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In This Life

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JACK and JENNIFER have broken into BILLIE'S townhouse and were snooping around, when KATE returned, forcing JACK and JENNIFER to hide in the hall closet.

JENNIFER: (whispering) What do we do?

JACK: Shh!! (mouthing the words) She'll hear us.


JACK covers her mouth so she can't talk, then strains to listen for any sounds outside of the closet.


KATE: (rummaging through the desk) I know I wrote it here... Where could it be?


JACK slowly takes his hand away from JENNIFER'S mouth. JENNIFER looks at him with wide eyes, wondering what they should do next. They hear KATE talking to herself.

JENNIFER: (mouthing the words) What's she doing?

JACK: (can't quite read her lips, mouths back) What?

JENNIFER mouths the words again. JACK still can't read her lips.

JENNIFER: (whispering so JACK will hear) What's she doing-

JACK: Shh!!!

He covers her mouth once again. JENNIFER is now annoyed, and bites his hand. JACK lets out a muted yelp.

JENNIFER: (mouthing the words) Stop doing that!


KATE: (on the phone) Billie Reed, please. Thank you.


JENNIFER: What's she doing now?

JACK: (listening intently) I think she's... I think she's calling someone.


KATE: Billie? Hi, it's me. Listen, this is going to sound silly, but I wrote down a phone number this morning on a pad of paper you had on your desk.... Yes, the one with your monogram... Anyway, I could have sworn I just left it here on your desk, but now I can't find it...


JACK turns to JENNIFER and arches an eyebrow. JENNIFER nods in comprehension.


KATE: I realized just now that I had forgotten to take the number with me, that's why I came back... No, I really need to speak with him today. It's urgent...


JACK and JENNIFER: (simultaneously) Urgent!


KATE: No, no, it's okay, honey... Maybe I did stick it in my purse. I'll keep looking for it. I just wish I could find it... All right, I'll see you later. (hangs up the phone, then lets out a deep breath) Philip's future depends on this.


JACK and JENNIFER react to KATE'S statement about Philip. They both press their ears up to the door and hear KATE rustling with some papers, then they hear the door open and slam shut. After a few minutes, they decide the coast is clear and come out of the closet.

JENNIFER: (sighing) That was close.

JACK: Too close.

He starts to reach into JENNIFER'S blouse.

JENNIFER: (realizing what's happening) Jack, what are you doing?!

JACK: I'm trying to get that piece of paper out, what do you think I'm doing?

JENNIFER: (shrugging his arm off) Let me do that, okay?

JACK: Fine. (grins) But it's not like that was unfamiliar territory to me-

JENNIFER: (blushing) Jack! Come on, be serious... (fishes the piece of paper out of her bra and hands it over to him) There.

JACK: Thank you.

JENNIFER: Now do you believe me that this may be something important?

JACK: Well, it's certainly not nothing from the sound of it. If this person is vital to her son's future, then...

JENNIFER: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

JACK and JENNIFER: (simultaneously) Bo and Hope need to see this.

OUT on the two.



JACK and JENNIFER have called BO and HOPE over to their hotel room to show them what they've found at BILLIE'S.

BO: You two did what?

JENNIFER: We broke in-

BO: I can't believe this, do you know how much trouble you guys could have caused?

HOPE: What if you had gotten caught, Jen? What if Billie had had some kind of an alarm system in place, huh?

JACK: (not wanting a lecture) Yes, yes, we know--we might have been dragged off by the French police. We decided to take the risk.

HOPE: (to JENNIFER) How could you let him talk you into this?

JENNIFER: (looks at JACK) Actually... it was sort of my idea.

JACK: Not sort of. It was your idea. Through and through.

JENNIFER gives him a look.

JACK: (without missing a beat) And it was a good one, at that.

HOPE: No, it wasn't.

JACK: Look, we were just trying to help-

BO: You were trying to play amateur detectives, that's what you were doing. Jack, this is not a Hardy Boys adventure, all right? If Kate really is plotting something against Victor, do you really think she would hesitate in doing something to you if she found out you knew?

JACK starts to say something, but HOPE interrupts.

HOPE: You two have a little girl, remember? Do you want to be playing around with fire?

JACK and JENNIFER look at each other.

