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In This Life

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JACK and JENNIFER are getting ready to leave for the airport to fly to PARIS. JENNIFER is running around all over the house making sure she has not forgotten any last minute things, followed closely by JO, who is trying to keep up with her.

JENNIFER: (going over a mental checklist as she navigates through the furniture) The bus driver comes by at 6:45 every morning... He usually stops at the corner so Abby doesn't have to cross the street, but just in case he doesn't, could you please keep an eye on her to make sure she looks both ways? Oh, and she's got a piano lesson on Tuesday after school. Her teacher's address is on the fridge... I made a list of the phone numbers and addresses for the parents of all of her friends at school--those should be on the fridge too, and... let's see, what else have I forgotten... (stops and thinks)

JO: (amused) I think I've got it, Jennifer. (touches her on the shoulder) Now, don't you worry, I'll take good care of this little doll.

ABBY laughs at JO'S nickname for her.

JENNIFER: (embarrassed smile) You're right, Jo. And I do trust you, I hope you know that. I know you'll take really good care of her, it's just... well, you know, it's hard to leave your baby-

ABBY: (offended) Mommy! I'm not a baby anymore--I'm eight and a half!

JENNIFER: You're right, sweetie, I'm sorry. (exchanges grins with JO) You are a big girl now, aren't you? But you know what? (cups ABBY'S face) It's still hard to be away from you for this long.

JACK comes down the stairs, struggling with a very heavy suitcase. He plops the suitcase down beside the other ones at the door and goes into the living room.

JACK: (out of breath) All right, I think I got the last of them down-

JENNIFER: Oh my gosh! Jack, why didn't you ask me to help you? (rushes over to him) Look at you, you can't be exerting yourself like that yet...

JACK: Perhaps you should have thought of that, then, before you packed your entire wardrobe for this trip.

JENNIFER smirks.

JACK: Any other cargo you'd like to add at the last minute?

JENNIFER: Gee, I just love it when you're being overdramatic.

JACK: (grins, kisses her on the forehead) Yes. That's why I do it.

Outside, the cab arrives and honks its horn.

JACK: Ah, our chariot awaits.

JENNIFER: (gasps) Shoot, my passport--I left it upstairs! Jack, could you stall the cab? I'll be right back...

JACK: Cer- (she brushes past him as she bolts up the stairs) -tainly...

He opens the door and gestures to the cab to wait, then turns back to JO and ABBY and smiles awkwardly.

JACK: So...

JO: Yes?

JACK: (clears throat) You're, uh... you're sure you'll be all right here?

OUT on JO'S amusement.



JACK wants to make sure JO will be all right taking care of ABBY by herself.

JACK: You two will be all right here... right?

JO: (smiles) Yes, son, we will.

JACK: You're absolutely positive?

JO: Yes-

JACK: Because I'm sure we could get someone to help you out. I mean... you could, you know... (clenches teeth) even get Vern to come over, if that would make you feel more comfortable-

JO: (amused) Well, that's very sweet of you to offer, Jack, but I don't think that'll be necessary. It's not like this is the first time I've baby-sat, you know. In fact, if you remember, I took care of this little one lots of times when she was a baby--not to mention your sister's four very active, very rambunctious little boys. And I run a day care center, for heaven's sakes! I've done this plenty of times before, son.

JACK: Yes, but never for this long, Jo.

JO: (laughs) It's only a week!

JACK: A week is a long time-

JO: It'll be over before you know it. You'll see.

JACK: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Look, I know I'm being... overanxious. But I am leaving you in charge of my firstborn here.

ABBY looks at JO and giggles. JO grins back at her.

JO: Firstborn? Why, Jack... Does this mean there's going to be... more children in the near future?

JACK: (regretting his choice of words) Please, don't-

ABBY: (excitedly) Really, Daddy??

JACK sighs.

ABBY: Are you and Mommy going to have another baby soon??

JACK: (to JO) Now look what you've started... (to ABBY) No, sweetheart, we're not having a baby. Not yet-

JENNIFER: (overhearing) Baby...? (looks at JACK in surprise) What's going on here?

