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No Ordinary Love

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"In This Life"

Episode 48



JACK and JENNIFER have finally returned from PARIS and have just come back from VICTOR'S funeral. They are holding hands as they walk up to the door and are both quiet. JENNIFER is watching JACK.

JENNIFER: You all right?

JACK: I'm not really the one you should be asking that.

JENNIFER: What do you mean?

JACK: I mean... my family is safe and sound. Justin and the kids--they can't really say the same, can they?

JENNIFER: (rubs his arm affectionately) You were wonderful for coming today, you know. I know you and Victor weren't exactly the best of friends, but it was really amazing of you to be there and pay your respects. It meant a lot to the people who were grieving today.

JACK: Well, there goes my reputation as a cold-hearted snake.

JENNIFER: (smiles) And it meant a lot to Alexander.

JACK: (quietly) That it did. (puts his hand at the small of her back and leads her in the door)

JO is coming down the stairs as they walk in.

JO: Oh good, you're home...

JACK: How's Abigail?

JO: She's fine. She's upstairs working on her book report. (beat) How was the funeral?

JACK: Oh, just peachy. As good as they come, really-

JENNIFER: Jack... (puts a hand on his arm) I think everyone's still in shock, Jo. It's going to be a while before this sinks in with anyone.

JO: How's Justin holding up? I don't think I've ever seen him like this... And Bo? He must be devastated too.

JENNIFER: (nodding) They're both taking it pretty hard.

JO: (after a while) Well, I'd better get going, Vern's waiting for me. Oh, and Jack-

JACK: Yes, yes, tell Vern I say hi too.

JO: (laughs) No, that's not what I was going to say, son. Someone called for you while you were out.

JACK: (not really paying attention) Oh?

JO: Yes, it was someone named... Robert Garber, I think. I wrote down his information on the pad by the phone...

JACK does not register the information at first, then realizes what she just said.

JACK: (to himself) Robert Garber...

OUT on JACK as he recognizes the name.



JO has just told JACK that someone named ROBERT GARBER called him, which takes JACK by surprise. He is thinking about this person as JO readies to leave.

JO: All right, I'll see you both later. Oh, and by the way, I've got a roast in the oven, Jennifer. It should be ready in about twenty minutes, so just keep an eye on it, all right?

JENNIFER: Jo, you didn't have to do that! That's so sweet of you...

JO: (waves hand dismissively) Well, I figured neither of you would be up for cooking tonight. Besides, I've heard bad things about that take-out place you two love so much... (starts to step outside)

JACK: Uh, wait... Jo...

JO: (stops at the door) What is it, Jack?

JACK: You, uh... you said the person who called was named Robert Garber?

JO: (thinks about it) Yes, I think that was his name... He said it was pretty important--I told him you'd get back to him as soon as you got home.

JACK: (quietly) Thank you.

JO: (looks at her watch) Oh my goodness, is that the time? I'm late already... Jennifer, if Vern calls, could you tell him I'm on my way?

JENNIFER: Oh, of course!

As JO is leaving, JACK slips away quietly to the living room to retrieve JO'S note with ROBERT GARBER'S information on it.

JENNIFER: (realizing JACK isn't next to her) Jack?

She goes into the living room and finds him studying JO'S note.

JENNIFER: Jack, what is it? Is something wrong?

JACK: (looks up) No, nothing's wrong. (decides to think about this phone call later)

JENNIFER: (incredulous) Are you sure?

JACK: (kisses her forehead, then walks past her to get to the desk) I'm sure.

JENNIFER: Does this have anything to do with who called? Who is this Robert Garber, anyway?

JACK: He was, uh... he was an old friend of Harper's. One of his lawyers.

JENNIFER: (surprised) Harper's lawyer? But why would he be calling you?

JACK: Good question. I haven't really figured that out myself. It's probably just to invite me to his country club for a round of golf or something.

JENNIFER: Out of the blue?

JACK: Let's forget about him for now, I've got something more important to talk to you about at the moment. Something rather pressing.

