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In This Life

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JACK and JENNIFER have just visited VERN and are walking slowly down the hallway, hand in hand. They are both still shaken up after finding out about VERN'S heart attack, especially JENNIFER. JACK watches her as they are walking and sees her with her head down. He knows how much this has affected her.

JACK: (giving her hand a squeeze) Are you going to be okay?

JENNIFER: (looks up at him) Yeah, I'll... be fine...

JACK: (unconvinced) You're sure?

JENNIFER: (smiles, touched by his concern) I will, I promise. I guess this whole ordeal just really got to me, that's all. I've been so caught up in all the craziness of planning the wedding and obsessing over all the little details, and something like this comes along and reminds you once again what's really important... (stops walking, faces him) How fragile life is...

JACK: I know.

JENNIFER: He's been such a big part of our lives, Jack. I can't imagine him not being around.

JACK: (smiles) Indeed. Whom would I have to kick around?

JENNIFER: (swatting playfully him on the arm, laughs) You're so horrible to him-

JACK: Oh come on, he knows I don't mean it half the time. (turns serious) I mean, he is... he is the closest thing to a father that I've ever had, really.

JENNIFER: (softly) I know. And Brian and Tanner--I can't even imagine what it must have been like for them to hear the news. (looks back up at him; she is very emotional now) When I think about how close I came to losing you... (takes a breath) It all just came rushing back to me today-

JACK: (takes her in his arms and holds her for a while, then pulls away so he can look at her, and cups her face with his hands) Hey, it's all right... I'm fine now. And Vern will be too, you'll see. Have you ever met anyone more stubborn in your life? (grins) Besides yourself of course.

JENNIFER: (smiles) You're right. You're right, I mean Dr. Wesley said it was only a minor heart attack, and knowing Vern, he'll be back to normal again soon. (beat) As long as we keep him away from you, that is.

JACK: (arching an eyebrow) Are you implying I raise his stress level?

JENNIFER: Just a little bit... (holds up her index finger and thumb to indicate "a little bit")

JACK: I guess I do know how to light a fire under him... (smiles at her) Well, it is good to see that smile again.

JENNIFER: (laughs softly) I just wish we could have a do-over of this day. (shakes her head) What a day...

JACK looks at her for a few moments and thinks of an idea.

JACK: I think I know just the thing to cheer up my once and future wife.

JENNIFER: (suspicious) Care to let me in on whatever this is?

JACK: (grinning) Well, now it wouldn't be a surprise then, would it?

OUT on JENNIFER'S curiosity.



JACK has just told JENNIFER that he has thought of a way to cheer her up, but he will not tell her what it is, much to JENNIFER'S frustration. He is off in the corner talking with someone on the phone and JENNIFER is trying to hear his conversation, but can not make out anything.

JACK: Great, that's perfect... Thank you very much, I really appreciate this. I think we just need to get away for a little bit after today. Yes... I will, I'll call you later. Thank you.

He hangs up and sees JENNIFER looking back at him, ready to burst from curiosity. He gives her his "happy Jack" smile and walks back to where she is standing.

JENNIFER: (trying to play it cool) Well?

JACK: (takes her hand and gently tugs on it so they can leave) Well, it is all set. Come on-

JENNIFER: (does not move when he tries to pull her along) Wait a minute--what's all set? You still haven't told me what that was all about, Jack.

JACK: (trying to act mysterious) Oh, just making a few arrangements. I called Adrienne to make sure she and Justin could watch Abigail for a little bit longer. I think Jo wants to stay here for a few more hours, so-

JENNIFER: And where are we going?

JACK: (leans in close) I told you, it's a surprise. (grins) You'll just have to trust me.

JENNIFER: (narrowing her eyes) You have no idea how much it frightens me when you say that, Jack.

JACK: Oh come now, what is life with me if not one long, exciting adventure?

JENNIFER: (thinks about it for a while, then finally smiles) I guess normal is overrated, isn't it?

JACK: (shudders) Very. (tugs on her hand again) Come on, milady, off we go...

