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In This Life

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JENNIFER is busy working on a story. Her door is open, and JACK knocks. Unbeknownst to JACK, his new intern, RICK LARSON, has followed him to JENNIFER'S office and is waiting for further instructions.

JACK: Jennifer...

JENNIFER: (looks up) Hi! What's going on?

JACK: I wanted to talk to you-

He notices she is giving him a funny look.

JACK: What?

JENNIFER indicates that someone is behind him. JACK turns around, a bit startled to see RICK there.

JACK: Mr. Larson... Can I help you?

RICK: I was just waiting for my next assignment, sir.

JACK looks at JENNIFER and rolls his eyes. She tries not to laugh.

JACK: Well, your current assignment is to stop playing 'me and my shadow' with me-


JACK: (sighs) Your next assignment, yes... All right, how about this--Mary Reynolds in the features department is working on a story about community activism. I'm sure she's going to need some assistance in doing research, so why don't you tell her I sent you?

RICK: Right away, Mr. Deveraux! (to JENNIFER) Nice seeing you again, Mrs. Deveraux. (gives her a flirtatious smile, which JACK sees right away)

JENNIFER: Bye, Rick!

JACK: (imitating JENNIFER) Bye, Rick! (slams the door in disgust) Interns...

He notices that JENNIFER has gone back to working on her story.

JACK: Hmm, perhaps I should take a peek at what has my lovely fiancée so engrossed-

JENNIFER blocks his way before he can look at her computer monitor.

JENNIFER: Oh no, you don't! Not until I've finished the final edit. (comes around the front of the desk and pulls him towards her for a kiss) And besides, you haven't told me what you're doing here.

JACK: Oh, I wasn't aware I needed a reason...

JENNIFER: Well, I guess not... (kissing him again) Not when you're this good of a kisser...

JACK pulls away and grins at her.

JENNIFER: What? What's that for?

JACK: What's what for?

JENNIFER: That cat-ate-the-canary grin, Jack. What's going on?

JACK: I don't know what you're talking about-

JENNIFER: (pulls on his tie to bring him closer to her) Must I remind you that you are talking to your partner? Now spill, Jack.

JACK: (gives her a devious smile) All right, I must confess, I did have a special reason for coming here...

He starts to pull out something from the inside pocket of his jacket.

JACK: I have a surprise for you...

OUT on JENNIFER'S curiosity.



JACK has a surprise for JENNIFER.

JENNIFER: A surprise? (tries to grab whatever JACK is holding but he teases her by keeping it out of her reach) Jack!! Come on, what is it?

JACK laughs and finally hands her an unmarked envelope.

JACK: Well, go ahead. Open it...

JENNIFER: (opens it) Jack!! Two first class tickets to Paris? How... what... you... I can't believe-

JACK: (grins) I take it this meets with your approval?

JENNIFER excitedly throws her arms around him and jumps on him.

JACK: (with difficulty) I'd say that's a definite yes-

JENNIFER: Yes! Yes, it's a definite yes!! We may not have gotten to go to Venice, but I think this can serve as a honeymoon preview of sorts...

JACK: (smiles) That's the idea.

He sets Jennifer down, but keeps his hands at her waist.

JACK: There is... one tiny thing I neglected to mention, though.

JENNIFER: (trying not to sound disappointed) Oh?

JACK: (sensing her disappointment) We'll still be taking full advantage of the magic and romance of the City of Lights, of course.

JENNIFER: Oh... (perks up) Well, good-

JACK: But...


JACK: But... we'll also be there on business.

JENNIFER: On business?

JACK: Yes.

JENNIFER: What do you mean? What kind of business?

JACK: I've volunteered us to cover Miss von Amburg's coronation. With Vern still out, I had to find someone to cover the rest of this series... (beat) I hope you're not disappointed.

JENNIFER: (smiles) Jack, I'm not disappointed.

JACK: You're not?

She shakes her head.

JENNIFER: Nope. Know why?

JACK: (half-smiles) Why?

JENNIFER: Because I'm going to be in the most romantic city in the world with the most wonderful man in the world-

JACK: (rolling his eyes, tries to be modest) Well... I don't know about the most wonderful-

JENNIFER: Don't correct me, Jack... Like I was saying-

JACK: As I was saying-

JENNIFER: As I was saying... We'll only have to work for one night... (leans in close, and JACK smiles in response) So there's no reason we can't enjoy ourselves the rest of the time, is there?

JACK: (pretending to think) No, no... I can't think of a single reason...

JENNIFER: (smiles) Good. Me neither. So it's all set, it'll just be a working vacation...

JACK sits down on her desk and pulls her onto his lap.

JACK: (whispering in her ear) Perhaps we could supplement our work with... another kind of work...

JENNIFER: (playing along) Could you elaborate on what you had in mind, exactly?

JACK: You're a reporter, Mrs. D--I shouldn't have to elaborate.

JENNIFER: Humor me.

JACK: All right. We could... get started on that project we've been talking about. You know, regarding a certain request that the child has been dropping hints about?

JENNIFER: Oh you mean... something about a baby brother? That?

JACK: (smiling) Yes, that.


JACK: That does sound vaguely familiar...

JENNIFER: Why, Jack, I'm shocked! And we're not even married yet! Think of the scandal...

JACK: Oh, of course, I lost my head there for a second. I was too distracted by a certain temptress sitting on my lap... Well, then... we'll just have to remember to pack the miracle diaphragm-

JENNIFER: (laughs and swats him on the arm) Behave yourself, Mr. D.

JACK: Yes, Mrs. D. (begins to nibble her ear)


JACK: Hmm...


JACK: Yes...?

JENNIFER: (swooning) Jack, we... really should... get back to work...