JENNIFER: Hope, we're sorry. We just... we just go carried away, I guess. We got caught up in the rush of doing this kind of thing again. And Jack's right, we really were only trying to help. If we thought for one second that we would mess things up, we wouldn't have-

HOPE: (sighing) It's okay. Look, we don't mean to come down on you so hard, it's just that this whole thing has been frustrating. Victor still refuses our help, and all we can do is watch him from a distance and make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

JENNIFER: Then maybe this number will be the lead you need.

HOPE looks at BO. BO finally lets out a deep breath.

BO: All right, we'll check this out. But can I get a reassurance out of you two that you are done playing Columbo as long as we're here in Paris?

JENNIFER: Yes, yes, absolutely.

BO looks at JACK, who hasn't said anything. JENNIFER nudges him.

JACK: Hmm? Oh, right, right. (holds up his hand) Scout's honor.

BO: (not quite sure he believes them) We'll see you two tonight at the ball.

JACK: (with a mock salute) Aye, aye, cap'n.

BO: Detective.

JACK: Detective.

HOPE: (as she and BO are leaving) Bye... See you guys later...

JENNIFER: Bye... (closes the door, then lets out a sigh and leans against it) Do you think we did the right thing?

JACK: Well, even if it wasn't the right thing--it sure was fun, wasn't it?

JENNIFER breaks into a smile.

JACK: (grins) I take that as a yes?

JENNIFER: All right, yes, I admit it. It was fun.

JACK: I knew it! You do miss the pursuit of the elusive lead.

JENNIFER: Yes, and that's what worries me.

JACK: Why?

JENNIFER: Because, Jack... (sighs) Because Hope was right. We've got Abby to think about now, and we can't be putting ourselves in dangerous situations like this.

JACK: I'm not saying we should knowingly walk onto a landmine, Jennifer. Of course we have to worry about Abigail. I would never deliberately put us in the line of fire. (beat) But you have to admit, this is what we were born to do. I mean, it's one thing to sit behind a desk all day and publish a newspaper, but it's quite another to be the one actually getting the story.

JENNIFER: (wistfully) Yeah, you're right.

JACK: (grinning) I know I'm right.

JENNIFER: So what are you saying, you want to give up being a publisher and go back to reporting full-time?

JACK: No, I... I want us to remain as publishers, but... I do want to get back to writing again. And I don't mean writing fluff pieces like this coronation--I mean real writing. The kind that won us Ferraros. The kind that got us that book deal with Time Life. Real reporting.

JENNIFER: (smiles) You really do love this, don't you?

JACK: (nodding) All my life, the Senator told me I'd never amount to anything. But I proved him wrong with my writing, didn't I? (softly) With you by my side, I proved him wrong.

JENNIFER: Yeah... We proved him wrong.

She gives him a hug.

OUT on the two.



KARL, LAWRENCE'S henchman, is disguised as one of the guests at the ball. He has a tiny earpiece hidden in his ear and a small microphone near his collar. He is talking to the assassin to make sure everything is in place.

KARL: Are you in position?

ASSASSIN: Yes, I am.

KARL: Did anyone see you come in?

ASSASSIN: Everything was clear, don't worry. I made sure nobody saw me. I'm perfectly hidden right now.

KARL: Good. You can not drop the ball on this, you understand? Mr. Alamain has everything riding on this.

ASSASSIN: Nothing will go wrong. I'll stake my life on it.

KARL: You've got that right. If even one small thing does not go as planned, Mr. Alamain and Ms. Manning will have both our heads, do I make myself clear?

ASSASSIN: Crystal clear.


JACK and JENNIFER enter the GRAND BALLROOM. JACK is dressed in a black tuxedo with tails, and JENNIFER is wearing an off-the-shoulder rust-colored gown.

JENNIFER: (looking at all the guests) They weren't kidding about everyone being dressed to the nines, were they?

JACK: (distracted) Mm hmm...


JACK does not answer.

JENNIFER: (nudging him) Jack!

JACK: What?

JENNIFER: What's wrong?

JACK: Nothing, I was just... (scanning the crowd) looking for Bo and Hope.

JENNIFER: I tried calling their room earlier, but I didn't get an answer. Do you think they found out who that person was that Kate was trying to get a hold of? Maybe they arrested him-

JACK: Hold on, there. Let's not jump to ten thousand conclusions at once.