OUT on JENNIFER'S curiosity.



JACK has just told JENNIFER that they need to discuss something important.

JENNIFER: Well, what is it? I'm all ears.

JACK: (holds up a newspaper) This.

JENNIFER: (confused) This? (takes the newspaper) What about this, Jack?

JACK: Vern told me the article you wrote about the coronation was a runaway hit. Issues were flying off the newsstands...

JENNIFER: Oh. (smiles) That's great news, then.

JACK: (nods) Yes, it is... (grins) I even forgive you for overshadowing my piece on Victor's death and Kate's arrest-

JENNIFER: (laughs) Jack, I'm sure that was a hit too.

JACK: It's all right, Jennifer, you don't need to stroke my ego. I know a page-turner when I see one, and this is definitely it. We've really whetted the public's appetite with this.

JENNIFER: Well, uh... I don't understand what the problem is, then.

JACK: Problem? No, there's no problem. Just a little dilemma, that's all.

JENNIFER: What's that?

JACK: Who are we going to assign this series to?

JENNIFER: (surprised) What do you mean?

JACK: I mean, whoever it is has to be capable of taking the ball from you and running with it. I was thinking Frank Davis. He joined the staff after I left, but I've read his work, and I'm very impressed. I think he'll do a good job with it-

JENNIFER: Wait a minute, Jack...

JACK: What?

JENNIFER: Who says I'm willing to give this story up?

OUT on JACK'S surprise.



JENNIFER has just told JACK that she doesn't want to give up the assassination story.

JENNIFER: I didn't say I was going to walk away from this story, Jack.

JACK: (laughs) You're kidding, right?

JENNIFER: Why would I be kidding? What's that supposed to mean?

JACK: Nothing, just that... we have reporters who are more than competent who can take over. You don't have to worry about them messing it up for you.

JENNIFER: I know that, but I want to be the one to work on it. Why, don't you think I'm capable of doing this?

JACK: Oh, no, don't try twisting my words around, Jennifer. Of course I think you're capable--more than capable. In fact, I think this is one of the best stories you've ever written-

JENNIFER: So why don't you want me to do it?

JACK: Jennifer, you are a publisher. You've got enough responsibilities on your plate, are you sure you want to add a live series to that as well?

JENNIFER: Well, you're going to keep working on your Victor story, aren't you? Or were you going to hand that off too?

JACK: Well...

JENNIFER: I rest my case. If you think you can carry out your publisher duties and work on your story, then I can certainly do the same.

JACK: I don't doubt your ability to do this, but-

JENNIFER: But what?

JACK: But I'm just surprised, that's all.


JACK: Because you're the one who was worried about us going back into investigative reporting and possibly putting Abigail in danger... And now you've changed your mind?

JENNIFER: Well, you were right, Jack... I mean, we're experienced reporters--we're not going to do anything too dangerous.

JACK gives her a questioning look.

JENNIFER: Look, Jack, just trust me, okay? I really want to keep doing this story, and I need your support.

JACK: You know you have it. Of course I support you 100%. I'm just curious to know why this story is so important to you.

JENNIFER turns around. She remembers her conversation with CARLY, and CARLY making her promise not to tell JACK about what she may be involved in.

JENNIFER: (quietly) It just is.

JACK: Why? Is there something you found out?

OUT on JENNIFER thinking of what to say.



JACK has just asked JENNIFER if she found out something about the assassination attempt on GRETA, and JENNIFER is trying to think of what to tell him, since she promised CARLY she would not reveal that she knows of CARLY'S involvement.

JACK: Did you uncover some piece of information in Paris?

JENNIFER: You know what, I-

ABBY: Mommy, Daddy! You're back!

ABBY comes rushing down the stairs.

JENNIFER is relieved that they were interrupted before she had to tell JACK anything.

JENNIFER: Hey, baby... (pulls her into a hug) Grandma Jo said you were working on your book report?

