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By Jennifer-Lynn D'Anna


BO has just informed HOPE of her Uncle BILL'S other "occupation" as a tombraider. In shock, she has dropped the tray of drinks she was carrying into the living room. JACK and JENNIFER stop their theorizing and look at her as the babies, hearing the loud crash, begin to cry.

JENNIFER: (rushing over to help BO pick up the pieces of glass off the floor) Oh my...

HOPE: (shaking her head in disbelief) A...I...I can't even wrap my mind around it. A tombraider? Uncle Bill?

JACK: I know it's hard to grasp. I had the same reaction...(nervous laughter) sans beverages, that is. Trust me. But-

All of a sudden, HOPE notices the babies crying.

HOPE: My boys. (she turns and rushes over to the playpen. JACK, caught mid-sentence, drops his hand and walks over to help her).

JACK: I'll...let me help you.

JACK lifts up J.T. as HOPE lifts up Isaac. They both attempt to calm the two boys down. JACK is whispering into J.T.'s ear as JENNIFER and BO look up. JENNIFER is moved, remembering just how wonderful JACK is with babies. Instinctively, she touches her stomach.

BO: (to JENNIFER, watching HOPE and JACK and the babies worriedly) I don't know if telling Hope about all this was such a good idea. She's just getting over the custody battle and we're adjusting to having both the babies back.

HOPE: (Overhearing BO) Nonsense, Brady, I'm glad they told us. I'm glad they told me. It's's just so hard to believe.

JENNIFER: (standing up and putting the pieces of glass onto the empty tray) I know. When Jack told me, I was shocked.

HOPE: (bouncing ISAAC) To say the least. (to BO) Bo, should we call Shane?

BO: (standing up) I don't know. Jack was just telling me that he thinks it's best if we lie low for awhile. Try and figure out as much as we can without informing the authorities. It could scare Colin.

HOPE: I don't know about you, but I think chasing someone through the mall pretty much reckons questioning.

BO: (thinking about a way to get the information) Normally, it would...Unless...

JACK: (worried) Oh no, I don't like that tone. Unless what?

BO: Unless we can get information out of him another way. Let him think that we trust him, that all is forgiven.

JENNIFER: (lost) How do you suppose we do that?

BO: I only know one way. (looking warily to JACK) And I don't think Jack's going to like it.

OUT on JACK, looking very distraught at BO'S suggestion.


JACK: No....(handing JENNIFER the baby and pacing past BO) No, no, no, no, no. There's (rubbing his mouth)...there's got to be another way.

BO: I don't think so, Jack. We already know that Colin cares about Jennifer very much.

JENNIFER: Are you suggesting-

JACK: (flustered and not wanting her to get any ideas) He's not suggesting anything. (to BO, pleading) You're not suggesting anything, right?

JENNIFER: Jack, I'm a big girl.

JACK: A big girl who's not supposed to be involved in any way, shape or form with this. This...I didn't want this...

JENNIFER: (turning to BO) What do you need me to do?

BO: (looking to JACK and then to a defiant JENNIFER) I...I need you to get close to him, if he'll let you. The more information we get out of him, the better. Find out what this key is for, who this Gideon fellow Jack was telling me about is (JENNIFER shows a momentary flash of confusion), who he's working for.

JENNIFER: Jack and I can do that. It'll take a little sneaking, but...

BO: No, Jenn, just you. He already knows Jack is involved. You're the only one he thinks he can trust. And even that might be ruined now.

JENNIFER: (looking to JACK, who's hoping she'll say no) But...(mulling it over and then turning to BO) I'll do it. When do I start?

JACK: (grabbing her arm) Alright, that's it. Miss Horton, can I have a word with you? (pulling her across the room)

JENNIFER: (embarrassed a little and in a loud whisper) Jack!

JACK: (lowering his voice and peeking at BO and HOPE) I...I...honestly don't think this is a good idea (J.T. looks up at him curiously)

JENNIFER: No surprise there, Jack.

JACK: I...Jennif...I...I can't do this with him looking at me. (taking J.T. out of her arms and bringing him to BO, who's know watching them intently, along with HOPE) Thank you. (walking back over to JENNIFER) The glue, Jennifer. Remember the glue?

JENNIFER: What are you talking about?

JACK: Glue. You were supposed to be stuck to me like it. This is so the opposite of glue. It''s a crowbar.

JENNIFER: Jack, a crowbar is not the opposite of glue.

JACK: get the picture. I don't want you anywhere near Colin Murphy.

JENNIFER: But Bo said-

JACK: I don't (checking to make sure they can't hear)...I don't care what Bo said. He has Hope. Do you think he'd willingly agree to put her in this much danger? I have to go to Africa with your father. I can't be there to watch you, take care of you.

JENNIFER: I can take care of myself, Jack.

JACK: Lest I remind you of all the times you've said that and all the times you've been proven wrong?

JENNIFER: Jack, it's-

BO: (from across the room) If you're worried about her getting hurt, Jack, don't. I'll watch her like I would Fancy Face.

JACK: It's's not's just...(giving in) What do we have to do?

BO: Okay, first things first, you two have to break things off.

OUT on JACK and JENNIFER, not happy with the "plan" already.


