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No Ordinary Love

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By Jennifer-Lynn D'Anna


IN on JENNIFER, bending over a water fountain, taking a drink. As she stands up and wipes her mouth, COLIN walks down the hall, reading his charts and runs smack into her.

COLIN: (smiling) Jennifer? We've got to stop meeting like this.

JENNIFER: (brushing herself off) Yeah, we do. (remembering his hurting JACK the other week) I'm sorry, I'm running late. (reaching for the doorknob to MARLENA'S office, only to be stopped by COLIN'S hand over hers) Colin, what's--?

COLIN: No, I'm not letting you go in there. Not until you hear what I have to say.

JENNIFER looks at him curiously just as JACK and VERN round the corner. Upon seeing them, they hide behind the wall.

JACK: (LOWERING HIS VOICE) What did I tell you, Vern? I'm doomed. Paradise lost.

VERN throws him a look to "shut-up" and peeks around the corner.

JACK: What do you see?

VERN: (WHISPERING AS WELL) Not much...mostly staring...Jennifer does not look happy.

JACK: It's over, Vern...completely and utterly over.

VERN: Wait, I think she's about to speak.

OUT on JACK, moving in close so that he can maybe hear.



JENNIFER: (brushing his hand off hers roughly) I think we talked enough the other day.

COLIN: Come on now, you still don't think I hurt Jack on purpose, do you?

JENNIFER: (angry) It doesn't matter what I think, it's what I know. I know that I don't associate with people who use their fists to settle wars.

COLIN: It's like I said, love, it was all fair. I just got a little too rough, that's all.

JENNIFER: A little, Colin? A little would be accidentally stepping on someone's toes, not knocking him out cold.

COLIN: (pausing and reading her face) You really think that he's the one, don't you? The one who will open up doors for you, the one who will save you if need be, the one who will always be there for you. Jennifer, you know better than that. He's let you down time and time again. He's only bound to do it again.

JENNIFER: Maybe you're right.

COLIN starts to smile, thinking she's seeing the light. Behind the wall, JACK winces in pain.

JENNIFER: Maybe Jack has let me down before, but he's not going to again. Ask me how I know that. Ask me. (when he doesn't answer, she proceeds) It's because I know Jack, Colin. I know him better than you or anybody else ever will. But you're right, Jack would never open doors up for me. Instead, he'd push me to walk through them myself. He'd never run in and save the day, he'd push me to do it myself.

VERN smiles to JACK, who breathes a sigh of relief.

COLIN: And what about being there for you?

JENNIFER pauses, thinking back to all the times JACK wasn't there.

From behind the corner, JACK pleads with her.

JACK: (under his breath) Come on Jennifer. Come on.

COLIN: (taking her pause for an answer) Exactly.

JENNIFER: (a bit shaken, she adjusts her purse strap) I...I really should be going.

Behind the corner, JACK'S face falls, knowing that his years have disappointing her have shaped her answer.

COLIN: (softening) Jennifer, I never meant to hurt you. I just want you to know what you're getting into. I'm your (smiling) good friend Colin, remember?

JENNIFER: (sighing) Colin, if you really want to be my friend, you have to stop this. You and I, we're...Listen, I wish you all the happiness in the world--

COLIN: As do I you, even if I believe you are making a huge mis-

JENNIFER: (defiantly) Enough, Colin. I have to go.

COLIN: As do I (thumping his clipboard). (as she opens the door to MARLENA'S office) Oh Jennifer, have you spoken to your father lately?

Behind the wall, JACK'S face goes completely white.

JENNIFER: (curiosity piqued) No. Why?

COLIN: Oh, no reason at all. I was just wondering about the chap, that's all. G'day. (he exits into the open elevator)

OUT on JENNIFER, standing there, wondering what that was all about.


IN on JACK, pacing and breathing heavily. He looks up to the ceiling as if pleading with someone. VERN tries his best to calm him down but grows increasingly more angry as he does.

JACK: What the hell? (rubbing his face in frustration) Oh, I could just hit something right now.

VERN: So could I. I think a nice Irish punching bag would be good right now. The nerve of that guy!

JACK: The nerve is right. We've got to do something.

VERN: That's why we're here. (looking around) Where did the little (mumbles) go?

JACK: (spotting COLIN at the nurses' station) I think I figured that one out there, chief. (nodding to the station)

VERN: (enraged) Let's tear him apart...

JACK gives him an odd look and proceeds to walk over to the Nurses' Station, calmly. COLIN'S back is to him as he is filling out charts. For some reason, JACK is channeling the JACK of yore: he is calm, level, and firm. COLIN is surprised by this.

