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In This Life

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It is the morning after JACK and JENNIFER have arrived in Paris. An excited JENNIFER wakes up early and can not get back to sleep. Finally, she can not wait any more. She gets up and throws open the curtains, then sighs as she admires the view.

JENNIFER: (murmurs) It doesn't get any more spectacular than this view...

JACK: (overhearing) Oh, I don't know... I can think of one view in particular that's even more incredible. (grins) As a matter of fact, I'm looking at her right now.

JENNIFER: (jumps onto the bed with him) My, what did I do to get such a compliment?

JACK: Are you telling me I've been remiss in letting my ex-wife-soon-to-be-wife-again know how beautiful she is?

JENNIFER: Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you. But lucky for you, it's easy to make up for such an oversight.

JACK: Well, that's good to hear-

JENNIFER interrupts him with a kiss, then tries to pull him off the bed.

JENNIFER: All right, Deveraux. (in between kisses) Enough sleep for you-

JACK: But-

JENNIFER: There's a whole city out there to explore, so let's get moving-

JACK: Jennifer...

JENNIFER: (goes into the bathroom to get dressed) Okay, I thought we'd tackle the Louvre first, since that's going to take the most time. What do you think?

JACK: Jennifer-

JENNIFER: Gosh, I haven't been there since Carly and I came here one Spring Break... (comes out of the bathroom, sees that JACK has not gotten out of bed) Jack, come on! I know I take a lot longer to get ready than you do, but we really should get going if we want to get in some sightseeing before we get ready for the ball tonight.

JACK: Well, uh... you see...

JENNIFER: (seeing something is wrong) What... What is it?

JACK: I'm just afraid I'm not quite up to a lot of sightseeing today...

JENNIFER: (really worried) Why, what's wrong? Are you feeling all right? Do you feel run-down after that flight last night? Oh my gosh, you didn't forget your meds, did you? I know I packed them-

She notices JACK is smiling.

JENNIFER: (narrows her eyes) Wait a minute...

JACK: (feigning innocence) What?

JENNIFER: You are cruel, you know that?

JACK: I beg your pardon?

JENNIFER: Oh no, no, no... Don't play innocent with me, Jack Deveraux. I know you. You're just pretending not to feel well, aren't you?

JACK: (grins) Now, why in the world would I do that?

He reaches for her hand and gently pulls her onto the bed. JENNIFER tries to stay mad at him, but can't help but smile as he pulls her close.

JENNIFER: I should walk out this door right now after this stunt you just tried to pull...

JACK: (begins to kiss her neck) I know, I know... It's an awful thing I did...

JENNIFER: Worrying me like that...

JACK: Yes, terrible...

JENNIFER: (swooning) I mean, the last thing I should do... is encourage you...

JACK: (kisses her lips) What if I promised to make it up?

JENNIFER: (in between kisses) Well... I guess I could let you try...

OUT on the their giddy laughter as they continue to kiss and fall backward onto the bed.



JACK and JENNIFER are snuggling in bed after having made love. By the bed is a tray with breakfast. JENNIFER reaches over JACK to get a strawberry. JACK watches with amusement as she devours it and reaches for another one.

JACK: Worked up quite an appetite, haven't we?

JENNIFER: (grins) Whose fault is that?

JACK: (grabs the strawberry from her) Admit it--it was worth putting off the sightseeing for a few hours.

JENNIFER: I knew you were going to gloat. (breaks into a smile, then sits up) Okay, Jack. I guess you, um... earned the right to choose where we go first today.

JACK: Well, as a matter of fact... I did have something in mind...

JENNIFER: (gives him a teasing smile) Does it involve something outside of this room?

JACK: (laughs sarcastically) Yes, as much as I hate to disappoint you, it does involve us stepping outside of this room.

JENNIFER: Ooh, then I am definitely interested in hearing about this.

JACK: You should be.

JENNIFER: All right, Jack, where do we go first? The Eiffel Tower? The Louvre? The-

JACK: Actually, what I had in mind wasn't quite that... touristy.

JENNIFER gives him a look of curiosity.

