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By Jennifer-Lynn D'Anna


The scene opens with an exterior shot of the bridal shop on an early spring day. The strains of the Dixie Cups' "Chapel of Love" can be heard as the camera pans inside.

Going to the chapel
And we're gonna get married
Going to the chapel
And we're gonna get married

CUT to JO, coming out of the dressing room. JENNIFER is pacing outside.

JO: (nervously stepping out) Well, here I am. (grimacing)

JENNIFER: Oh, Jo. (noticing her look) What, you don't like it?

JO: (adjusting herself in the mirror) I don't know. It's just a little...a little much.

JENNIFER: (straightening the train) I don't know. Maybe a little.

JO: I just want something simple and elegant, that's all. (frustrated) What am I thinking? I'm never going to find something suitable to wear to this. Not on my age-

JENNIFER: Bite your tongue, Jo Johnson. You are only as young as you feel.

JO: Right now I feel like Methuselah.

JENNIFER: Stop. C'mon (sifting through the racks), I'm sure we can find you something here suitable, simple, and elegant. (stopping suddenly and letting out a breath) This, this is just beautiful.

JO: (stepping forward to get a closer look) It is, isn't it? Jennifer, you'd look lovely in that.

JENNIFER: (embarrassed) Oh, stop. I would not. (putting it back on the rack) Besides, I'm not going to be wearing that anytime soon.

JO: (playfully) You never know. (beat, picking it back up) Why don't you try it on?

JENNIFER: I don't know, Jo.

JO: It'll be fun. Like playing dress-up.

JENNIFER: (looking at the price tag and laughing) Like playing dress-up with (gasping) really, too expensive clothes.

JO: I want you to try it on.

JENNIFER: (mulling it over and then breaking into a smile) Oh, alright. But just this one. Nothing else. I don't want to go jinxing anything.

JO: (jumping up and down in excitement) Good. I'll go find another dress to try on and we'll play. (as she walks away) Jennifer, this is so much fun.

JENNIFER: (smiling and then looking pensively at the dress in her arm) Yeah. (wistfully remembering her and JACK'S nuptials) Fun.



JACK and BILL are walking past a bevy of stores, drinking coffee.

BILL: So you got Jennifer all preoccupied with this wedding? You're a brilliant man, Jack Deveraux. Have I ever told you that?

JACK: Once or twice, but no harm in hearing it again. (beat) Yes, Dr. Horton, your daughter is up to her pretty little ears in bouquets, bridal attire, and bands. Has been for weeks.

BILL: Good. And she's not mad at you for all this?

JACK: (giving him a look) Define mad.

BILL: I see. (beat) I got a call from Nigel last night.

JACK: You mean you got a threat from Nigel last night. What did our dear friend have to say anyway? I'm sure he wasn't calling to wish you a Happy Easter.

BILL: Far from it. He wants us in Africa next week.

JACK: (nearly spitting out his coffee and stopping dead in his tracks) Next week?

BILL: I know, you're not ready.

JACK: Not ready? That's an understatement. I am nowhere near ready. There's been so much on my mind-Jennifer's well-being, keeping her from snooping, Abigail's dance recital, the visit from my brother-

BILL: (lost) The visit from your brother? Jack, what are you talking about?

OUT on JACK, unsure of how to answer.



BILL: Are you talking about Steve?

JACK: (laughing) Did I say brother? I meant future step-brother. You know, Brian was planning on visiting and-

BILL: (shaking his head) I could've sworn you said "brother".

JACK: Well, you know, Brian and I have become close.

BILL: (throwing him a look) Define "close". (beat) Anyway, Nigel wants to have a little sit-down with us, see how far we are in solving this thing.

JACK: A little checking-in, huh?

BILL: Basically. (beat) Have you heard from Oliver lately?

JACK: No...why? Was I supposed to?

BILL: No. It's just...nevermind.

JACK: No, tell me. What is the matter with Oliver Wentworth?

BILL: (pausing for a brief moment, deciding how to tell him) He's missing, Jack. Oliver is missing.

OUT on JACK'S shock.


