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By Jennifer-Lynn D'Anna


BILL and JACK enter from the backdoor using BILL'S keys. They hang up their coats, stomp the snow off their shoes, and then BILL peeks into the living room, where ALICE seems to be watching t.v.

BILL: Good, she's watching her soap.

JACK watches as BILL reaches up to open the cabinet above the sink. He feels around for a moment but nothing is there. Sheepishly, he turns to JACK, who's eyes grow wide with nervousness.


JENNIFER is standing in line for the copy machine, getting very antsy. The people in front of her are taking forever.


IN on BILL, standing on a chair and pulling things down from the cabinet. The counters are all cluttered and JACK is growing more and more nervous behind him.

BILL: (stepping off the chair) It's not there.

JACK: What do mean, "it's not there"? It has to be there (nodding towards the cabinet). That's where you left it, isn't it?

BILL: I put it there because Mom never goes there. She has all the recipes memorized.

JACK: So, you put it with her prized doughnut recipes? Don't you believe in secret compartments?

BILL: Jack, it's gotta be here somewhere. It couldn't have just grown legs and walked out of here.

JACK: Well then, (rolling up his sleeves) we better find it. (looking through the other cabinets) Where in the hell could it be?

OUT on BILL, sighing and resuming his search.


JENNIFER is still standing there, bouncing up and down and growing very impatient. BELLE, CHLOE, and MIMI walk in to make copies, too. She doesn't see them, but they see her.

BELLE: Oh, look, there's Jennifer Horton.

MIMI: Hey, wasn't she married to that weird guy who ran the newspaper once?

BELLE: If you're talking about Jack, yeah, she was. Actually, Chloe, you should ask Brady about Jack sometime. He and his mom were really close.

CHLOE: Maybe I should.

They walk over behind JENNIFER, who still doesn't see them.

BELLE: Hi Jennifer.

JENNIFER jumps up, a little shocked, and drops the papers to the floor.

JENNIFER: Oh, hi, Belle...what are you doing here?

BELLE: Oh nothing, we have to make fliers for a fundraiser and we figured we'd fit it in while we were shopping. (pointing them out) This is my friend Chloe, and this is Meems. This, guys, is Jennifer Horton.

CHLOE: Nice to meet you (MIMI nods in agreement). (seeing the papers on the floor) Oh, you dropped something.

They all bend down to pick the papers up and JENNIFER tries to grab them before they could see them but it's too late.

MIMI: (looking at the papers) Ooh, what a pretty key.

CHLOE: (leaning over her shoulder) Yeah, it would make great earrings.

BELLE: (grabbing the paper) Let me see...ooh, it's gorgeous.

JENNIFER: (taking the paper) It is, isn't it?

BELLE: (standing up as JENNIFER stands up and straightens out the papers, thinking her behavior is odd) I'm sorry, did we say something wrong? You look a little flustered, that's all.

JENNIFER: (moving her hair out of her face) Well...that's because I am. I'm in a hurry...I have to pick Abby up and run a few errands, so if you'll excuse me, I think I see a machine free right now. (nodding to MIMI and CHLOE) It was nice meeting you.

She hurries off to a free machine as BELLE, MIMI, and CHLOE ponder her answer.

MIMI: Wonder what really got into her.

CHLOE: Yeah, she acted like we just caught her with secret information. She was just copying a picture.

BELLE: I don't know but she's starting to act more and more like Jack everyday. (brushing it off) Okay, let's get these done.

They proceed to make their copies as the camera pans out to the doorway. COLIN was watching the entire exchange and it has piqued his interest. JENNIFER, seeing as they she is safe, breathes a sigh of relief and begins copying.


IN on JENNIFER, turning around from taking the last of her copies from the machine. COLIN is right there. She jumps back in shock. He proceeds to speak in a semi-threatening tone that she does not like at all.

JENNIFER: Colin! What are you doing here?

COLIN: What does it look like? I'm making copies. Dr. Wesley needs to see my credentials and I figured I'd make him a few copies while enjoying the crisp winter air.

JENNIFER: (trying to step around him but she can't) That's so...nice. Now, if you'll...

COLIN: Wait a second, what are you doing here? From what I overheard from the chatty little girls over there, something about a key...(he tries to peek into her stack of papers she has clutched against her chest and she defiantly pulls them back)

JENNIFER: I've...I've got to go.

COLIN: C'mon, Jennifer, we used to be friends. Who knows? I might be able to help you with this new business endeavor of yours. That is what it is, isn't it? A business endeavor? Something as the girls suggested, like jewelry?

JENNIFER: Um,'s always fascinated me.

COLIN: Who knew?

JENNIFER: (smiling) Yeah, who knew. (stepping around him) See you around, okay?

COLIN: Sure, around. Oh, and Jennifer?

JENNIFER: (stammering) Yes?

COLIN: I look forward to hearing about your plans for your business sometime. For that piece in particular. Who knows? I may prove quite knowledgeable in certain areas.

JENNIFER: (nodding, trying to get out of there) I'll...I'll look you up.

COLIN: You do that.

She rushes out, flustered and nervous. Once outside, she shivers.

JENNIFER: (to herself, lost) What the heck was that all about?

Inside, leaning on the copier and watching as BELLE and her friends chat and copy.

COLIN: (to himself, curious) What the hell was that all about?


IN on BILL and JACK, who've turned the kitchen upside down. JACK is now rushing to put things back into place.

JACK: Well, now you've gone and done it. You've lost the one piece of information we need to start this investigation. God only knows who has their hands on it now.

BILL: I just don't understand it, it was right here and-

ALICE: (from behind them) What was right there?

BILL: Oh, hi, Mom...I was actually looking for your recipe box. Jack wanted to borrow a recipe for...for-

JACK: For chicken. I just love your fried-

BILL: (at the same time) baked chicken.

JACK: (nervous laughter) I just love your fried/baked chicken. You know it tastes fried, but it's really baked.

ALICE: And you couldn't just ask someone?

BILL: You know where it is, then?

ALICE: Of course I do. I was rearranging it in the living room. All the recipes needed to be sorted...

JENNIFER, walking up the back way hears this and quickly runs to the front of the house. Tearing open the front door, she leaps to stuff the recipes back into the box as JACK and BILL turn the corner.

BILL: (laughing) Would you look at that, Jack? Mom had the recipe box here the entire time. Jennifer, what are you doing here?

JENNIFER: Visiting Gramma. Why?

BILL: Well, I don't know. I didn't see you when I peeked in here earlier.

ALICE: (walking in and covering for her) That's because I sent her to the store. We were out of milk and she offered and...

JACK: (looking her up and down for an answer. He knows she's up to no good) Oh really? I could go for some milk right now.

JENNIFER: (terrified of being caught) You could?

JACK: Yes, a nice, cold refreshing glass of milk would be wonderful right now. Wouldn't you say so, Bill?

BILL: (thumbing through the recipes and not paying attention) Huh? Yeah, milk.

JENNIFER: Uh...they only had whole milk and Gramma wanted skim. That's it.

ALICE: Yes, dear. Now, if you two will excuse us, I think we'll go out again in search of some skim. Jennifer, are you ready?

JENNIFER: (breathing a sigh of relief and standing up) Yeah. (looking JACK dead in the eye) So, you and dad are going to stay here?

JACK: Yeah. I think...I think Bill found what we were looking for...the recipe we were looking for, right?

BILL: Yeah. We'll see you girls later.

JENNIFER nods and helps ALICE put on her coat. They say their goodbyes and head out. Even after she's gone, JACK knows something is up with her. He can't stop staring at the door.


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