JACK: (dripping with sarcasm) Why, if it isn't Doctor Colin Murphy.

COLIN: (looking up) Why, if it isn't Jack Deveraux (turning to face him and seeing VERN) and company. Dare I ask what brings you to my humble workplace?

JACK: Dare I ask what the hell you were up to back there with Jennifer? Somebody seems to have a set of the loose lips. Perhaps we should find someone to fix that. Surely we could find a doctor around here somewhere.

COLIN is uncomfortable being in earshot of the nurses. JACK senses this. They walk a few steps away from the station so that the nurses' cannot hear them. VERN remains where he is, sneaking peeks at JACK and COLIN and smiling nervously to the nurses, who know something is up.

COLIN: Spying now, Jack? Interesting career choice.

JACK: Not as interesting as yours, though-Doctor by day, henchman by night? Tell me, are you a professional tap dancer on the weekends? I can see it now. (waving hands wildly) Doctor Colin Murphy sings and dances his heart out in a wonderful production entitled, "I'm from England, I'm from Ireland, I'm from Australia". (making jazz hands, evoking strange looks from VERN, COLIN, and the entire nursing staff)

COLIN: (chuckling) Quite the entertainer, you are. (trying to walk by) Now, if you'll allow me to get back to work.

JACK: (stepping in front of him) No.

COLIN: What was that?

JACK: That was the word "no". You do know what that word means, don't you? I mean, you so efficiently used it on me the other day, I just figured...

COLIN: (looking around to make sure no one is watching and stepping closer to him) Are you threatening me, Jack?

JACK: (holding his ground) Do you feel threatened?

COLIN: (beat) I don't have time for this. (starts to walk off and JACK grabs his arm)

JACK: Then make time. Unless, of course, you want all the pretty little nurses (nodding and flashing a fake smile to them) to know all about our little talk.

COLIN: (brushing his hand off his arm and looking around to make sure no one was watching) Five minutes.

JACK: Ten.

JACK gives VERN a look and then walks to the Nurses' Lounge, where he opens the door for COLIN.

JACK: (waving them inside) After you, kind sir.

COLIN enters. After JACK enters, the door shuts as the nurses' look around wondering what that was all about. VERN smiles trying to cover.


JENNIFER is settling into her chair in MARLENA'S office. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, she picks up a photo on MARLENA'S desk. As she is admiring it, MARLENA walks in.

MARLENA: (shutting the door behind her) Long time, no see.

JENNIFER: (jumping a little) Oh, I'm sorry, Marlena. I was just looking at this picture of Belle. She's grown into such a beautiful young woman.

MARLENA: (gazing at the picture lovingly) She has, hasn't she? It's amazing. It seems like just the other day she was a little girl.

JENNIFER: (setting the picture down as MARLENA settles into her seat) They do grow up fast, don't they?

MARLENA: Too fast. (beat) So, I assume things are going well for you and Jack.

JENNIFER: Why would you say that?

MARLENA: Well, it's been ages since I've seen you, as a therapist, that is. The last time you were here we talked about some pretty heavy stuff.

JENNIFER: The miscarriage (fiddling with her purse), yeah.

MARLENA: Jennifer, I don't mean to make you uncomfortable.

JENNIFER: It's's not's...Marlena, Jack and I have been really happy the last couple of weeks.

MARLENA: (smiling warmly) I can tell.

JENNIFER: (returning her warm smile) It's just that it hasn't been this good in such a long time that...

MARLENA: That you don't want to talk about such a bad thing for fear of ruining it all.

JENNIFER: Am I crazy for thinking that?

MARLENA: No. It's only natural for us to want to forget the bad and live only in the good.

JENNIFER: But it's not healthy, is it?

MARLENA: What do you think? (beat, making notes) Jennifer, what do you think of when you go to bed at night?

JENNIFER gets up and goes to fix herself some coffee. She pauses a long time before speaking.

JENNIFER: That's a silly question.


JENNIFER: I don't know...I don't know what I think of before I got to sleep...I guess how happy I am now with Jack and Abby's like we were when we were first married. We're silly, we play games...


JENNIFER: (growing quiet) But...but then there are times when this aching feeling gets the best of me. I mean, I know people are capable of changing, I know that Jack can, but I always get this sinking feeling that things will go back to the way they used to be. That as soon as everything hits the fan, he'll close back up, and we'll be back to square one. Does that make any sense?