JACK gives her a "don't ask" look. The cab honks again.

JENNIFER: All right, we should get going...

JACK: (scoops up ABBY in his arms) You, my Cherie Amour, do you promise to behave?

ABBY: Uh huh!

JACK: And do you promise to listen to your grandmother, and do everything she tells you to do?

ABBY: Uh huh!

JACK: And do you promise not to give her any trouble and eat whatever she makes for you, even (whispers) green noodle tuna casserole?

ABBY: (loudly) But I like green noodle tuna casserole!

JO overhears and laughs, while JACK is embarrassed.

JENNIFER: Okay, baby, we have to go... (kisses ABBY) I love you! I'll miss you so much, but we'll call you every night, okay?

ABBY: Okay, Mommy!

JACK: (setting her down) Au revoir, Abigail. (kisses her)

ABBY: Au revoir, Daddy! Bon Voyage!

OUT on JACK and JENNIFER as they exchange amused grins.



JACK and JENNIFER are on their way to the airport. JENNIFER has been quiet for a few moments, and is staring out the window.

JACK: I can almost guarantee you the scenery won't change in the week we'll be gone.


JACK: (grins) You were admiring the view as if you'd never see it again.

JENNIFER: Oh... (laughs) I guess I was a little preoccupied, huh?

JACK: Yes, somewhat.

JENNIFER smiles.

JACK: Missing Abigail already, aren't you?

JENNIFER: Yeah, I am... But that's not it.

JACK: I see. You're thinking about Bo and Hope then, I take it.

JENNIFER: (nodding) I just wish they had let us go with them to Victor's. I can't stand knowing something this huge is going on and-

JACK: And we're not part of it?

JENNIFER smiles sheepishly and nods.

JACK: Look, two of Salem's finest are on the case. They'll handle it well, I'm sure.

JENNIFER: This from the man who was so offended at not being allowed to tag along earlier.

JACK: (gives her a look) I didn't say I didn't agree with you. It is rather frustrating to be out of the loop. But I tell you something--we will not be out of the loop for long.

JENNIFER: What does that mean?

JACK: Well, what do you think it means, Lois Lane?

JENNIFER: I don't know... But I think it means you're about to get us in a lot of trouble.

OUT on JACK'S grin.



JENNIFER wonders what JACK is up to.

JENNIFER: You have no idea how much it scares me when you get that look in your eyes.

JACK: (feigning ignorance) And what look would that be?

JENNIFER (grabs his chin to make him face her) That wicked gleam in your eye. That same gleam you had when you were plotting to kidnap me on my wedding day-

JACK: Correction--your ersatz wedding-

JENNIFER: -and when you told me your were dropping the von Leuschner series, but kept on snooping around behind my back-

JACK: And you weren't snooping around behind my back?

JENNIFER: -and when you-

JACK: Yes, I'm beginning to get the point, Jennifer. (beat) Are you saying I'm a sneak?

JENNIFER: (smiles) First class.

JACK: (grins) All right, if that's the way you feel... then I'll just refrain from sharing my plan with you-

JENNIFER: (grabs his arm) Oh no, you don't--you can't hold back from me, Jack Deveraux!

JACK looks out the window, then smiles back at JENNIFER.

JACK: Oh, look, we're here...

JENNIFER: Wait a minute! Jack!

JACK: (already exiting the car) Come on, Jennifer, Bo and Hope are expecting us...


She groans in frustration, then finally sighs and gets out of the car.

JENNIFER: All right, Jack, what do you have up your sleeve?

He starts to say something, but sees BO and HOPE approaching.

JACK: (whispers so only JENNIFER can hear) You'll find out soon enough, Miss H.

OUT on JENNIFER'S curiosity.



JACK, JENNIFER, BO, and HOPE are in line to check-in. JACK and JENNIFER are dying to know what happened at VICTOR'S.

JENNIFER: So? Are you going to tell us what Victor said when you told him?

BO tenses up. JACK and JENNIFER notice he seems upset, and exchange curious looks.