JACK: We are working...

JENNIFER: (giggling) What if they can see us outside?

JACK pulls her along with him to the door, where he closes the blinds. He goes back to kissing her.


JACK: You can't possibly have any more objections?

JENNIFER: (as they're kissing) Not that I'm not enjoying this--very much, I might add--but...

JACK: But what?

Suddenly, a voice interrupts them.

JO: Jennifer?

Startled, JACK immediately pulls away and straightens.

JENNIFER: (whispers) But... that.

OUT on JACK looking at JENNIFER.



JO has come to JENNIFER'S office, interrupting JACK and JENNIFER.

JO: (knocking on the closed door) Jennifer?

JACK: (whispering) Is that Jo?


JO: (knocks again) Jennifer, it's Jo... Jennifer?

JENNIFER: (straightening her clothes and hair) Uh... Just a second, Jo!

She goes to open the door, then notices lipstick on JACK'S cheek and wipes it off.

JENNIFER: (muttering) Maybe we should rethink this working together thing...

JACK gives her a smirk as she opens the door.

JENNIFER: (cheerfully) Hi, Jo!

JO: Jennifer! I- (sees JACK, suddenly figures out what's been going on) Oh, you know, I can come back at another time-

JACK: Yes, perhaps you could-

JENNIFER: (overlapping) No, no, no! Don't be silly, please come in.

JO: Are you sure?

JACK: Yes, Jennifer, are you sure?

JENNIFER: (jabs JACK in the ribs) Of course I am.

JO: (smiles) All right... I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

JENNIFER: Nothing we can't get back to later...

JACK: (muttering) Yes, later... (to JO) So, what brings you to these parts?

JO: Oh, didn't Jennifer tell you?

JACK: (looking at JENNIFER) Tell me what?

JO: She asked me to come over here today. (to JENNIFER) I understood that right, didn't I? You did want me to come over, right?

JENNIFER: Yes, yes, I did. And you know what, Jack? I'm glad you're here too, 'cause this is something you should be here for.

JACK: Well, now you've piqued my curiosity. What's this all about?

OUT on JO looking back and forth between JACK and JENNIFER trying to figure out why she is here.



JO and JACK are curious why JENNIFER asked JO to come to her office.

JACK: (to JO) You sure didn't know anything about this?

JENNIFER: Come on, Jack, stop harassing your poor mother...

JACK: I am not harassing her! (JO laughs) Just... curious, that's all. (beat) So do we get to find what you want to talk to us about?

JENNIFER: All right, I had this really great idea the other day...

She notices the way JACK is looking at her.

JENNIFER: Don't give me that look... It really is a great idea!

JACK: Oh, no, no--this was not a look of doubt. I am not doubting you whatsoever. I mean, your ideas are always nothing short of brilliant.

JENNIFER: (smirks) Very funny. So anyway... as I was saying, (JACK grins at the phrase) I came up with this idea, and I thought, I have to tell Jo.

JO: Well... what is it, Jennifer?

JENNIFER: Jack, do you remember a conversation we had in your office a long time ago--when I was taking care of Hannah?

JACK: Oh, you mean that toddler diapers are too large for infants? Yes, Jennifer, I do believe I've come to that conclusion on my own with our daughter-

JENNIFER: No, Jack, another conversation we had.

JACK: All right, this could take all day, would you mind narrowing it down?

JENNIFER: (sighs) The conversation we had about having a day care center here at the paper. (beat) Ringing any bells yet?

JACK: (shrugs) I guess so- (figures it out) Oh, you want... you want...

JENNIFER: (nods) I want Jo to open up a day care center here. At The Spectator.

She looks at JO.

JENNIFER: Well? What do you think?

OUT on JO.


JENNIFER has asked JO to run a day care center at the newspaper.

JO: Jennifer, I... I don't know what to say...

JENNIFER: (thinking JO must not like the idea) I'm sorry, Jo... I don't mean to put you on the spot... I mean you probably wanted to open your own center, so I shouldn't have been so presumptuous-

JO: No, no, it's not that at all, Jennifer!

JENNIFER: It isn't?

JACK: It isn't?

JO: (laughs) No! (beat) I'm just... so touched that you would think of me... I think a day care center here is a wonderful idea to begin with, but to ask me to run it--it's so kind of you.

JENNIFER: Believe me, I'm not doing it to be kind, Jo. I know you, and I know that no one would do a more fantastic job than you would. (holds up her hand) And I swear, the fact that you're my mother-in-law had nothing to do with it. No nepotism here.

JO: Well, it's certainly a very tempting offer... (looks at JACK) Son? What do you think about all this?

JACK isn't quite sure how he feels about JO working here, but he can see how happy it would make her.

JACK: I... I do believe the important thing here, Jo, is what you think.

JO: It isn't going to be uncomfortable for you, is it? Me working here?

JACK: (nervous laugh) Don't be ridiculous! It's... such a large building. We'd probably rarely run into each other while we're at work...

JO: (amused) So you're fine with this.

JACK: Hunky dory.

JO: And you're fine with me... working at the same place as Vern?

JACK tenses.

JO: You can be honest with me, Jack, I can take it. I'd rather know upfront.

JACK: Look, this is something that... you've worked really hard for. And I am not going to stand in your way.

JO: You mean it, son?

JACK looks at JENNIFER, who gives him an encouraging smile. He walks over to JO and extends his hand.

JACK: Welcome to The Spectator.

JO is overjoyed. She takes his hand, then pulls him into a hug. JACK looks at JENNIFER over JO'S shoulder. JENNIFER gives him a thumb's up sign, and finally, JACK reluctantly breaks into a half-smile, then gives her a thumbs up also.

OUT on the three.


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