JACK: Although I imagine we'll see quite a bit of the city today.

JENNIFER: I'm afraid to ask.

OUT on JACK'S smile.



JENNIFER is now dressed and watching JACK as he's getting ready. He has told her about his idea of what they should do today.

JENNIFER: This is insane, Jack.

JACK: (as he's buttoning his shirt) Thanks for the vote of confidence.

JENNIFER: I'm serious.

JACK: So am I.

JENNIFER: We're going to get caught--I'm telling you, we're going to get caught.

JACK: Not if we do this the way we used to do it back in the old days. The way I taught you.

JENNIFER: (sighs) What possessed me to agree to this?

She throws up her hands in the air, then starts to turn away, but JACK gets a hold of her arm before she does.

JACK: Now, what kind of talk is that? The Jennifer Horton Deveraux I know would be the first one to jump on this idea--she'd even be the one to suggest it.

JENNIFER: (concedes) I hate it when you're right.

JACK: (smiles) Ah, how I love the sound of that.

JENNIFER gives him a look.

JACK: All right, that's my cue to quit while I'm ahead. (beat) Ready, Mrs. D.? Time's a wastin'.

JENNIFER: How do we even know where to look for Kate? I mean, this is a big city, Jack. We don't know what hotel she's staying in, or what she's going to do today-

JACK: Please, Jennifer. Did you really think I wouldn't do my homework?

JENNIFER: (surprised) Are you saying you know where she's staying here in Paris?

JACK: Was there ever any doubt?

JENNIFER: Well... Where do you think she is?

JACK: With the one person she's still got on her side. Billie.




JACK and JENNIFER are sitting at a cafe across the street from BILLIE REED'S townhouse, waiting for KATE to come out.

JENNIFER: Jack, this is ridiculous. She may not come out until hours from now--she may not even be there anymore. What if she already went out before we even got here?

JACK: Have a little faith-

Suddenly, they see KATE come out of the townhouse.

JACK: Quick, there she is! Come on, let's go-

JENNIFER: Wait a minute, we haven't paid for our lattes yet-

JACK: Forget about that, if we don't leave now, we'll lose her-

BILLIE: How typical. Jack Deveraux, still trying to get away with not paying for something.

JACK freezes in his spot. He recognizes BILLIE'S voice immediately and turns around slowly.

BILLIE: Nice to see you again, Jack.

JACK: Ms. Reed.

BILLIE: Hi, Jen.

JENNIFER: Billie, hey... How are you, it's been a long time...

BILLIE: Yes, it has. And I see you're still with this charmer.

JENNIFER: (laughs) Of course.

BILLIE: So, where were you two off to in such a hurry?

OUT on JACK and JENNIFER looking at each other.



JACK and JENNIFER have just run into BILLIE and in the process, have lost KATE, whom they had been trying to tail.

JACK: Uh... where were we headed just now?

BILLIE: Yes, Jack, that's what I asked.

JACLK: (laughs nervously) Well, Ms. Reed, don't tell me living here these past few years has made you so jaded. We are in Paris, after all--of course we were about to go sightseeing.

BILLIE: (thinking he's acting a bit oddly) Oh, right. Sightseeing.

JACK: Yes, you know, the Eiffel Tower, shopping on the Champs Elysse... Jennifer doesn't want to leave any store unvisited. (to JENNIFER) Don't you, lotus blossom?

JENNIFER: (giving him a look) No, I don't--honey suckle.

JACK: (getting the hint that he's going too far with this) Yes. Oh look, we were in such a hurry that we almost forgot to pay! (slaps his forehead) Where is my head these days? (throws money onto the table, then grabs JENNIFER'S hand), Come on-

BILLIE: Uh, wait...

JACK: (reluctantly) Yes?

BILLIE: You two are here to cover the coronation, I take it?

JENNIFER: Yes. The Spectator's been running a series on the princess for a few weeks now.

BILLIE: I know. My mother told me they've been a hit.

JACK: I'll be sure to thank Kate for the idea next time I see her. (tugs on JENNIFER'S hand)

BILLIE: Are, um... Bo and Hope going to be there too?

