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No Ordinary Love

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By Jennifer-Lynn D'Anna


IN on JACK, not sure of how to answer ABBY'S question. Looking towards the doorway, he sees JENNIFER. They lock eyes.

ABBY: Daddy, what baby were you talking about? Were you talking about me?

JACK: (white as a ghost) Well, I... (looking to JENNIFER for help)

JENNIFER: (taking a deep breath and walking over to bail JACK out) No, baby, it wasn't about you.

ABBY: Then what was it about?

JENNIFER: It was about...about...(JACK looks over to her for an answer). It was about adult stuff.

ABBY: That's what you always say when you don't want me to know.

JENNIFER: (meeting JACK'S eyes and then putting her arm around ABBY) Baby, that's not true...I, we, just think that sometimes some things are-

All of a sudden, the door opens from downstairs.

JO: (voice only) Jack? Jennifer? Are you home?

JENNIFER looks at JACK questioningly, then breathes a sigh of relief.

JACK: (shouting) We're upstairs!

JO: (laughing) Well, come down here! We've got a surprise for you!

JACK: (wondering what she could be talking about) We should really go see what that's all about.

JENNIFER: I'd say. (as JACK gets up) I'm right behind you. (walking to the door. To ABBY) You coming, squirt?

Standing behind JENNIFER so that she can't see, JACK mouths "I'm sorry", prompting ABBY to apologize. He half-smiles to her and walks out the door. Outside the door, JACK pauses to make sure she's apologizing.

ABBY: (voice only) Mommy?

JENNIFER: (voice only) Yeah, baby?

ABBY: (voice only) I love you. I'm sorry for what I said before.

JACK smiles to himself and looks upward to the heavens a little in relief. He then begins to walk downstairs.


IN on JACK, running down the stairs to see what this "surprise" is. JENNIFER is two steps behind him.

JACK: I thought you were supposed to be at-(stopping at the bottom of the steps, seeing what, or rather who their surprise is)

JENNIFER: (face lighting up) Brian! (running over to give him a big hug as VERN and JO smile giddily in the background)

BRIAN: (looking her up and down) Jennifer, it's so good to see you! You look

JENNIFER: (laughing) Much older.

BRIAN: (laughing) I wasn't going to say that. I was going to say much thinner...

JENNIFER: (lost) Thinner?

BRIAN: Yeah. I mean the bulk of the time we spent together you were pregnant, remember? When Jack thought he was (looking to JACK, who has shoved his hands in his pockets and is smiling in embarrassment), well, look at that, alive and kicking after all these years. (walking over)

JACK: (nodding) Detective Scofield (putting his hand out to shake)

BRIAN: (taking his hand and pulling JACK into a bear hug) Can you believe this guy? (laughing)

The door opens and GINGER walks in with her back towards them. She is loaded down with tupperware.

GINGER: That's the rest of it. Do you think Jack and Jennifer would mind if Fluffy played around in the back yard?

JACK: (breaking free of BRIAN'S hug) Oh, I'm sure they wouldn't mind...

GINGER spins around and nearly drops all her packages. VERN goes to help her with them.

GINGER: (smiling from ear to ear) Well, if it isn't fancy Jack Deveraux.

JACK: I prefer "refined".

JENNIFER: Hi Ginger!

GINGER: Jennifer? Oh, you look so pretty...(running over and hugging her) And, Jack...(pinching his cheeks), you are the same as ever...(noting his tie and dress shirt) Do you ever wear jeans?

JACK: (dryly) Not if I don't have to.

ABBY: (walking down the stairs) Who's here?

BRIAN: (surprised) No, it can't be...Is this...(to JACK and JENNIFER) this baby Deveraux?

VERN: Baby Deveraux is nine now and she likes to be called Abby.

BRIAN: (kneeling down to ABBY, who looks at them in wonderment) Hi Abby. Do you know who I am? I'm a friend of your mommy and daddy's. I remember when you were still in your mom's tummy.

VERN: (putting one hand on BRIAN'S shoulder and the other on ABBY'S)I think you're scaring her, baby Scofield. Abby, honey, this is my son, Brian. He used to be a cop right here in Salem.

