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No Ordinary Love

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By Jennifer-Lynn D'Anna


The camera pans out to all the excited shoppers rushing by each other and peeking in store windows. A Santa collecting donations rings a bell as JENNIFER and HOPE walk by, both laden down with bags and hot chocolate.

HOPE: (nodding ahead of her to ABBY, who is pointing into a store window to show JO and GINGER, also carrying quite a few bags) She's really enjoying herself, isn't she?

JENNIFER: (smiling widely) Yeah, she is. She loves hanging out with her grandma.

HOPE: (putting her arm around her) And her mommy. I only wish Shawn felt the same about me.

JENNIFER: Don't be silly, he loves hanging out with you.

HOPE: He loves hanging out with Belle Black even more.

JENNIFER: (laughing) Don't say that.

HOPE: (sitting down on a bench and pouting) It's true. Mom's not nearly as fun anymore.

JENNIFER: (joining her) I think you're fun.

HOPE: (rolling her eyes at her) You do? I mean, of course you do, you're my cousin.

JENNIFER: And your friend.

HOPE: Oh well, it doesn't matter, I'll see both, all three of my favorite guys this afternoon anyway. You are still going with me to this football thing down at the park right?

JENNIFER: (smiling giddily) I wouldn't miss it for the world.

HOPE: (pausing and trying to figure out what's making JENNIFER so happy) What's up with that?

JENNIFER: With what?

HOPE: That...that...Jennifer Rose Horton, you can't stop grinning.

JENNIFER: Sure I can (trying to make a serious face and then erupting into a gaggle of laughs). Okay, I can't. Let's just say I have a reason to be going to this football game this afternoon, too. A six foot, brown-haired, blue-eyed reason.

HOPE: Jack's going too? Great. We could use an extra voice yelling for the team.

JENNIFER: Well, I don't think he'll be yelling much. He might be a little distracted trying to catch and run and all.

HOPE: (surprised) He's playing? Jennifer, are you saying that Jack Deveraux, the man who wouldn't know a touchdown from a homerun is playing this afternoon? (leaning back against the bench and smiling in anticipation) This I've got to see.


IN on JACK and BRIAN about to enter the pub. JACK is pulling uncomfortably at the sweatshirt that BRIAN lent him.

JACK: What do you call this fabric anyway?

BRIAN: (annoyed) Jersey, Jack, it's called jersey.

JACK: As in New Jersey? No wonder those Soprano guys have such bad tempers. I mean, if I had to wear this all the time...

VERN: (walking up) Are you still complaining about the sweats?

JACK pulls a face, BRIAN rolls his eyes and all three enter the pub, where a slew of Salem's male population are surrounding a table, drawing up teams.

BO waves them over. BRIAN and VERN start to walk over, JACK instinctively stays behind. VERN notices this and pushes him over.

JOHN: (getting up) Scofield? How long has it been (they hug)?

BRIAN: Too long. How are you? John, isn't it?

JACK: (dryly) Now it is.

BRIAN grimaces and JOHN throws JACK a look.

BO: You guys come down here to play a little football? It is for a good cause, you know.

JOHN: The Isabella Toscano Black Cancer Treatment Center.

JACK: (moved) It's for Isabella? I didn't know.

JOHN claps him on the shoulder to let him know he misses her as well.

BO: Okay, let's get down to business here (making a note on some paper). We have Brady, Shawn, and Philip on our team...(looking around the room). Apparently they're off somewhere being teenagers.

JOHN: (chuckling) Imagine that.

BO: (resuming) John, Abe, Pop, Roman, and I. Vern and Brian and (biting his pen) We're still short one player. Hmmm...

BRIAN: No, you're not. Jack's playing.

All eyes go to JACK, who is now, in his embarrassment, looking down and shuffling his feet.

JOHN: (popping a beer nut into his mouth) Deveraux's playing? This should be interesting.

BO: (throwing JOHN a look to silence him, then proceeding to write) And Jack. (looking to Jack, he smiles).

JACK returns the smile, thinking that BO must really like him to save him like that.

BO: (closing his notebook) Okay, let's eat up and then head to the park. We've got some plays to work on.

The gaggle of men break off and talk amongst themselves. BO walks over to the bar to order. JACK follows.

JACK: I believe a thank you would be in order.

BO: (turning around) Oh, Jack. For what?

JACK: For...well...for what you did back there (nodding towards the booth).

BO: I didn't do anything, Jack.

JACK: Well, okay...for what it's worth then...

BO: (nodding in understanding) For what it's worth...

JACK: (looking around) So...I didn't hear your cousin Colin's name mentioned. Is he not joining us today for the little pigskin soiree?