ABBY: Uh huh, but it's all done now.

JACK: Our child's a genius. (to ABBY) If those classmates of yours give you a hard time about being brilliant, you just leave them to me, all right?

JENNIFER: (laughing) Jack!

ABBY: I need help with my other assignment, though.

JACK: All right, we are at your service.

ABBY: I'm supposed to bring something to show-and-tell that shows what my parents do for a living. Can I bring a copy of The Spectator to class on Friday?

JACK: (lights up) Of course you can, Abigail! I know just which issue you should bring, too. The one from a few days ago, with Mommy's article about the princess's coronation. (looks at JENNIFER) Your classmates can learn the phrase, 'Pulitzer-worthy'.

JENNIFER blushes.

ABBY: Cool! Thanks, Daddy!

JACK: Anytime, sweetheart.

JENNIFER: You know what? What do you say I go help you with that show-and-tell project, huh?

ABBY: Okay! We'll be upstairs, Daddy. (takes JENNIFER by the hand and leads her upstairs)

JENNIFER: (smiles at JACK) I guess we'll be upstairs, then. Are you going to call this Robert Garber?

JACK: (looking at JO'S note again) Yes, I suppose I will...

ABBY: (tugging at JENNIFER'S hand) Come on, Mommy!

JENNIFER: (laughs) Okay, okay... (to JACK) Let me know what it's all about...

JACK nods without looking up. After a while, he sits down at the desk and begins to dial ROBERT GARBER'S number.


ROBERT: Robert Garber.

JACK: Bob... It's Jack Deveraux.

ROBERT: Jack! Good, you did get my message. I'm so glad you called me back.

JACK: (wary) Yes, yes I did get the message. So if you don't mind me asking... To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?




JACK is talking to ROBERT GARBER.

ROBERT: I suppose you are a little surprised to have me calling like this all of the sudden.

JACK: The thought crossed my mind, yes.

ROBERT: Jack, I was a very good friend of your father's. And heavily involved in his affairs, for that matter.

JACK: (bristling at the mention of HARPER, but managing to keep his cool) Which is precisely why I wonder what reason you could possibly have for calling me.

ROBERT: All right, I guess I should just come right out and say it, then.

JACK wonders what he means.

ROBERT: This probably isn't going to come as a shock to you, but... there were bank accounts Harper had that he had kept confidential.

JACK: Bank accounts?

ROBERT: Several Swiss bank accounts that were opened fifteen, twenty years ago--I'm not surprised you never knew about them. My job was to make sure that it was kept hush-hush.

JACK: So why are you telling me this now?

ROBERT: Because there's been some unusual activity on them, Jack.

JACK: (straightens in his chair) And what do you mean by... unusual?

ROBERT: I mean, funds are being siphoned out into an unknown account. I can't trace where the money is going.

JACK: What do you mean, how is that possible? You said no one knew about them, right? So who would have access to these accounts?

ROBERT: There were only three people who knew about these bank accounts, Jack. Your father, your stepmother, and Victor Kiriakis. I think we can safely eliminate two of the three, which just leaves...

JACK: ... Anjelica...

OUT on JACK'S realization.



An unidentified man is sitting on a lounge chair. His butler approaches him and hands him his drink.

BUTLER: Sir, a Mr. Barton has called for you. (gives him the phone)

MAN: Ah yes, thank you. I've been expecting his call.

BUTLER: Yes, of course, sir. (leaves)

MAN: (into the phone) Well? Has it been arranged?

BARTON: It's all been taken care of. No one's touched these accounts in years. I wouldn't be surprised if they've been forgotten.

MAN: I assure you, no one will ever know they're missing. There were only two other people who knew about them, and one's dead, and the other... well, I have a feeling she won't be bothering us. This should do for a while, though. Once my wife is out of the picture, all my other assets can be unfrozen, and I can... reveal my miraculous resurrection...

He begins to laugh. The camera pulls out, and we see who is talking: VICTOR KIRIAKIS.


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