JENNIFER and JO both step out of the dressing room at the same time. JO gasps when she sees JENNIFER and tears form in her eyes.

JO: (touching her heart) Oh, Jennifer. You look beautiful.

JENNIFER: (touched) This old thing?

JO: If you and Jack, well, if you ever, you must wear that.

JENNIFER: (looking at herself in the mirror and liking what she sees) It is beautiful, isn't it?

JO: It is. Oh, I'm going to need a hankie. I remember the first time you and Jack got married. You were both so in love and now, now you have a chance to do it again.

JENNIFER: We do, don't we?

JO: I cannot...I cannot even tell you how happy I am about all this. To see you two together again, married and possibly-

JENNIFER turns to the window and something catches her eye. COLIN is outside, by the park benches and is having a heated discussion with another man, who hands him an envelope. She tunes out JO and moves closer to the window.

JO: --having more grandbabies. Now, I know Jack was reluctant to start a family at first but he's so wonderful with Abby, just as I thought he would be. Jennifer?

JENNIFER: (still focused on the action outside) Yeah...I mean, keep going. (when she sees COLIN'S eyes dart to see if anyone is around, she puts her hand up behind her, signaling JO to stop) Jo? I'll be right back.

As she heads to the door, JO is confused.

JO: But Jennifer-

JENNIFER: I have to take care of something.

JO: But you still have the dress on. (she and a saleswoman meet eyes as JENNIFER walks out)


JACK: (trying to grasp what BILL just said) Oliver's-missing? It can't be. He's probably off on one of his jaunts, going way under-

BILL: Three months, Jack. Three months he's been gone.

JACK: Three months, that's impossible. (pausing and quickly flashing back to something JENNIFER said weeks ago when he told her about her father, that OLIVER had been calling. Something isn't jiving.)

BILL: Why do you say that?

JACK: (not willing to let him in on his calls from OLIVER yet) I...I don't. I don't know. (finding this odd) I guess I just find it hard to believe.

BILL: Well, Nigel found it hard to believe at first, too. Wentworth was one of his best men and it's not like him to go missing for this long.

JACK: No, it's not. They don't think...they don't think he's, (swallowing hard) you know?

BILL: Nigel doesn't know what to think. All I know is that somebody was after Oliver, somebody wanted what he was after.

JACK: What was he after?

BILL: The key, Jack.

OUT on JACK, in utter shock.


JENNIFER: (walking over towards COLIN and "friend") Hi Colin. Fancy meeting you here.

COLIN: (shocked and then giving her a once over look) Jennifer, I-what are you wearing? I mean, I know you and Jack are on the road to reconciliation but isn't this jumping the gun a little?

JENNIFER: (realizing what she had done) Oh...this is...nevermind. Aren't you gonna introduce me to your friend?

COLIN: (nervous) My friend?

JENNIFER: Oh, I'm sorry. Your chum?

COLIN: Oh yes. This...this is...

MAN: (extending his hand and speaking with a very thick English accent) Albert. Dr. Albert Harring.

COLIN: Dr. Harring is in town for a seminar.

JENNIFER: Really? What seminar?

ALBERT: The, um, cancer seminar. The hospital is having a seminar of new treatments in the field of cancer research.

JENNIFER: (not buying it) That's funny. I didn't know there was a seminar this week. You'd think Gramma would've mentioned it to me since she writes the newspaper bulletin.

COLIN: Oh, now, she probably thought it was of no interest to you.

ALBERT: Yes, dear, cancer is such a grim subject. Why would anyone be interested in hearing about that? (he and COLIN share a chuckle)

JENNIFER: Mr. Harring, my husb-my Jack-is in remission from Hodgkin's Disease. I find cancer research to be very interesting.

ALBERT: Oh...I'm sorry to hear that.

JENNIFER: No need, you had no idea. (doing a little investigative work of her own) So, you've known each other for some time?

COLIN: For a bit of a spell. Isn't that right, Albert?

ALBERT: Yes, um, Colin and I worked together back in the day.

JENNIFER: Really? Which day?

ALBERT: Back in Af-(noting COLIN'S warning look), back in Australia. We went to medical school together.