JENNIFER: You're right, you're right. I guess I'm just a little antsy, that's all.

JACK: (watching VICTOR and KATE) Well, the happy couple seems to be putting on quite an act over there.

JENNIFER: I doubt they're going to make a scene in public like that, Jack. (sees FRANKIE) Oh, there's Frankie, let's go say hi.

JACK: (gives her a look) Must we?

JENNIFER: Promise me you'll be nice.

JACK: When am I not nice to your ex-fiance?

JENNIFER rolls her eyes.

JACK: What? Was it something I said?

JENNIFER: Come on, Jack, it's a big night for him. He's going to get lots of exposure tonight when they unveil Greta's official portrait before the ceremony.

JACK: (mock excitement) Well golly, perhaps we should secure an exclusive with the elusive artist before he cloisters himself away from his admiring public!

JENNIFER: (shakes her head) What am I going to do with you...

FRANKIE: Hey guys.

JENNIFER: Hi, Frankie.

JACK: Francoise.

JENNIFER: Have you, uh... seen your brother anywhere around, by any chance?

FRANKIE: No, not since this morning, why?

JENNIFER: (looks at JACK, then back at FRANKIE) Uh... well I just figured wherever he was, Hope would be there with him. I just needed to touch base with her about something and I haven't seen her since this afternoon.

FRANKIE: Oh, they just walked in.

JACK and JENNIFER turn around and see BO and HOPE enter the ballroom.

FRANKIE: Listen, I'll talk to you guys later, all right? Looks like I'm being summoned.

JENNIFER: (laughs) Okay... We'll see you later. (to JACK) Well, this is it.

BO and HOPE come over to JACK and JENNIFER.

JACK: So... what's the verdict?

OUT on BO and HOPE.



JACK and JENNIFER want to know what BO and HOPE have found out about the mysterious name KATE wrote down.

JACK: Might we be able to surmise from the looks on both your faces that this is not good?

JENNIFER: Did you find out who it was?

BO: Yeah, we did. And it's nothing. A false alarm.

JENNIFER: (looks at JACK) What? What do you mean a false alarm?

JACK: Kate certainly made it seem like this person was very important.

HOPE: He is, Jack. He's the headmaster at an exclusive prep school here in Paris.

JACK: A headmaster...

BO: That's right. Not a cold-blooded assassin, but a harmless headmaster at a prep school that Kate wants to enroll Philip in eventually.

JACK: Isn't he a little young?

BO: Apparently this prep school has a waiting list of at least five years. Look, the point is, it looks like all of this has all may have been a gigantic misunderstanding from the beginning. We can't find any evidence that Kate plotted to have Victor killed.

JENNIFER: But what about that call that Vern got?

BO: Salem PD's been unable to trace that call, Jen. There isn't any shred of credible evidence.

JACK: I don't know, this just... doesn't feel right...

HOPE: I'm sorry, Jack, Jen. But try not to let your imaginations run away with you, all right? Let's just all try to have fun tonight. Come on, we're in Paris, we're at this glamorous ball, surrounded by all kinds of European royalty and dignitaries--we're on vacation here, so let's enjoy it.

JACK: Well, I'm afraid not all of us are on vacation.

BO: (grins) That's too bad, Jack. But we happen to be. (to HOPE) Care for a dance, Fancy Face?

HOPE: I'd love it, Brady.

BO: See you two later... (goes off with HOPE on the dance floor)

JENNIFER: Boy, do I feel silly.

JACK: Why?

JENNIFER: Would you like me to list out the reasons, Jack? Could it be because we believed that phone call that Vern got? Or that we actually tried to follow Kate around? Or that we actually broke into Billie's house to find something on Kate? No, no, I think what takes the cake is thinking that the headmaster of some prep school was the man Kate hired to murder her husband.

JACK: All right, so we were wrong on some things-

JENNIFER: Some things? Try everything, Jack.

JACK: Look, I still think not everything is as kosher as it seems.

JENNIFER: Jack, you heard Bo and Hope-

JACK: Yes, I know. I heard them loud and clear. But I'm telling you, there is something not right here.

He realizes JENNIFER is no longer listening to him.

JACK: Jennifer?

JENNIFER thinks she's seen a familiar face among the crowd: CARLY MANNING.

OUT on JENNIFER'S surprise and confusion.


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