MARLENA: It makes perfect sense. You fear the unknown because you've been there and done that. It's not unknown to you anymore.

JENNIFER: Yeah. It's like I'm not giving him a chance because no matter what I do, my mind keeps thinking back to all those times he let me down.

MARLENA: Have you ever thought that you're not giving yourself a chance, Jennifer?

JENNIFER: (lost) I'm sorry, I don't understand.

MARLENA: Are you guarding yourself from getting too close or allowing yourself to fall completely in love with him again because you fear not losing him but losing yourself?

OUT on JENNIFER, pondering the question at hand.


IN on JENNIFER, absentmindedly stirring the coffee and trying to come up with an answer to MARLENA'S question.

MARLENA: Jennifer?

JENNIFER: (turning towards her) I'm sorry...just...just thinking.

MARLENA: (getting up to fix herself some coffee as well) Do you like yourself, Jennifer?

JENNIFER: What kind of a question is that? Of course I do.

MARLENA: Did you like yourself at all when you were in Ireland?

JENNIFER: Well...well, no. I was so confused. I still am. I lost this wonderful thing, two wonderful things, and Marlena, I know that losing the baby was not my fault.

MARLENA: (smiling) Good. Did Jack tell you that?

JENNIFER: Yes, but...(sitting back down as MARLENA makes her way to the desk)

MARLENA: You need to blame somebody. And if it can't be you, it has to be Jack.

JENNIFER: (tearing up) That's awful, I know...

MARLENA: Jennifer, let me tell you something, not as a therapist, but as a friend. I've known you for a long time, remember? (JENNIFER smiles and nods) And when I came back to town, you were already married. I didn't know what to think of this Jack Deveraux at all. Nobody did, but it wasn't my place or anybody else's. You loved him, Jennifer. You saw past everything. And it was easier then, wasn't it? You didn't have much background to go on with each other, just hope. Now that he's disappointed you, that's all you think of. You are so afraid of getting hurt again, of feeling lost, of being numbed by not just his actions, but your actions as well. You don't trust yourself. Jennifer, it's never going to be the same again (JENNIFER'S face falls), but it is going to be better...if you want it to be. It's going to take a lot of work and there's going to be some rough patches...

JENNIFER: I don't know if I can do it, Marlena. I wish we could just go on like we were right now.

MARLENA: And forget all that's happened? You can't. It would be detrimental to your relationship, Jennifer. You need to talk. You need to be open and honest now more than ever.

JENNIFER: (incredulous) Jack would rather eat glass first.

MARLENA: I didn't say Jack, I said you, Jennifer. Talk to him, no matter how uncomfortable it may be for him. All he has to do is listen.

JENNIFER: I don't know if I can...

MARLENA: You did it once before, didn't you?

JENNIFER: I did, but...

MARLENA: Jennifer, tell me this. Could you spend the rest of your life being as happy as you are right now? Could you spend it never talking about what went wrong, avoiding it like the plague, in hopes that it will never come back? Can you?

OUT on JENNIFER, seriously mulling over MARLENA'S question.


IN on COLIN, watching JACK pour himself some coffee.

COLIN: (looking around the room) Did you do something different with the place since the last time we were here?

JACK: (waiting for him to finish) Are you quite finished?

COLIN: What's this about, Jack (settling into a chair)?

JACK: (pacing, very sure of himself) I'm fairly sure you know.

COLIN: Are we talking about the fact that I'm going to blow the whistle on you and Bill Horton's excursions or the shiner I put on your face?

JACK stops, narrows his eyes at him and proceeds.

JACK: Cutting to the chase, are we? No fear, I can do that as well. (refreshing his coffee) Coffee?

COLIN: Now that you ask...

JACK places the coffeepot back on the burner, having no intention of pouring COLIN any.

JACK: You are right, Colin. The honorable Bill Horton and I did have our share of adventures but let me assure you, none of them were at my suggestion.

COLIN: Oh, come on now, Jack, we all know your love of the almighty dollar and as I recall, you do have a bit of a tainted past.

JACK winces at his knowledge of this but then shakes it off. After throwing him a look of warning, he speaks.

JACK: Then you also know that I've come a long ways as they say from that past. I ask you this, Colin, what do you plan on accomplishing by telling Jennifer about this little tidbit of knowledge you have? Do you expect her to fall into your arms and thank you for being so truthful? Do you really?

COLIN: I don't expect anything. I'm merely looking out for her, that's all.

JACK: Is that what they call it nowadays?

COLIN: (pausing) Jack, we all know that it's just a matter of time till you do it again.