JENNIFER: Yeah... Yeah, they will.

BILLIE turns sad. JENNIFER feels badly for her.

BILLIE: (quietly) Well, you be sure to give them my love, okay?

JENNIFER: Of course. They'll be happy to hear from you.

BILLIE: (clears throat) I guess I should get going. I'll be late for work. It was nice seeing you again.

JENNIFER: It was nice seeing you again too.

JACK: Yes, likewise.

BILLIE: Yeah, I guess it was nice seeing you again too, Jack.

JACK gives her a look.

BILLIE: Have fun at the coronation tonight.

JACK: (annoyed) Oh, we will. (as she's walking away) Don't you worry your pretty little head over it!

JENNIFER: (watching her walk away) Gosh, I feel so bad for her.

JACK: Why?

JENNIFER: Come on, Jack, it can't be easy knowing your ex-fiancÚ's in town with his wife. She's got no one.

JACK: I'll tell you what she's got--bad timing. Thanks to her, we've lost Kate.

JENNIFER: (rolls eyes) Forget about that, Jack, let's just- (something occurs to her) I've got an even better idea!

JACK: What?

JENNIFER: (takes his hand) Come on, Jack!

OUT on the two.



Noise is coming from the door. Someone is jiggling with the lock. Finally, the door opens and JACK and JENNIFER walk through.

JENNIFER: (triumphantly) It still works!

JACK: (putting away his credit card) Yes, it's quite a timeless method, I would say. (looks around) All right, I guess we're safe--I don't hear any alarms blaring.

JENNIFER is already ahead of him, poking around. She is excited at having succeeded, and is remembering the old times when she and JACK used to do this. JACK reluctantly follows her.

JACK: So... care to tell me what we're looking for, exactly?

JENNIFER: (going through BILLIE'S desk) I don't really know yet, but I'm sure we'll know it when we see it.

JACK: (watching her) I see. Yes, that just crystallizes everything for me, then. (beat) Is it an animal, vegetable, or mineral?

JENNIFER: (rolling eyes) Jack...

JACK: Bigger than a breadbox? Smaller than a-

JENNIFER: Jack! Would you please be serious?

JACK: Does this not look like the face of a man who's dead serious?

JENNIFER: (gives him a look) Would you please just help me look?

JACK: (sighs) Yes, Nancy Drew. Perhaps I should try to guess which room Kate is staying in and look in there?

JENNIFER: That's a great idea! I'll call you if I- (something on the desk catches her eye)

JACK: (hears her stop and turns around) What is it? You found something?

JENNIFER: I'm not sure. (takes a pad of paper from the desk and holds it up for JACK to see) I might have.

JACK takes the pad of paper from her.

JENNIFER: It's a name.

JACK: I see that.

JENNIFER: And a phone number.

JACK: Yes, I see that too. (looks up at her) And...

JENNIFER: Well, does it look like Kate's handwriting?

JACK: (looks at it again) Yes, I suppose it does. I got enough editorial comments from her on my articles to know what her handwriting looks like.

JENNIFER: So this could be something!

JACK: I hate to quell your enthusiasm, but this is merely a name, Jennifer. We don't even know who this person is.

JENNIFER: I know that, Jack. But we could give it to Bo and Hope and they could follow up on it.

JACK: You're not serious.

JENNIFER: Why not?

JACK: Jennifer, that is a stretch at best.

JENNIFER: This from the man who suggested tailing Kate in the first place.

JACK: Look, I just think that-

They both freeze as they hear a sound coming from the door.

JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, what do we-

Before JENNIFER can finish her sentence, JACK grabs her and they hide in the hall closet. The door opens and KATE walks in. JACK and JENNIFER listen for any sounds.

KATE: Where did I leave that number...




KATE: Now I remember--I left it on the desk!


JACK gives JENNIFER a questioning look, knowing she still has the piece of paper. JENNIFER gestures to her blouse. JACK mouths, You didn't! JENNIFER gives him an embarrassed smile and shrugs.


KATE: It's not here... Where the hell is it?

OUT on JACK and JENNIFER as they hear KATE realize that it's gone.


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