OUT on JACK and JENNIFER as they leave the hospital.



JACK has just whisked JENNIFER away for a surprise to cheer her up over their wedding being postponed and VERN being hospitalized. As they are driving, the scenery begins to become very familiar to JENNIFER and she turns to JACK and smiles.

JENNIFER: You think you're pretty clever, don't you?

JACK: (grinning) As a matter of fact...

JENNIFER: (laughing) I can't believe you did this...

JACK: (feigning innocence) Did what?

JENNIFER: Oh come on, Jack, I know exactly where we are.

JACK: I should hope so, as it is a very special place.

JACK has taken JENNIFER to the cabin where he took her to keep her from marrying EMILIO. JENNIFER is touched that he would bring her here, and smiles and leans over to kiss his cheek.

JACK: Well... what was that for?

JENNIFER: That was for being the sweetest-

JACK grimaces; he hates being called sweet.

JENNIFER: -most thoughtful, most romantic man in the world.

JACK: I beg your pardon, could you repeat that last part?

JENNIFER: (feeling playful) Which part?

JACK: You know which part.

JENNIFER: Oh, you mean the part about you being the most romantic man in the world?

JACK: (sly grin) That would be it, yes. I just want to savor those words, as I have been accused in the past of the exact opposite--by yourself, as a matter of fact.

JENNIFER: Well, clearly I was just not myself when I said that.

JACK: (smiles, leans in to kiss her gently on the lips) Clearly.

He opens the driver's side door, then goes around to open JENNIFER'S door and help her out. They walk up to the pathway, as JENNIFER continues to be amazed that he has brought her here.

JENNIFER: (following JACK inside the cabin) You know, I still can't believe you managed to arrange this all at the last minute--literally. I mean, how did you... (she sees JACK smiling) What?

JACK: What what?

JENNIFER: I know that look, Jack Deveraux, what are you hiding?

JACK: I suppose I can let the cat out of the bag now...

JENNIFER'S eyes widen in surprise.

JACK: You see, I was trying to think of the perfect wedding present to give to my bride. It had to be something with a lot of meaning, naturally... and so...

JENNIFER: (whispers) Oh, Jack...

JACK: (smiles) It's ours. This cabin, I bought it, for... us... This is my wedding present.

JENNIFER: (very emotional) I can't believe it... I can't... This is just... Oh, Jack! (she excitedly jumps into his arms)

JACK: (laughing) I figured we could also continue the tradition of birthing our children in log cabins-

JENNIFER: (interrupting him with a kiss) This is perfect.

JACK: (blushing) I'm glad it pleases you.

JENNIFER: I love it. And I love you.

JACK: I... (with great emotion) I love you too...

He strokes her cheeks affectionately and they lean in to kiss each other again.



JACK and JENNIFER are standing outside, looking at the stars. JACK is standing behind her, holding her, and JENNIFER is leaning back against his chest. They are enjoying this quiet moment after the crazy day they have had.

JACK: (kissing her hair) Well, this isn't exactly the honeymoon we had planned, but it's... it's not so bad, is it?

JENNIFER: (turning around to face him) No, it's not bad at all. In fact, it's rather nice, Jack. I can't think of a better way to ring in the new year than to be here with you in this place.

JACK: So you're saying we should have just come here for our honeymoon instead of Venice?

JENNIFER: (laughs) Venice will still be there when we finally have the wedding, Jack. In the meantime, I suppose things do work out as they should, since this is just perfect.

JACK: I suppose we have Vern to thank for giving us a scare then, and leading us here-

JENNIFER: (groans) You are terrible, you know that?

JACK: (leans in close) Last chance to back out, Mrs. D. Are you sure you want to be stuck with me for life?

JENNIFER: Surer than I've ever been about anything in my life. (leans in as well; they can feel each other's breath on their faces) There's nothing I want more than to be stuck with you for the rest of my life, Jack Deveraux.

JACK: (smiles) Good, I'm glad to hear that. (kisses her)

JENNIFER: (when they pull away) You know, as nice as this has turned out--and thank God Vern's going to be all right--I still regret one thing.