ABBY: (in amazement) A real cop? With a gun and all?

BRIAN: Well...I never really used it, but...yeah...I was a real cop. (his stomach growls. ABBY laughs) With a real hungry stomach...

JO: Oh, yes, that's why we're here. We got all the way there and...

GINGER: And "there" was gone. The people downstairs left a cigarette burning and the whole place lit up like the Fourth of July.

JENNIFER: (concerned) Oh no.

GINGER: It's alright. We have insurance. We're just lucky we got Fluffy and her brood out.

JENNIFER: Where are you staying?

JACK flashes JENNIFER a warning look. He does not want her to extend any invitations.

GINGER: Oh, we're staying at the pet shop. It's a bit cramped, but it's manageable.

JO: Jennifer, I told them it would be alright if they stayed here tonight, though. I know it's last minute but I figured we could have some sort of Thanksgiving dinner together. That is okay, isn't it?

JACK goes to speak but JENNIFER hits him.

JENNIFER: (smiling) It's more than okay, it's wonderful.

JACK: Are you sure you want to? I mean, the couch is awfully uncomfortable.

JENNIFER throws him a look.

JENNIFER: (fake laughing) Still a riot after all these years. No fear, though, Jack's only kidding about the couch. You can have his room.

JACK: And where am I going to sleep? If you think for one moment...

JENNIFER: Jack's going to sleep with me tonight. (smiling to herself as JACK'S eyes grow wide) Now let's see if we can rustle you up some dinner...(exiting to the kitchen. GINGER and JO join her) BRIAN stands up next to JACK. Behind them, ABBY and VERN are looking at BRIAN'S old badge.

JACK: (leaning over. Quietly) You did bring antacid, didn't you?

BRIAN: With Jennifer cooking? Of course. I've had her food before. I remember this awful pot roast she made once. It repeated on me for days.

JACK: (not amused) That was my pot roast, detective.

BRIAN: (turning red) Oh...

OUT on BRIAN, embarrassed and loosening his collar.


IN on JENNIFER, washing dishes and JACK, drying them next to her. She keeps sneaking sly looks at him. The tone is light and playful.

JACK: I wish you'd quit looking at me like that.

JENNIFER: I'm not looking at you any way, Jack.

JACK: Yes you are. You're looking at're looking at me (searching for the right word) amorously.

JENNIFER: (laughing at his insinuation) I am not.

JACK: Yes you are. You think that just because you worked your little magic back there, that I'm going to do it, don't you?

JENNIFER: I'm fairly sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

JACK: You know very well what I'm talking about. You think I'm actually going to sleep in your bedroom tonight.

JENNIFER: (laughing) Jack, if you don't want to-

JACK: It's not that I don't want to...It's just...Alright, for appearance's sake, I'll sleep in there...

JENNIFER: (smiling slyly) For appearance's sake, huh?

JACK: Well, yes. I mean, I don't think we're ready for that...(catching her look and gulping) I'm taking you do, though.

JENNIFER: Jack, it has been awhile, you know.

JACK: (getting flustered and nearly dropping the plate he was drying)'s just...hey, wait a second, you think I'm easy? That's what it is. You think you can wear the most autumnal outfit you can find and bat those pretty little eyelashes of yours and I'll fall prey to your charms. That's what it is, isn't it? You think I'm easy. Well, let me tell you this...

JENNIFER: I do no such thing. (taking off her rubber gloves and hitting him with a dishtowel as she walks off) We will be sharing the bed for appearance's sake tonight and if things should happen...

JACK: Which they won't. I mean...they...maybe...I CAN resist you, you know.

JENNIFER: (walking upstairs. In a sexy tone.) I know.

JACK: (alone, nervous, gulping) I least I think, hope, I can.

OUT on JACK, worried about his plan to "avoid JENNIFER" will, once again, fail miserably.


It is awhile later. BRIAN, VERN, and ABBY are sitting on the couch, watching a game on t.v. GINGER and JO are playing cards at the dining room table.

BRIAN: (shouting at the t.v.) Did you see that? He was clearly offsides!