JENNIFER: (to HOPE, so BO does not hear) Hope, what's wrong?

HOPE pulls JENNIFER aside. JACK follows, but HOPE gives him a look. He smiles and steps back in line with BO.

JENNIFER: Did I say something wrong?

HOPE: No, no, it's just... It was weird, Jen. Victor didn't seem to want to take this threat too seriously. It's like he's not even that worried about it.

JENNIFER: What do you mean? How can he afford not to take this seriously? I mean, even Jack saw how furious Kate was when she found out Victor sold The Spectator behind her back... What if she really is capable of plotting something like this? How can he take that risk?

HOPE: (shrugs) I don't know. And get this--he already knew about the threats... When we told him, he said that he had already been "made aware of the situation" and that he had taken the "appropriate steps."

JENNIFER makes a face.

HOPE: Yeah, I know. Bo tried to get through to him and tell him that he should get some police protection, but he said it was already taken care of that that we didn't need to worry about it.

JENNIFER: Sounds like he's taking Kate a little too lightly.

HOPE: That's exactly what Bo thinks. (looks over at BO and sighs) He thinks Victor's making a big mistake in underestimating Kate. We'll just have to keep an eye on him from a distance if he insists on refusing our help. But I don't know if even that's enough to make Bo any less uneasy about this whole thing.

JENNIFER: Well, at least it's good that you two are looking into it-

JACK: (sneaking into the conversation) Having a nice chat, are we, ladies?

HOPE: Yes, as a matter of fact--and we were just wrapping it up, weren't we Jen?

JACK: (smirks) Ah yes, just in the nick of time, right?

HOPE: (winks) Exactly. (to JENNIFER) We'll talk later. (leaves to rejoin BO in line)

JACK: (watches her leave, then turns to JENNIFER) What was that all about?

JENNIFER: Good question. This whole thing is getting weirder and weirder by the minute, Jack...

OUT on JENNIFER shaking her head.



JACK and JENNIFER are snuggled together, with JENNIFER sleeping on JACK'S shoulder. JACK can not sleep and has his laptop out, and is trying to work on an article, but can not concentrate properly.

JACK: (muttering) It just doesn't make sense...

JENNIFER: (waking up) What doesn't make sense, Jack?

JACK: I'm... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you... Go back to sleep-

JENNIFER: (groggily) No, it's okay... What were you saying just now?

JACK: Nothing, nothing. Just the crazy ramblings of someone between time zones.

JENNIFER gives JACK a look.

JACK: What?

JENNIFER: Who do you think you're fooling, Jack?

JACK: Whom.


JACK: (sighs) Three instances of my name in the span of a minute. That can only mean you want my attention.

JENNIFER: Score one for you. Now, would you mind telling me what's on your mind?

JACK: Well, when you put it that way... (closes his laptop) I was just musing over the Victor situation, that's all. Rather difficult to motivate myself to write this article about the coronation ball when we both know a real story is brewing--and it ain't going to be about the princess getting her crown.

JENNIFER: I know. (lays her head on his shoulder again) I guess we'll just have to keep our eyes and ears open while we do the work we came here to do.

JACK: Easier said than done. (beat) Why is it that we seem to always end up in situations like these?

JENNIFER: (smiles) Because we're just lucky that way?

OUT on the two.



Two men are speaking, but their faces are not shown.

MAN #1: Have the guards all been paid off?

MAN #2: I talked to them all this morning, sir. I assure you, they will do as we ask.

MAN #1: Good. So he'll have no problem getting in here tomorrow evening?

MAN #2: None whatsoever. And he will be well-concealed. No one will ever be able to see him behind this screen, but he should have a clear enough line of vision to get good aim.

MAN #1: Well done.

A woman has now joined them.

WOMAN: Yes, you'll be well-rewarded for your efforts here. (turns to MAN #1) After tomorrow, nothing's going to stand in our way, is it?

Camera pulls back to reveal their faces: it is LAWRENCE ALAMAIN and CARLY MANNING.

OUT on the two as they smile at each other.


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