JACK: "It" being?

COLIN: (leaning forward) Leave when the going gets tough, skip the light fantastic out of town.

JACK: I do not skip anywhere. I have never skipped anywhere.

COLIN: (chuckling) You greet everything with a joke, don't you?

JACK: Would you prefer me to be serious? Trust me, Dr. Murphy, you don't want me to be serious.

COLIN: (getting up) I'm serious when I say I'm not going to let you hurt her again.

JACK: And I'm serious when I say you don't have to worry about that.

COLIN: But Jack, can't you see? I'm not even going to let you have a chance to. The second Jennifer hears about your escapades...

JACK: (slamming down his coffee on the table) They were not my escapades, dammit!

COLIN: You seemed to readily go along with least that's what I heard.

JACK: Forget what you heard, Dr...Dr...(noticing his hair) Lightsocket. Remember what I'm telling you right now.

COLIN: And that would be?

JACK: (suddenly losing faith in himself) That would be...that would be...

COLIN: (walking by) That's what I thought...

JACK: Don't you walk away from me (grabbing his arm).

COLIN: (looking hard at JACK'S hand on his arm) Jack, I don't think that is a good idea.

JACK: You're right. (taking his hand off his arm and feigning apology) I'll tell you what a good idea is, though, Colin, if that is your real name. A good idea is to stay away from Jennifer. Far, far away...

COLIN: I'll let her make that decision for herself. Or are you afraid of that, Jack? You think your little Latin phrases and seashell rings can erase the fact that you have been living a lie for the last few years? Do you think it will diminish the fact that you hurt her, failed her once again?

JACK: (hurt that JENNIFER let him know this stuff, but trucking on) You think you know everything about me, don't you?

COLIN: I know enough, Jack. I've told you that already.

JACK: Apparently you don't. (thick with emotion but yet firm) Nobody, nobody is ever going to love her the way I do...not you, not Emilio, not Francoise...nobody. She is the one constant thing in my life and always has been...and I'm warning you...if you ever, EVER, think about hurting her...

COLIN: You're going to what? Sick all your friends on me? Sorry, Jack, you don't seem to have any. Use all your power in Salem on me? Sorry, Jack, you don't seem to have anymore...not around here at least.

JACK: (angry beyond belief) If you ever, ever utter a word about Africa or even look at her in a hurtful way. I'm (pointing on COLIN'S chest) afraid you will rue the day you ever, ever met Jack Deveraux. (stepping away and sweating profusely) Do you understand?

COLIN: (shocked that he'd go so far) I...I think I do. Will that be all, Jack?

JACK nods, not sure of what to make of COLIN'S complacency.

COLIN: (opening the door and looking back) Don't worry about me, chum, I won't say a word to Jennifer. You, my friend, will bury yourself.

COLIN exits, leaving JACK to wonder what the hell that was about.


IN on JENNIFER, mulling over MARLENA'S question.

MARLENA: Do you think you can go on like this, Jennifer? Without confronting the issues you and Jack already have?

JENNIFER: (nervous) Well, I...(the session timer goes off and she breathes a little sigh of relief)

MARLENA: You were saying?

JENNIFER: I was know, I'm sure you have a patient waiting and (getting her coat).

MARLENA: Jennifer, you can stay if you...

JENNIFER: No, that's alright. I have a ton of holiday shopping to do, you know...ties for Jack, toys for...

MARLENA: (letting JENNIFER'S excuse go) Right. How are you spending the holidays by the way?

JENNIFER: With my gram, of course.

MARLENA: And your father?

JENNIFER: He's know, that's funny--that's the second mention of him today.

MARLENA: Oh? (getting up and walking with her to the door)

JENNIFER: (walking to the door) Yeah. Colin was asking about him earlier.

MARLENA: You seem surprised by that. Didn't they work closely together in Africa?

JENNIFER: (remembering something) Yeah. It's just...nevermind.

MARLENA: (finding this odd) Okay. (kissing her on the cheek) Happy Holidays, if I don't see you.

JENNIFER: You too.

MARLENA: Give my love to your family.

JENNIFER: Same goes for us. (they hug and she exits, smiles and throws a little wave to the receptionist and steps out into the hallway, thinking back to something she just remembered)

NANCY: (walking down the hall and bumping into a clearly zoned out JENNIFER) Hey, you should (realizing who it is)-Jennifer Horton, what are you doing (looking at MARLENA'S name on the door) here?

OUT on JENNIFER, clearly annoyed that NANCY is being a busybody.