BO: Oh, he's joining us...on the other team. Didn't Jenn tell you-we're playing the hospital team?

The door opens and COLIN and company walk in. JACK slowly turns around and he and COLIN lock eyes. He is not very happy about the turn of events.



JENNIFER: (laughing) Oh, come on now, Jack may not be the most physically active guy you know, but...

HOPE: But what? Jenn, why do I get the feeling your talking much more than football here?

JENNIFER: Well...(blushing)

HOPE: Oh my God, I don't know why I didn't notice it before...the cheesy perma-grin, the sighing every few moments. You and spent the night together last night, didn't you?

JENNIFER is embarrassed. She takes a deep sip of her hot chocolate to avoid answering.

HOPE: (knowingly) You did. You and Jack made (drawing it out for effect) hot passionate love last night.

JENNIFER nearly spits out her drink.

JENNIFER: Hope! (looking around to make sure no one heard that)

HOPE: Well, you did, didn't you?

JENNIFER: I can't believe...(lowering her voice) yes, yes we did.

HOPE: (excited) I knew it...I knew it...Jenn, I am so happy for you. How long has it been?

JENNIFER: (sighing) Too long. Hope, I'm not saying that it's fixing things or that it's going to be easy for Jack and me, but...but it was (breathlessly smiling) fantastic.

HOPE: (smiling along with her) A night to remember?

JENNIFER: I'd say.

HOPE: I'm impressed.

JENNIFER: Impressed?

HOPE: By your powers. Your feminine wiles actually coerced Jack into playing football. (getting up and adjusting her purse)

JENNIFER: (joining her) I wouldn't go that far.

HOPE: What other reason would Jack have for playing a game he despises then?

JENNIFER: Oh, he's keeping something from me.

HOPE: You say that so lightly.

JENNIFER: You have to know, Jack, Hope. He's always keeping something from me. (smiling, she walks ahead)

HOPE stands there pondering their relationship for a moment, then joins her.


It is a few hours later. The stands on one side are beginning to fill up as residents of Salem show up to watch the game. JENNIFER, HOPE, GINGER, ABBY, and JO arrive and are making their way to their seats, next to CAROLINE BRADY, who has baby ISAAC and MAGGIE.

ABBY: (pointing) Look, Mommy, there's Daddy!

JENNIFER looks and smiles to JACK, who is trying to stretch along with the other guys.

JENNIFER: Wave to Daddy, honey. (waving herself)

ABBY: (waving) Hi Daddy!

JACK waves back and smiles at his girls.

HOPE: (seeing ISAAC) There's my of them, at least.

CAROLINE: (handing her the baby) He was so good today. Did you get a lot of shopping done?

HOPE: I got a few things for Bo for Christmas.

MAGGIE: Any idea what you're getting Shawn?

HOPE: No idea. Bo wants to maybe try and get him a car but with the house and all...

MAGGIE: Oh, Mickey may be selling our old one. I'll let you know.

HOPE: (sitting down) That would be great.

JENNIFER sits down and ABBY hops on her lap. JO sits beside her and is talking to GINGER, who spots MAGGIE.

GINGER: Maggie!

MAGGIE: (hopping up) Ginger! I can't believe it. What are you doing here (giving her a brief hug)?

GINGER: Brian and I had Thanksgiving with Jennifer and Jack.

MAGGIE: (to JENNIFER) Speaking of which, we really missed you, but we're glad this one (mussing ABBY'S hair) is feeling better. Hi Jo. (making a little wave) Why don't you two come down here with me and Caroline and we'll get reacquainted?

JO looks touch that they'd include her.

JO: You don't have to pull our arms. (she and GINGER laughingly sit down on the other side with CAROLINE and MAGGIE)

HOPE: (looking onto the field) There's your daddy. And your brother, Shawn (waving ISAAC'S arms). Hmmm... I wonder how good the other team is.

JENNIFER: Who's the other team? (squinting to see who is playing)

HOPE: Oh, I thought you knew. The hospital team is playing. Craig Wesley, a few of the staff...Bo's cousin Colin is heading up the team.

JENNIFER: He is? (face falling as she looks out towards JACK) Oh no.

The camera pans out to the field, where the two teams are now in separate huddles. The hospital team is wearing gray Salem hospital sweatshirts and BO has handed out some green Brady Pub ones for his team. The huddles break and a few of the players mingle. VERN walks over to JACK, who is trying to remember things BO just said. He's pacing and whispering plays to himself.

VERN: You're missing a golden opportunity.

JACK: No, I think I've taken that golden opportunity already, Vern. The golden opportunity to make a fool of myself, that is.