COLIN: Before I transferred over to England.

JENNIFER: (still dubious) Oh, that's nice.

ALBERT: Well, I...I should be running. This lunch break is quite short, actually. (taking JENNIFER'S hand) Pleased to meet you (at a loss for her name).

JENNIFER: Jennifer...Jennifer Horton.

ALBERT: (realizing who she is now) Yes, Jennifer Horton. (to COLIN) I'll see you back at the hospital, chum.

COLIN nods nervously and then turns to JENNIFER.

COLIN: What the hell was that about?

JENNIFER jumps back a little in shock.


JACK: (nervous) The key? You mean our key? The key we've been trying to find?

BILL: (sighing) Yes. Now, Jack, don't let this deter you.

JACK: (pacing) Deter me? Deter me? Oliver Wentworth, possibly the world's best tombraider goes missing looking for the exact thing we're looking for and you don't want it to deter me?

BILL: Jack, Oliver was never careful.

JACK: And we are? We've got bimpy blondes figuring us out at every turn.

BILL: Calm down. We'll be fine.

JACK: I'm sure that's what Oliver said before he went missing.

BILL: Jack, walk with me. We've got to come up with a plan. (they begin walking)

JACK: We've got to figure out the riddle, that's what we've GOT to do.

BILL: That, too, but first things first, we have to ensure that whoever was following Oliver is not following us.

JACK: What about the boys that roughed you up New Year's?

BILL: Nigel's goons, I'm sure. He was trying to scare me into helping.

JACK: Is that what it's called now--helping? Funny, I don't feel like I'm doing a good deed, do you?

BILL: (condescending) Jack-

They continue to walk offscreen, talking about the "plan".



JENNIFER: What the-Colin, I wanted to meet your friend, that's all.

COLIN: That's a lie, Jennifer. You were checking up on me, seeing if I was up to no good.

JENNIFER: And what if I was? I have reason to believe, don't I?

COLIN: Just as you have reason to believe that your hus, oh, your JACK, is up to no good as well.

JENNIFER: Don't you bring Jack into this.

COLIN: I'm not the one bringing anyone into this. You're the bloody bride in this situation.

JENNIFER: I am not. (stopping) There really isn't a cancer seminar, is there?

COLIN: I don't know what the hell you are talking about.

JENNIFER: You are trying to frighten me into not checking up on this, aren't you? Well, I'm going to go right down to the hospital right now and see if-

COLIN: (grabbing her arm) You will do no such thing. Leave it alone, Jennifer.

Behind them, in the shop, JO gasps.

JENNIFER: (pulling her arm away) Get your hands off me.

COLIN: I've been nice before but no longer. Jennifer, this is out of your league and Jack's league. Leave it be.

JENNIFER cannot speak, she just shoots daggers at him with her eyes.

SALESLADY: (walking up) Ma'am, we really need you to step back inside the store. That dress is not paid for.

JENNIFER pays no attention to her and continues to stare at COLIN.

SALESLADY: Ma'am? Ma'am, can you hear me?

JENNIFER: Yeah...(to her) I'm sorry. (giving COLIN one last look she starts to walk into the store)



JENNIFER has just walked in.

JO: Jennifer, what was that all about?

JENNIFER: Nothing. Just a little (turning back around, she sees "ALBERT" and COLIN talking and looking her way through the window). Look, Jo, I've got to get out of here.

JO: But you have to change.

JENNIFER: I don't have time. (handing her a credit card from her purse) Here, put the dress on this.

JO: But you said it was too expensive-

JENNIFER: It is. (rushing to the door with her purse over her shoulder and glad that she has sneakers on) But you never know when I may use it.

JO: But-

It's too late. JENNIFER runs outside the shop.



Once outside, JENNIFER runs in the direction of the hospital. Seeing where she is going, ALBERT and COLIN run after her. She shrieks and speeds up. The intro to Fontella Bass' "Rescue Me" begins to play as she weaves her way around the exterior of the mall through crowds with them following her. She turns a corner and runs past JACK and BILL, who are still talking about their "plan".

