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No Ordinary Love

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"In This Life"




JENNIFER has come back to the hospital to interview one of the witnesses from last night's shooting, a man who was shot in the arm and claims to have seen the man who shot at GRETA. JENNIFER spots the doctor she is supposed to meet with, and she crosses over to talk with him.

JENNIFER: Excuse me... Dr. Chevaldae?


JENNIFER: (holds out her hand) Jennifer Deveraux, from The Spectator. I believe my co-publisher spoke to you earlier about letting me meet with one of the patients here... Mr. Krauss?

CHEVALDAE: Ah yes, Herr Krauss. Yes, I've been expecting you, Madame Deveraux. This way... (leads her to the patient's room)

JENNIFER: How is he doing, doctor? He is up for visitors, isn't he?

CHEVALDAE: (stopping in front of the room) Physically, he's fine, but emotionally... As you know, Madame, the events of last night were quite traumatic for everyone involved.


CHEVALDAE: He should be fine to speak with you, but I must ask that you stay no longer than half an hour, and if he should get upset-

JENNIFER: I promise I won't push him if that happens, doctor.

CHEVALDAE: (smiles) Good. (opens the door) Well... shall we go in-

JENNIFER hears noise coming from the room as soon as the door opens. It is KRAUSS, who is sleeping and appears to be having a nightmare.

KRAUSS: Nein, nein! Mein Arm... Mein Arm... Ich sehe ihn-

CHEVALDAE: Oh no... Madame Deveraux, this might not be a good time after all, I'm afraid we'll have to sedate him-

JENNIFER: It's all right, I understand completely-

Suddenly, KRAUSS stops screaming and his eyes shoot open.

OUT on JENNIFER and CHEVALDAE looking at each other in shock.



JACK is at the police station, waiting for KATE to come out after her questioning. He is surrounded by fellow reporters, one of whom writes for The Salem Chronicle and has been eying him all morning.

JACK: (getting annoyed with the reporter) Can I help you with something, Torrance?

TORRANCE: Excuse me?

JACK: You keep looking in my direction--is there something you wanted to say, or did I accidentally wear my underwear over my pants this morning?

TORRANCE: (offended) For your information, I have not been looking at you, Deveraux. (mutters) For pete's sake, that ego of yours-

JACK: I heard that! (beat) What're you doing here, anyway? You couldn't be bothered to attend the coronation last night, but you're the first in line here at the station?

TORRANCE: I hate to break this to you, Ace, but you're hardly the only game in town. This is a big news story, so naturally, The Chronicle is going to be where the action is too. Besides, I'll be damned if you scoop us.

JACK: (coolly) Touché.

He turns around and smiles to himself.

JACK: (to himself) God, I've missed being a reporter...

TORRANCE: Where's that ex-wife of yours, anyhow? Now there's a real reporter-

KATE comes out into the lobby of the station, wearing a hat and sunglasses, but still recognizable. Beside her is her lawyer, who is unsuccessfully trying to shield her from the reporters, but they immediately swarm around them, sticking cameras, microphones, and micro recorders in their faces.

KATE: (snarling, as she tries to fight her way through) No comment!

TORRANCE: Ms. Kiriakis--is it true your husband was going to fight you for custody of your son-

LAWYER: Please, please, Mrs. Kiriakis has been through a terrible ordeal...

TORRANCE: Ms. Kiriakis-

KATE: I told you, no comment!

JACK can not get through the crowd of reporters to get close enough to KATE. He tries to push his way through, but keeps getting pushed out every time. Finally, he watches the commotion and gets an idea.

JACK: (to himself) All right, Kate... If you won't talk, then I'll just have to get... creative...

OUT on JACK'S grin as he backs away, unnoticed, from the rest of the reporters and sneaks further into the police station.



JENNIFER and CHEVALDAE have walked in on KRAUSS having a nightmare, but he has now woken and sees them in his room.

JENNIFER: (to CHEVALDAE) Uh... maybe I should go-

KRAUSS: (weakly) Hello...

JENNIFER: Hello... (looks to CHEVALDAE, who nods to assure her it's okay) Hello, Mr. Krauss.

CHEVALDAE: Herr Krauss, this is Jennifer Deveraux. She's a reporter for an American newspaper. She wanted to speak with you for a little bit--would that be all right?

JENNIFER: I can come back later, if you'd like...