VERN: You'll do fine, Jack. I meant you're missing a golden opportunity Colin-wise. (turning JACK so that he can see that COLIN is all alone by the water cooler)

JACK: You think it's that simple, don't you? I can just saunter up there and tell him that I take back what I said the other day. I'm sorry, I want my wife back.

VERN: I never said anything to the liking. You said it was simple, Jack. I just think that there's no time like the present to get this over with.

JACK: (exhaling) I suppose you're right. Here goes nothing. (starting to walk over to where COLIN is)

VERN: Good luck, Jack.

JACK: (under his breath) I'm going to need it.

COLIN: (seeing JACK) Ah, Jack, I see you've joined us for a little game of what you Americans call football.

JACK: I know it's not rugby, but...whew...Listen, we've got to talk.

COLIN: No, you've got to talk, I've got to listen.

JACK: (fake smiling) Yes. I figured I'd try talking to you about this. I mean, you are a reasonable man, aren't you?

COLIN: That depends.

JACK: (growing increasingly more nervous) Depends? Nevermind. It's about Jennifer.

COLIN: I sort have figured.

JACK: Yes...about what I said the other day.

COLIN: About you telling me to go after her? That the path is clear? I never properly thanked you for that, did I, Jack? (looking into the stands dreamily at JENNIFER)

JACK: (turning and seeing what he's looking at) Yes. (turning back and getting his attention) See, I wasn't really thinking when I said that. I was...(sighing) I changed my mind, I want my wife back.

COLIN: (nodding) No.

JACK: What do you mean, "no?"

COLIN: I mean no, Jack. That is part of the English language, isn't it?

JACK: But...

COLIN: But no Jack. Women like Jennifer don't come along everyday, you know. I'm going to take my chances while I can. (clapping him on the shoulder roughly and heading off to the playing field) See you on the field, buddy.

JACK stands there perplexed and rubbing his shoulder as COLIN hops out to start the game.

JACK: (to himself) What have I gotten myself into?


The following action occurs throughout the length of the game and is interspersed with reaction shots from the crowd (JENNIFER, ABBY, HOPE, ET AL.) COLIN is guarding JACK as the first play of the game begins.

COLIN: (lowly, to JACK) You see, Jack, I think I know a few things Jennifer would just love to know.

They break as the play begins (SHAWN SR. is quarterback). JACK keeps his eye on the ball, but a worried ear on what COLIN is saying.

COLIN: (walking back with JACK after the first down) Things about tomb raiding and her father and how her dear old husband kept all of it from her.

As the second play begins, he starts again.

JACK: There's a reason...

COLIN: Will she understand that reason, Jackie-boy? Especially after she finds out just how much danger you put her and little Abby in? Will she understand that you handed her to me on silver platter as if she were a piece of cake you couldn't eat?

The second down is made and they walk back to start again.

COLIN: You see, I am not going to be made a fool of, especially by the likes of you. You are nothing to Jennifer. It's just a matter of time till she finds that out.

JACK is infuriated, but also frightened that COLIN knows so much. As the third down begins and throughout the rest of the game, COLIN begins to get violent, elbowing JACK and shouldering him on "touch" plays. In the crowd, JENNIFER notices something is wrong. JACK, however, is silent, playing with all his might and not fighting back. He doesn't want to lose JENNIFER and does not plan on giving up.


IN on the scoreboard which reads 24-21. It is the last play of the game and the Brady Pub team is losing. They are huddling for a last minute shot at victory. When they break, JACK looks over to COLIN, who is eyeing him with vengeance. They line up for the play.

COLIN: I see you're getting quite good at losing, Jack. Losing Jennifer should be no problem for you then. It is all a game to you, isn't it?

JACK doesn't say anything but when they break he groans in anger and makes his way to the end zone. To his surprise, SHAWN SR. throws the ball to him and he catches it. COLIN, unhappy about the turn of events, shoulders him in the chin and the eye. In slow motion, JACK goes down, unconscious but still holding onto the ball. His lip is bleeding. In the crowd, JENNIFER'S joy of him catching the winning ball slowly turns to horror as she screams his name and runs onto the field.

COLIN: (leaning over JACK and feigning concern. Lowly) That's what you get, Jack. (playfully squeezing his face). You need to learn to play games that you can win, chum. You really do. (smiling when he sees JENNIFER) Jennifer...

JENNIFER rushes past him and falls to the ground beside JACK.

JENNIFER: Jack? Jack? (crying) Come on, Jack? (shaking him) Come on, Jack. You won. You won the game. (when he doesn't respond, she turns to COLIN, whom a whole crowd has amassed around) What the hell did you do to him?

OUT on COLIN, looking nervous and flashing a fake smile.


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