JACK: (kisses her forehead) What's that?

JENNIFER: That we didn't get to say our vows. (looks up at him) We've waited so long, Jack, so many years to get this right. I really wanted to stand there in front of the people we loved and promise to love you and cherish you forever...

JACK looks at her with great love, amazed that they have been able to work through everything thrown at them.

JACK: Well... it won't exactly be legal, but... what do you say we exchange our vows right now? Consider it a practice run, if you will--for the real ceremony.

JENNIFER: (touched that he would suggest this) This will be just as real, Jack.

JACK: Shall we get started, then?

He takes her hands in his.

JACK: I, Jack Harcourt Deveraux, take you, Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux, to be my wife. My partner in crime, my other half, my true equal. I promise to always bring love, adventure, and laughter--with an extra emphasis on the laughter--(JENNIFER laughs) into your life. (becomes really emotional) I promise not to push you away or shut you out during the darker moments we may go through. And I promise to never, ever take you for granted.

JENNIFER can not speak right away because she is overcome with emotion from what he just said. Finally, she finds her voice.

JENNIFER: I, Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux, take you, Jack Harcourt Deveraux, to be my husband. My lifeline, my rock, my soul. I promise to laugh at all your stupid jokes (JACK pretends to be offended, then laughs). I promise to be patient and open. And I promise to never, ever doubt you again.

JACK: I believe this is the part where the minister tells me I can kiss the bride.

JENNIFER: (smiles) Well, what are you waiting for then?

JACK leans in and kisses her. Both savor the kiss, grateful that after everything they have dealt with in the last few months, they are back together, stronger than ever.

JACK: (softly) So, uh...


JACK: Um, do you remember what I said the other day about... waiting for our wedding night?

JENNIFER: Oh yes, I most definitely remember that conversation. And the cold shower that followed afterwards.

JACK half-smiles.

JENNIFER: Are you trying to tell me something, Mr. Deveraux?

JACK: I see that razor-sharp reporter's instinct is back.

JENNIFER: Mm hmm. Well, that's what happens when one is exposed to the best there is. (grins) So... are you saying what I think you're saying?

JACK: (smiles) Probably. (beat) I know that technically this is not our real, legal wedding night, but... we're not going to start doing things the traditional way now, are we?

JENNIFER: (smiles back at him) No... No, I mean, why start being conventional now, right?

He takes her hand and kisses it, then leads her back inside the cabin.

JACK: Precisely. (kisses her) Have I told you, Mrs. D., how much I love the way your mind works?

JENNIFER: Once or twice. But I have an even better idea. How about you show me exactly how much?

JACK: (grins) Your wish is my command, milady...

He takes her face in his hands and they kiss passionately, then they sink down to the bed.

OUT on their kiss.



JACK and JENNIFER are lying on the bed, with her head resting on his chest. He is stroking her hair, and they are both in bliss, content to savor the beauty of this moment.

JENNIFER: (very emotional) God, I have missed you...

JACK: (kisses the top of her head) And I have missed you...

JENNIFER props herself up on her elbow so they are facing each other. JACK continues to gently and affectionately stroke her hair and her face.

JENNIFER: Jack, we've... hurt each other so much over the last few months... And I wish-

JACK: (puts his finger on her lips) Don't... Don't give into regret--isn't that what you said to me before?

JENNIFER smiles and nods.

JACK: What matters is the here and now. You taught me that.

JENNIFER: Carpe Diem.

JACK: (smiles) You've been studying your Latin.

JENNIFER: (laughs) Yes, well it helps when you've got one hell of a gorgeous teacher...

JACK is embarrassed.

JACK: (tentatively) You... think I'm gorgeous?

JENNIFER: (teasing him) Who says I was talking about you?

JACK: Oh, just for that, you're not going to get an encore...

JENNIFER: Oh we'll see about that... (giggles and pulls the covers over them) I have my ways...

JACK: Whoa... You certainly do...

OUT on their laughter.


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