JACK: I don't get it. If Oliver-(pausing as a bride rushes past him) Wait a second.

BILL: (looking as the bride rushes ahead of them) That was odd.

JACK: Yes, it was. For one split second, I could've sworn that that runaway bride was-

Just then, ALBERT and COLIN knock them over and rush after the bride.

BILL: (on the ground) You were saying?

JACK: (kneeling) I was saying that that bride looked suspiciously like-

JO: (rounding the corner and yelling) Jennifer!

JACK: (realizing what's going on) Oh no. (looking back to JO, he hops up and starts running after JENNIFER) (to himself) One day, I'm actually going to find myself not getting into these situations.

The song lyrics begin to play loudly again as the four of them run on a wild goose chase.

Rescue me
or take me in your arms
Rescue me

JENNIFER jumps onto a bench and quickly looks behind her. She sees the two of them running after her and then behind them, JACK, with his tie waving in the wind, running after them.

JENNIFER: (screaming) Jack!

JACK: (screaming) Miss Horton!

ALBERT and COLIN stop in their tracks. Seeing JACK following them, they turn over a hotdog cart in his path and speed up to catch JENNIFER, who jumps off the bench and begins running.

I want your tender charms
'Cause I'm lonely and I'm blue
I need you
And your love too
Come on and rescue me

JACK stands up, brushes himself off, and does not look happy. He takes a sip of a soda that the vendor is holding and begins running again.

(come on baby and rescue me
come on baby and rescue me
cause I need you by my side
can't you see that I'm lonely)

Time elapses a little. JENNIFER is now making her way across the lawn of University Hospital. Seeing that they are closing in on her, she decides to run into the garage. ALBERT and COLIN lose her. Hiding behind a parked car, she breathes a sigh of relief. After a moment, JACK enters the garage, out of breath and looking around for any trace of her. The music fades out.

JACK: Miss (catching his breath) Miss Horton?

JENNIFER: (whispering) Jack!

JACK: Miss...(looking around) Where are you?

JENNIFER: I'm...I'm right here (she waves her hand above the car).

JACK walks over and takes one look at her.

JACK: We've got to stop meeting like this.

JENNIFER pulls him out of sight.

JENNIFER: Get down!

JACK: Really, Jennifer, I don't know if I feel like it. Surely you don't want me to dance after all this?

JENNIFER: (throwing him a look) You're not funny, Jack Deveraux.

JACK: (looking at her outfit) But you are. Is this the new look for spring? The bridal look?

JENNIFER: (going to speak but hearing ALBERT and COLIN) Shhh-

JACK: (whispering) Now that's funny, you telling me to--(she slaps her hand over his mouth) and they both lean up to watch through the car window.

COLIN: (angry) Why in the bloody hell did you have to chase her?

ALBERT: She knows too much, Colin. You let her know too much. Just like you did with Elizabeth.

COLIN: Could we-could we leave Liz out of this?

ALBERT: Why not? Her body's barely cold by now, but let's.

JACK and JENNIFER exchange nervous glances.

COLIN: I don't want to hurt Jennifer.

ALBERT: That's your problem. You've become soft where she's concerned. What's going to happen when Gideon finds out that someone else is going to get the key before us?

JACK'S ears perk up at the name "Gideon".

COLIN: It's not going to happen. Trust me.

ALBERT: Liz trusted you. Look what happened to her.

COLIN: (angry) Enough!

ALBERT: Fine. Let's get the bloody hell out of here. We'll deal with her later.

COLIN: What do you mean-deal?

ALBERT: (touching the gun he has in the band of her pants) You know very well what I mean.

JENNIFER and JACK exchange more nervous looks.

COLIN: Fine. (beat) Let's get out of here.

They exit. After the coast is clear, JACK stands up.

JACK: I must say, as burial clothes go, that is an interesting choice.

JENNIFER: (scared) Jack, do you think he's serious?

JACK: (trying to be strong) I...I don't know...but I sure as hell am not waiting around here to find out. (grabbing her hand) Let's go.

JENNIFER: Where are we going?

JACK: Where else? We're going to see Bo.


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