VERN: Clearly!

ABBY: (sitting between the two) Clearly!

JACK walks in from the kitchen, slinging a dishtowel over his shoulder, catching this interaction.

JACK: Somebody's cold is getting better. Abigail, what do you know about football?

ABBY: (smiling from ear to ear) I know to root for the Bears.

BRIAN: (mussing her hair) Smart kid.

JACK: You're telling me. (noticing GINGER, who is standing up and yawning beside him now) Come on, is my company that bad?

GINGER: Children are present, Jack, otherwise...(laughing) No, I think I may turn in. It was quite a drive and I want to check out the new mall tomorrow.

BRIAN: (yawning in response) You know, I might join you.

JACK: (nervous because he'll have to go to bed with JENNIFER soon and is losing his excuses to sleep) So soon? I mean, we just got the party started.

VERN: (getting up) Jack, that was hours ago. I think the turkey's done me in, too. Jo?

JO: (getting out of her seat) I'll be up in a minute. Jack, do you want me to put Abby to bed?

JACK: (looking over and seeing ABBY starting to fall asleep on BRIAN'S shoulder) Do you need me to carry her up?

BRIAN: (scooping her up and then heading upstairs) No problem. I never got to do this when she was a baby, so I'll gladly do it now. Just point me in the right direction. Goodnight Jack. Tell Jennifer we'll see her in the morning.

VERN: I'll show you. Goodnight Jack. (to JO) I'll see you upstairs. (they go upstairs, leaving JO and JACK alone)

JACK: (to JO) Aren't you joining them?

JO: In a minute. I...I was just thinking you might need to talk.

JACK: About what?

JO: About...(hurt that he didn't tell her about the baby) nevermind.

JACK: (finding this odd) Nevermind?

JO: (covering) Yes, nevermind. I'll see you in the morning, okay?

JACK: (lost) Okay. (watching her oddly as she heads to the stairs)

JO: I love you, Billy.

JACK: I...I know.

JO: I just don't think you hear that enough. Good night.

JACK: (moved) Good night. (watching her head up, he gets all misty-eyed)

JENNIFER: (walking in the living room from the kitchen) Okay, does anybody want--? Hey, where'd everyone go?

JACK: Huh?

JENNIFER: Our guests, Jo and Vern, our daughter...they were just out here.

JACK: Oh...they...they turned in for the night.

JENNIFER: That's odd. It's only nine thir...oh, that's right, Ginger said something about getting up early.

JACK: Yes, something about Salem Place.

JENNIFER: (smiling nervously, hoping he'll warm to the idea of sharing a bed) I guess we should follow suit, then.

JACK: Yes, I suppose we should.

JENNIFER: (heading to the stairs, knowing how uncomfortable he is) Jack?

JACK: Yes?

JENNIFER: Are you coming?

JACK: Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.

JENNIFER: (reading his face for a moment) Okay. I put your pajamas on the bed when you're ready.

JACK: (avoiding her eyes) Okay.

JENNIFER knows how strong he's trying to be, knows that he's trying not to get too close to her and could see that he wants to be with her more than anything, but can't let it happen. Painfully, she smiles at him and then heads upstairs.


IN on JENNIFER, sitting at her vanity and brushing her hair. You can tell she is nervous. Dressed in a silk white nightgown and robe, she is fussing with her hair. JACK steps out of the bathroom in her room, dressed in a pair of midnight blue silk pajamas. He stairs at her for a moment and lets out a sigh at her breathtaking beauty. Slowly she turns towards him.

JENNIFER: (sweetly nervous) Hi.

JACK: (matching her tone) Hello.

JENNIFER: (soft laugh) I'm beginning to think that we can't have any conversation without starting off like that.

JACK: (tentatively sitting on the bed) Old habits die hard, I guess.

JENNIFER: I guess.

JACK: (bouncing a little) So, how do you want me to do this?

JENNIFER: (embarrassed and lost) How--?

JACK: Where do you want me? (searching her confused and shocked face) On the floor or maybe in the chair?