KRAUSS: (sitting up) No, it's fine.

CHEVALDAE: All right, then. (to JENNIFER) Half an hour, Madame, and if anything should happen, please fetch me immediately.

JENNIFER: Of course, doctor.

CHEVALDAE leaves the room, leaving JENNIFER alone with KRAUSS.

KRAUSS: You're a reporter?

JENNIFER: Yes... I was... wondering if I could talk to you about what happened last night. Would you be up for that today, Mr. Krauss?

KRAUSS nods.

JENNIFER: I know last night was very frightening. For all of us. If there's anything you can tell me at all, anything you might have seen, we can all get to the bottom of this...

KRAUSS: The police asked me these same questions last night.

JENNIFER: Can you tell me what you told them?

KRAUSS takes a deep breath and does not look at her. It is clear he is very upset remembering the coronation.

JENNIFER: (gently) I promise I'm only here to help...

KRAUSS: It was... terrible... He was terrible...

OUT on JENNIFER as she realizes he is talking about the assassin.



JACK has snuck away from the rest of the reporters and noticed that the office he saw KATE coming out of earlier seems to be empty.

JACK: Hmm, must be out getting coffee...

He smiles to himself and jiggles the door handle. His smile grows wider when he realizes it's unlocked.

JACK: Well look at this, the detective left his office unlocked? (looks to see if anyone is watching, then slips into the office) You really shouldn't do that... (glances at the desk, then begins to look through it) I mean, anyone could walk in-

The door opens and closes behind him, causing JACK to straighten immediately. The detective, LAPERRIERE, has returned and is not happy to have caught JACK snooping around his office.

LAPERRIERE: Indeed, anyone could walk in.

JACK slowly turns around, lets out an nervous laugh.

LAPERRIERE: (shooting daggers at JACK with his eyes) Silly me, I had thought my office would be safe from... what is it you Americans say--nosey? Yes, nosey reporters.

JACK: (more nervous laughter) Detective, I can... I can explain-

LAPERRIERE: Yes, please do. (sinister tone) Before I call the appropriate authorities-

JACK: No, no, there's no need for that...

LAPERRIERE: Well then, Monsieur... (squints his eyes to look at JACK'S press badge) Monsieur Deveraux... Would you kindly tell me what you are doing in my office?

OUT on JACK trying to think of a good explanation.



KRAUSS is starting to tell JENNIFER about what he saw last night.

JENNIFER: (encouraging him) It's all right, Mr. Krauss... Take your time, I know this is difficult...

KRAUSS: The princess... We were all watching the princess being presented...

JENNIFER nods to urge him on.

KRAUSS: My eye caught some movement behind her. I wasn't sure what it was at first... I turned my head to see what it was, but it was too late... (starts to get upset) it was too late...

JENNIFER: What was it that you saw?

KRAUSS: (calming himself down) There was a man, hidden behind this grate... I could see him through the grate... I saw his gun... And then... then...

He starts to get upset again. JENNIFER wonders whether she should get CHEVALDAE.

JENNIFER: Mr. Krauss, it's all right... Do you want me to get the doctor?

KRAUSS: No... it's fine... I want to tell you this.

JENNIFER: Are you sure?

KRAUSS nods.

JENNIFER: All right...

KRAUSS: I saw the man who shot at Princess von Amburg. He was aiming at her, but she was moving, and he got others before he could shoot her...

JENNIFER: Mr. Krauss, did you see what he looked like?

KRAUSS: (very upset now) Just barely... It all happened so fast...

JENNIFER: (nodding) I understand. Do you remember anything about him at all?

KRAUSS: He had dark hair... dark hair and a beard... and he didn't look too old, maybe in his forties, but I could not really tell...

JENNIFER: (trying to take all of this in) Thank you, Mr. Krauss, this helps very much...

KRAUSS: He just kept shooting... he wouldn't stop... (starts to cry) he wouldn't stop...

JENNIFER: (worried about him) It's all right... I'll get Dr. Chevaldae, you'll be all right...

She presses the call button to get the doctor. CHEVALDAE comes in moments later.

JENNIFER: Dr. Chevaldae, I didn't want to upset him any further-

CHEVALDAE: You did the right thing, Madame Deveraux. (to KRAUSS) Herr Krauss, I'm right here, we'll take care of you now...

KRAUSS: (overlapping) He wouldn't stop shooting...

