (shocked) What?

BO: The real Colin Murphy died years ago in a plane crash. What we have here is an imposter.

OUT on JENNIFER, too shocked for words.


JACK comes walking down the stairs, singing a tune.

JACK: "My name is Jack-a. I live on the second floor."

HOPE: (looking up from the playpen and smiling) I see you're in a better mood.

JACK: Better, not best. (seeing J.T.) May I?

HOPE: Go right ahead. (picking up Isaac as he picks up J.T.)

JACK: John Thomas Brady, you are one lucky fellow. You have a great house, two great brothers-

HOPE: (thick with emotion) Jack, I know about the baby.

JACK: (pausing to reflect on what she said) You do? Of course you do. Why wouldn't you? Jennifer surely would've told you.

HOPE: She told me after you, Jack. She's an amazing woman, you know that?

JACK: Oh, I know that. (smiling) I can write a book on the subject.

HOPE: Are you-(shaking her head) nevermind.

JACK: No, am I what? C'mon, you started it.

HOPE: Are you two going to try again? I know Jennifer would love to give Abby a brother or sister and, well, J.T. and Isaac would love to have a little cousin.

JACK: (smiling slyly) Well...we have talked about it. (beat) What about you and Bo? You don't want another?

HOPE: I could have kids every year if I had it my way, but with Shawn going off to college and with the two boys...I don't know...I've always wanted to try for a little girl. Maybe Bo could be persuaded.

JACK: With the enticement of a daughter as beautiful as her mother? I'd say no persuasion is needed.

HOPE: You're too kind, Jack. I can't believe you of all people were ever scared of becoming a father.

JACK: Who said I was scared? Maybe a tad bit nervous--

HOPE: Gran said you were driving her and Grandpa crazy.

JACK: Well, it wouldn't be the first time I did that to someone. No, seriously, I was a tad frightened at the prospect of raising a progeny.

HOPE: I don't see how. You and Jennifer have done a wonderful job with Abby. I was telling Jenn that the other day. She's a very intelligent, very caring, little girl.

JACK: (fiddling with J.T.'s socked foot) She got the best of both worlds, I guess.

HOPE: (smiling) She sure did. (beat) Do you have him for a minute? I'll go get started on breakfast if you do.

JACK: Yeah, I got him. John Thomas and I are just fine. (to J.T.) Aren't we, buddy?

HOPE: Good. I'll call you when it's ready.

HOPE exits to the kitchen. A moment later, the phone rings.

JACK: (calling to her) I'll get it! (picking up the phone) Brady residence, Hope and Hero, that is. (beat) Shane? (beat), Bo's not here right now. (beat) Yes, it's Jack. (beat) He did? (beat) How much did he tell you? (beat) I see. (beat, as his face turns to shock and he steadies J.T. in his arms) What?

OUT on JACK, in utter shock over what Shane has just revealed to him.


JENNIFER: That's impossible. Bo, he knows so much about your family.

BO: But did he ever divulge it to you when you were in Africa? Did he even mention that he knew us?

JENNIFER: No, but...but that's because he was working for the ISA.

BO: It very well could be, but Shane sent over a stack of papers this morning proving otherwise. (opening his truck and handing her an envelope, which she immediately tears open)

JENNIFER: (skimming them) Does Jack know about these?

BO: No. I wanted to tell you about them first. If Jack knew we were dealing with an unknown, someone claiming to be someone else, he might get a little antsy about letting you get so close to him.

JENNIFER: Bo, Jack needs to know about this.

BO: And he will. I just wanted to see what you wanted to do about this first. Give you a chance to make a decision without him looking over your shoulder.

JENNIFER: Even if Jack's not here physically, he's still a factor in my decision. (growing nervous and trying to steady herself) Do we know anything about this guy? The guy claiming to be Colin?

BO: No. He covered his tracks well, took over the identity of my cousin and hasn't been questioned since. Jenn, I don't know who we're dealing with here.

JENNIFER: I...I...I need to talk to Jack.

BO: Do you want to use my cell?

JENNIFER: No. I need to see him. We should go to your house.

BO: Okay. Let's go. I'll follow.

OUT on the two of them hopping into their respective cars and heading out.


IN on JACK, now off the phone and pacing nervously with J.T. still in his arms.

HOPE: (opening the door to the living room) Jack, breakfast is read-hey, what's wrong?

JACK: What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong. Colin Murphy is not Colin Murphy, that's what's wrong.

HOPE: (confused) What are you talking about?

JACK: That was Shane on the phone. He called to see if Bo got the material he sent over this morning. Material stating that Colin Murphy was indeed an imposter.

HOPE: (shocked) What? That's what Bo must've been in such a hurry for. Maybe he went down to the station to pull some files.

JACK: Files? Files?! (handing her J.T.) I've got to get to Jennifer. I've got to (checking his watch)-she's probably at the hospital right now. I'm...I'm sorry about breakfast. (grabbing his jacket, he leaves)

HOPE: (calling after him nervously) Be careful!


BO and JENNIFER burst into the living room as HOPE comes out of the kitchen with both boys in tow.

BO: Hope, where's Jack?

HOPE: He left. About fifteen minutes ago. He's looking for you, Jenn.

BO: Do you know where he went?

HOPE: The hospital. Bo, Shane called.

JENNIFER: Then Jack knows about Colin?

HOPE: About him not being Colin? Yes, he does.

BO: I can't explain now, Fancy Face, (giving her a quick peck on the lips) but I will as soon as I get back. We've got to find Jack.

JENNIFER: (rushing out the door) Bye Hope!

BO rushes out after JENNIFER, leaving HOPE alone.

HOPE: (to herself) What the heck is going on?


IN on COLIN, who is settling into one of the chairs with coffee and a paper. The door flies open and JACK enters. Immediately, COLIN jumps up. The two other nurses in the room exit nervously.

COLIN: Jack, what's the big idea?

JACK: The big idea is I know all about you, Doctor Demento.

COLIN: What are you talking about?

JACK: You know what I'm talking about. All your secrets. All your lies. Don't tell me even you believe them now.

Behind them, in the hall, JENNIFER and BO are seen. Both gasp at where JACK is. JENNIFER bursts in on the two of them.

COLIN: (surprised) Jennifer? What the bloody hell-

JACK: (surprised) Miss Horton!

JENNIFER: That's right, Jack. What are you doing now, following me? (walking over) You jerk! (she slaps his face hard)

OUT on JACK, confused and holding his stinging cheek.


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