JENNIFER: (letting out a sigh of relief and chuckling at what she thought he meant) Oh, I thought-

JACK: You though...(realizing what she meant) oh. I meant sleeping, you know.

JENNIFER: Well, Jack, wherever you'd like is fine. (Angrily getting up and stomping to her armoire to pull out some more pajamas)

JACK: (knowing he hurt her. Trying to keep it light.) Jennifer? What are you doing?

JENNIFER: Changing, Jack.

JACK: I see that, but why? I mean, you look quite fetching in what you have on. It's very, very-

JENNIFER: (seething) Autumnal, Jack?

JACK: Well, I wasn't going to say that...more winter-ish. You know, the white and all...

JENNIFER: (so angry she's shaking. She cannot believe she actually thought he'd want her.) I can't find...(pulling clothes out left and right) I can't find...(near tears)

JACK: Jennifer...(getting up and walking over, concerned at her state of being)

JENNIFER: Don't, Jack...

JACK: (grabbing her wrists and turning her towards him) Don't what?

JENNIFER: Don't do this. We've been doing this all day. I can't do this. Can't you see? I can't flip-flop between emotions like this.

JACK: I'm not flip-flopping...

JENNIFER: Yes, you are. It hurts, Jack. It hurts like you wouldn't believe. One minute you want me, the next avoid me like the plague.

JACK: I do not.

JENNIFER: You know you do. (trying to break free of his wrists but can't) And here I am, thinking that for all the bad stuff there are greater things that follow. I convinced myself that we could get through this, we could muddle through all this, and it would be okay, we would be okay. I was wrong. You can't even look at me, much less make love to me.

JACK: (grabbing her wrists harder and raising his voice) Don't say that. (guiltily realizing that he's scaring her, he loosens his grip on her wrists and lowers his voice) Don't say that. I want more than anything to make-(trying to stop himself from saying the last of it, he turns around and steps back a few paces)

JENNIFER: (watching him with tears in her eyes) Do you really, Jack? Do you really want to make love to me after all we've been through, after all we've got to go through?

JACK: (trying to avoid looking her in the eyes) I...I don't know what I want.

JENNIFER: Well, I know what I want. I want you, Jack. I don't want just the funny Jack Deveraux, the successful Jack Deveraux, I want all of you. I want...I want to be with you tonight and deep down, I know you want to be with me, Jack. (voice cracking) You do want that, don't you, Jack? 'Cause if you do, you have a strange way of showing it.

JACK: (during her plea, he is facing the door, trying desperately not to give in, but he wants to be with her so badly, wants to touch her, wants to think he can be all those things to and for her)...I...

JENNIFER: (begging him to see that he wants the same things she does) Do you want me, Jack? Do you want us?

There is uncomfortable silence as she waits for the answer. After what seems like a lifetime and JENNIFER'S hopes are fading, JACK begins to quickly walk to the door. As he reaches for the knob, he second-guesses himself and defiantly walks over to JENNIFER, who has turned her head down in disappointment. Seeing him rush over, she searches his face for an answer. He tilts her head upwards and lays a deep and passionate kiss on her lips. Stunned at first, she melts. They continue kissing for a few moments and then she cups his face in her hands and begins to cry tears of joy.

JENNIFER: (whispering. Moved) I knew you wanted it, too. I knew it.

JACK: (nuzzling her neck) I just forgot how much. Jennifer-

JENNIFER: (kissing him to shut him up) No, Jack-

JACK: (smiling a little) No?

JENNIFER: No words, Jack.

JACK: Well, words are my specialty, Jennifer.

JENNIFER: (grinning as he kisses her) Tonight they aren't. Just kiss me, Jack.

JACK: (smiling) I can do that...I can do that.

They begin to kiss again and move over to the bed. Falling down on it, they giggle slightly. As they begin to melt into each other's arms, you can see the smiles on their faces. Laughing slightly at their joy, JACK reaches behind him and turns off the lamp. In the darkness, you can hear their kissing and then speaking.

JACK: Jennifer-

JENNIFER: What did I say about talking, Jack?

JACK: Right.

They giggle and the camera pans out.


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