OUT on JENNIFER watching him, thinking about what he has told her.



JACK has just been caught snooping into a detective's office. He is trying to come up with a good explanation for what he's doing.

JACK: What am I doing here?

LAPERRIERE: (eying him with suspicion) Yes, Monsieur Deveraux, what are you doing here? Where you clearly should not be.

JACK: (nervous laugh) Well, you see...

He knows there's no way out, so he might as well tell the truth.

JACK: (clears throat) You see, detective...

LAPERRIERE: Laperriere. Detective Laperriere.

JACK: Yes, Detective Laperriere, you see, I was, um... Detective, there's no sense in trying to pull the wool over your eyes- (notes LAPERRIERE'S confusion) -that is, there's no sense in trying to fool you with some outlandish story, so I will just tell you the truth.

LAPERRIERE: And that is?

JACK: I'm a reporter.

LAPERRIERE: (annoyed) Yes, I had deduced that already, Deveraux.

He walks past JACK to sit at his desk. JACK stands awkwardly for a moment, then decides to sit down.

LAPERRIERE: That doesn't explain what you were doing in my office where I don't recall having invited you.

JACK: All right, I admit it, I should not have been trespassing. It's just that I'm a reporter, and reporters can get a little overzealous when they are working on a story. You can understand that, can't you?

LAPERRIERE glares at him.

JACK: Well, since you're here now, perhaps I should just cut to the chase. (again, noting LAPERRIERE'S confusion) Uh... I'll get right to my point. (beat) What do you know about Kate Kiriakis hiring someone to kill her husband?



JACK has just asked LAPERRIERE for information about KATE'S involvement in VICTOR'S murder.

LAPERRIERE: I should have guessed that's what you wanted.

JACK: You could say I have a vested interest in this story. My sister... (voice trails off) well, it's a long and convoluted tale, but suffice it to say, there are many people in Salem who will want to know exactly what happened to Victor Kiriakis-

LAPERRIERE: And you're just the man to report it?

JACK: Precisely. (beat) All kidding aside, Detective--what did she say?

LAPERRIERE: (sighs) What you would expect her to say. She didn't do it.

JACK: (sarcastically) Of course she didn't.

LAPERRIERE: The problem is all this evidence is circumstantial--her motive, her opportunity... There's nothing to tie her to this crime. We haven't even found the shooter, though if only we could... (shakes his head) One person dead, four other people injured--if she did do this, she'll have to pay... (gets up and stands by the window; lights a cigarette)

JACK: (realizing there's not much more information he can get from here) Well... thank you for your time, Detective.

LAPERRIERE ignores him and continues to look out the window.

JACK: (mutters) I'll show myself out... (stops at the door) Detective?

LAPERRIERE: (after a while) Yes?

JACK: Don't you think it's rather... interesting that Victor Kiriakis was so far away from the stage when he was shot?

LAPERRIERE turns to look at him.

JACK: The princess and the other three people hit--they were quite a distance away from where Victor was shot. (arches an eyebrow) Something to think about, eh?

OUT on LAPERRIERE as he processes what JACK just said.



JENNIFER is outside of KRAUSS'S room, thinking about what just happened and what he told her about the shooter. Though it is not much information and she is not even sure it was reliable, she has an uneasy feeling about the whole thing.

JENNIFER: (to herself) Why would someone want to kill Greta?

She is staring off into the distance, not really paying much attention. A few feet away, several police officers are guarding GRETA'S room. Voices from that direction catch JENNIFER'S attention and she turns to see what's happening.


OFFICER: I'm sorry, you are not authorized to be here. We can not permit you in the room.


JENNIFER: (muttering) What's that all about?

A WOMAN is talking to the OFFICER, with her back to JENNIFER.

WOMAN: (in a low voice, as if to hush the OFFICER) All right, I'll go, I'll go... There's no need to fuss...

The WOMAN turns around to walk away, and JENNIFER is stunned when she catches a glimpse of the her face.

JENNIFER: (disbelieving) No, it can't be... it can't be...

She sees the WOMAN quickly turn the corner. JENNIFER runs to catch up with her and manages to get a hold of her arm to turn her around.

JENNIFER: (facing her) Oh my God, it is you...

OUT on CARLY'S shock at having come face to face with JENNIFER.



JENNIFER has just spotted CARLY at the hospital, and she has followed her.