Elapsed time. BO, JACK, and JENNIFER are sitting on the sofa, in the midst of making their plans. HOPE comes down the stairs after putting the boys to sleep.

JENNIFER: (seeing HOPE) Did they get to sleep?

HOPE: (sighing and sitting on the end of the sofa near BO) Finally. (glancing at her watch) I wonder where Shawn is.

BO: (rubbing her back) Probably out with Belle still. We'll give him a little bit and then we'll call John and Marlena.

HOPE: Okay. (beat) So, you've got this plan all hashed out?

JACK: (dryly) Unfortunately, yes.

BO: It'll only be for a short while, Jack. You can stay here until you leave for Africa.

JACK: Thank you. I'm sorry if I'm not jumping for joy at the prospect of bunking at your humble abode.

BO: No one said this would be easy, Jack.

JACK: Pish-posh. Jennifer and I prefer to take the hard way out of anything. (beat) Speaking of ways out, we need to be making our way out. (standing up) Gotta get the blushing bride home, you know.

JENNIFER, BO, and HOPE stand up and make their way to the door.

BO: (clapping JACK on the back) I'll take good care of her, Jack.

JACK: I know you...I know you will. (nodding to HOPE) Hope. (to JENNIFER) I'll be in the car.

JENNIFER: (concerned) Okay.

JACK exits.

HOPE: He'll be okay with this, Jenn. Just give him a little while.

JENNIFER: I hope you're right, Hope. I really do.

They hug.

BO: I'll be watching you like a hawk, Jenn.

JENNIFER nods and they hug. After she exits, BO closes the front door.

HOPE: You think they're going to be okay?

BO: (sighing) I don't know. (worried) I sure hope so.


JACK is in the driver's side and JENNIFER is in the passenger's seat. They are pulling up to an empty Salem Place, after dark.

JACK: (placing the car in park and gesturing to her car) Your chariot, milady.

JENNIFER: (lost) What?

JACK: Your car. I figured you might need that at some point. Now that we're separated and all.

JENNIFER: Jack, don't-

JACK: Don't what, Jennifer? Don't express how much I hate this plan of Bo's? How much I don't like you having to be that close to that...that...We...we just got back to a place I never thought we would and-

JENNIFER: (placing her finger over his mouth to shut him up) Shhh. I have an idea.

JACK: (confused) Unless it's telling me your not going through with this inane plan, then I don't want to hear it.

JENNIFER: (smiling) Oh, I'm sure you will.

JACK: (intrigued) Oh really?

JENNIFER: Really. (opening her car door)

JACK: Where-where are you going?

JENNIFER: To my car, Jack. I do need it, you know.

JACK: But-

JENNIFER: But nothing. Just follow me. In your car.

JACK: In my-

JENNIFER: (getting out) In your car, Jack.

He watches as she runs and gets into her car and then drives away.

JACK: (confused) That's not the way home. Jennifer, what are you up to?

He puts the car in drive and follows her.


It is a little while later. JACK and JENNIFER are lying on the hood of JACK'S car, watching the planes take off, as they did years ago. They both look blissfully happy.

JENNIFER: (finishing a scream) I remember the first time you took me here.

JACK: (finishing his scream) Hmmm?

JENNIFER: When Abby was a baby. Remember?

JACK: (looking at her with love in his eyes) I remember.

JENNIFER: (taking his hand) Jack, I know you're scared.

JACK: Frightened to death, actually, but...(growing serious) I'm just scared for you, that's all.

JENNIFER: It's okay to be a little scared about yourself, too, you know.

JACK: I know. (caressing her face) But you...but you, Jennifer, I don't know what I'd do without you.

JENNIFER: (laughing a little) You'd probably worry less, I know that.

JACK: (threading her hair in his hands) I like worrying about you. I love worrying about you. Before you, I didn't really believe in worrying about anyone and now with you, and Abigail, and...Jennifer, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you and the baby.

JENNIFER: (tears in her eyes) I know, Jack.

JACK: I want to try again. Not just marriage, but I want to try for another one...another baby.

JENNIFER: As soon as you get back. It'll give us both a reason to get through this safely.

JACK: (thick with emotion) As soon as I get back.

JENNIFER: (resting her head on his shoulder) It's funny, isn't it? Being back in Salem after all these years and still feeling like two kids?

JACK: You were a kid when we first started out, not I. I was the older, wiser-

JENNIFER: (leaning up to look at him) --full of himself boss.

JACK: (feigning annoyance) You really thought I was full of myself?

JENNIFER: (smiling) Just a little. Okay, a lot.

JACK: What changed your mind?

JENNIFER: Your heart. Your kiss.

JACK: You mean like this (leaning in and giving her a deep, passionate kiss)?

JENNIFER: (nodding after they break apart) Exactly like that. (beat, looking around) It's a shame that we have to break up, especially now, when we're in such a wonderful secluded place.

JACK: Who says anything about breaking up tonight? We can do that tomorrow, can't we? Besides, it is your wedding night.

JENNIFER: (laughing at the fact that she's still in the gown) It would be awful to waste it, wouldn't it?

JACK: (leaning in to kiss her) Practically a crime.

JENNIFER: I love you, Jack.

JACK: I know. I love you too.

The camera pans out to the two of them kissing on the car, both very much in love with the other. In a car parked out of sight, someone is watching them.


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