JACK is pouring himself some coffee as COLIN'S line about him burying himself runs through his head. He can't shake the feeling that something is about to happen that will ruin everything.

BO: (opening the door, seeing JACK and going to close it) Oh, Jack, I didn't know you were in here.

JACK: I'm just leaving, actually.

BO: (walking in) So soon? I just saw Colin leave. I thought he'd be coming back.

JACK: No, I don't think we have to worry about that. Can't say that the good doctor and I have much to chat about, unless of course you count the fact that we both love the same woman, that is.

BO: (shooting him a strange look) Right. (pouring himself some coffee as JACK watches him) Let me ask you something, Jack. Do you trust him?

JACK: About as far as I can throw him. I take it you feel the same way.

BO: I don't want to. (taking a sip) He is family, after all.

JACK: And bad seeds run rampant in families. Ask me, I'm the baddest of them all.

BO: (glancing at him so he knows it's not true) Trouble is, I can't find nothing on the guy. He's as clean as a whistle. Even his story about working for the ISA checked out.

JACK: (finding this interesting) He worked for the ISA?

BO: Double-crossing his uncle Steffy. Remember?

JACK: I knew he was working for someone but...

BO: What?

JACK: Nothing. Nothing. (trying to change the subject) So, what are you doing here?

BO: J.T. had a checkup. He's with Mrs. H. right now. She's showing him off to the staff.

JACK: As she rightfully should be.

BO: Jack, if you find anything out-

JACK: You'll be the first to know. (walking over to the door to leave)

BO: Thanks man.

JACK: You're welcome, (trying it on for size) man.

BO smiles and JACK heads out into the hallway, finding this info about COLIN very interesting. JENNIFER and NANCY see him as they walk down the hall.

JENNIFER: (smiling in surprise) Jack, what are you doing here?

JACK: Um, I-

VERN: (walking over and saving him) Well, Jennifer, Jack thought it would be nice if you did a little Christmas shopping, so I drove him down here to surprise you and I'll take his car home.

JACK: (relieved) Yes, that's it.

JENNIFER: Okay...(to NANCY) Nancy, I'll have to get back to you on that...

JACK nods and smiles to NANCY, who can tell something is wrong. They both go to the elevator and he leads JENNIFER on it.

VERN: (remaining with NANCY and trying to cover for them) How 'bout those Cubs?


JACK and JENNIFER are both walking around, taking in the hustle and bustle. He keeps thinking about the conversations he had with BRIAN about a child's pride and then keeps replaying his and COLIN'S last conversation in his head.

You think your little Latin phrases and seashell rings can erase the fact that you have been living a lie for the last few years? Do you think it will diminish the fact that you hurt her, failed her once again? You, my friend, will bury yourself.

JENNIFER: (trying to get his attention) Jack?

JACK: (coming to) Yes?

JENNIFER: You're awfully quiet this morning. I was saying that I was thinking we'd get Abby a new bike for Christmas.

JACK: A bike, that's good.

JENNIFER: (cocking her head and trying to read his face, which is a million miles away) Are you okay? Do you not want to do this right now?

JACK: (confused) Do what?

JENNIFER: Shop. Jack, are you okay? (Instinctively feels his brow for a fever)

JACK: I'm...(touching her hand and chuckling) I'm fine.

JENNIFER: Are you really? I've never known you to be so quiet.

JACK: I'm thinking.

JENNIFER: It's what you're thinking about that scares me, Jack.

JACK: Jennifer, do you love me?

JENNIFER: (screwing up her eyes wondering what this is all about) Of course I do. What kind of a question is that?

JACK: Do you think I'll always be there for you?

JENNIFER: (grimacing) You overheard me talking to Colin, didn't you?

JACK: It doesn't matter. I just need to know that trust me.

JENNIFER: I...I do. Jack, this is scaring me.

JACK: Don't be...there's nothing to be scared about. I just need to make sure I'm doing the right thing.

JENNIFER: Doing--? Jack, will you please tell me what's going on?

JACK: (reading her face and then deciding that he won't tell her about BILL, that he can't) Nothing. Nothing's going on. I just...nevermind, let's go get the child her Christmas bike.


JACK: (smiling and trying to make happy) Come on, it is the season for giving, after all...(grabbing her hand and pulling her into a store as she worries about what he is not telling her. MARLENA'S voice asking her if she could go on like this, without being open and honest runs through her head)

Do you think you can go on like this, Jennifer? Without confronting the issues you and Jack already have?

OUT on JENNIFER, almost positive that she can't.


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