JENNIFER: It is you... I thought I was crazy for thinking I saw you at the coronation, but... you're here...

CARLY does not know what to say. She knows she shouldn't even be at the hospital, after LAWRENCE told her he didn't want her to go there, and now she has been caught by JENNIFER. She tries to think of something to throw JENNIFER off.

JENNIFER: It was you I saw last night... wasn't it?

She laughs, then pulls CARLY in for an embrace, taking CARLY by surprise.

JENNIFER: (as she hugs her) C'mere, you! (pulling away) I am so mad at you, why didn't you say something last night when I saw you? (hugs her again) What are you doing here, anyway?

CARLY: I... look, Jennifer, this is a bad time-

JENNIFER: (sees CARLY'S outfit) Oh, I'm such an idiot--you work here, don't you? Of course!

CARLY is relieved that JENNIFER has come to that conclusion.

JENNIFER: I hadn't heard from you in a few years, so I wasn't even sure you were still in Paris... How are you anyway? How's... (she can not bring herself to mention LAWRENCE) How's Nicky?

CARLY: (wanting this to be over so she can get away as quickly as possible) He's fine... (nervous laugh) And it's Nick now. He's eighteen now, you know--he says he's far too old to be called Nicky now...

JENNIFER: Gosh, they grow up so fast, don't they? (notices CARLY seems nervous) What is it? Is something wrong?

CARLY: (quickly) No, nothing's wrong...

JENNIFER: (knows she's lying) Come on, Carly, it's me you're talking to. I know when something's bothering you... I know we haven't talked in a long time, but I'm still your best friend, you know that.

CARLY nods.

JENNIFER: Is it... Greta?

CARLY: (nervous) What? What makes you say that?

JENNIFER: I saw you outside her room a few minutes ago... I guess they've been keeping a close eye on her after last night.

CARLY: Yes, that's right... They'll only let in her personal doctor. Nobody else can go in, not even the rest of the staff.

JENNIFER: I don't blame them. She'd been princess for only a few minutes, and then...

CARLY suddenly thinks of a way to throw JENNIFER off her trail.

CARLY: Uh, Jennifer...


CARLY: Look, there's no point in lying to you. You were... right. There is something wrong. But you have to promise that you won't breathe a word of this to anybody. (takes JENNIFER'S hand) Can you do that? Can you promise me?

OUT on JENNIFER'S worry.



CARLY has thought of a way to keep JENNIFER from suspecting anything about her.

JENNIFER: Carly, you know you can trust me...

CARLY: Good.

JENNIFER: What is this? This sounds really serious, like...

CARLY: The last thing I want to do is drag you into something dangerous-

JENNIFER: Dangerous!

CARLY: I need you to promise me you'll stay away from me after I tell you this, all right? Promise me. (beat) I won't be able to forgive myself if you end up getting hurt because of me.

JENNIFER: I really don't like the sound of this-

CARLY: You'll just have to trust me. (beat) All right?

JENNIFER: (after some hesitation) All... all right. Tell me what it is, and I'll-

CARLY: You won't get involved. Promise me.


CARLY: (lowers her voice even more) Somebody's after Greta. You've already figured that out, I'm sure, but there's so much more to it that you don't understand.

JENNIFER: Wait a minute, how do you know all of this-

CARLY: Don't ask. And please, whatever you do, stay out of it. I mean it, Jennifer. I know you, and I know you'll be tempted to get involved, but don't. You could... (thinking of just the thing to say to scare JENNIFER) you could get me and a whole lot of other people in trouble.

JENNIFER can not believe what she's hearing.


CARLY: Look, I have to go, but... promise me.

JENNIFER: (scared for CARLY, but decides to just say what CARLY wants to hear) I... promise.

CARLY: (smiles) Good. And remember, not a word--not even to Jack.

JENNIFER: (starts to protest, but then just nods) All right, I won't. But you'll have to promise me that you'll be careful.

CARLY: I will. (hugs JENNIFER, then abruptly breaks away and leaves)

JENNIFER: Carly, wait!

CARLY does not turn around

JENNIFER: (softly) Be careful...


CARLY: (to herself) I told you, Lawrence... I told you she wouldn't find out. And if I've done my job, she'll stay the hell away...


JENNIFER: Oh, Carly, I'm sorry I had to lie to you... But if you're in danger... I can't stay away...

OUT on JENNIFER'S determination.


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