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In This Life

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ABBY comes barreling into JACK and JENNIFER'S bedroom. She is the first person to wake up that morning, and can no longer contain her excitement, so she leaps onto the bed.

ABBY: (shaking a sleeping JENNIFER) Wake up!! Wake up, wake up!!

JENNIFER: (half-asleep) Abby? (slowly opens her eyes) Baby, what time is it-

ABBY: Wake up, Mommy! Wake up! Today's the day you and Daddy are getting married!

She tugs on JENNIFER'S arm.

ABBY: Come on, let's get a move on! Time's a wastin'! Slowpokes miss out on all the fun!

JENNIFER: (laughing as ABBY tries to pull her up) Let me take a wild guess on who taught you that one...

ABBY rushes over to the other side of the bed.

ABBY: Daddy, you have to wake up too-

She tries to shake him, then realizes it is a pillow. She throws off the covers, sees he's not there on the other side of the bed.

ABBY: Daddy?! (to JENNIFER) Where's Daddy?!

JENNIFER: Oh, sweetie, he's-

ABBY: (scared) You and Daddy are still going to get married--right, Mommy?

OUT on JENNIFER'S amusement.



JACK is still sleeping, snoring lightly. VERN comes in and chuckles when he hears him. He waves a cup of coffee under JACK'S nose.

VERN: Jack...

JACK: (smelling the coffee) Wha... What? What's going on, what?

He wakes up startled, and accidentally knocks over the cup in VERN'S hand. JACK and VERN both scream when the hot coffee spills on JACK.

JACK: What the hell are you doing?

VERN: (overlapping) Aww, look at the mess you've made! I'm going to have to get that quilt cleaned now!

JACK: (fully awake now) Would you mind telling me why I am covered in hot--and I do mean scorching hot--coffee? What are you doing in here?

VERN: I was trying to wake you up... (embarrassed laugh)

JACK: (mumbling) Well, you've certainly succeeded.

VERN: It is your wedding day, in case you've forgotten.

JACK: Of course I haven't forgotten! I wouldn't have spent the night here otherwise, since I was given strict orders not to see the bride on our wedding day. (looks at VERN) Even though I've already been married to her.

VERN chuckles.

JACK: Tell me something, Vern, how did these ludicrous superstitions come about, anyhow? (gets up out of bed)

VERN: Beats me, Jack, but come on, let's get you moving-

JACK: Get me moving--Vern, it is 10:00. The wedding is at 3:30. I'd say I have more than enough time to get myself ready. I mean, all I really have to do is shower and show up-

VERN: Look, I know you're a newspaper man and you love the rush of getting an article done right before the deadline, but this is not the same thing, all right?

JACK grins when VERN mentions the newspaper, and VERN notices.

VERN: What's that look for?

JACK: (wanting to surprise VERN with the news later) Look, what look? I think you're seeing things again, Vern... Let's go get me married!

He walks out and VERN watches him.

OUT on VERN sighing and shaking his head.



ABBY has discovered JACK is gone and fears her parents might not be getting married after all.

ABBY: You didn't change your minds, did you, Mommy? You're still getting married, right?

JENNIFER: Baby, of course we are! What a silly question.

ABBY: Then where's Daddy?

JENNIFER: Daddy's at Uncle Vern's. He spent the night there--he left after we tucked you in.

ABBY: (eyes wide) You kicked him out of the house?

JENNIFER: (laughs) No, sweetie. He's just not supposed to see me before the wedding, that's all, so he went to Uncle Vern's. (cups ABBY'S face) So don't worry, okay?

ABBY: Okay. I just can't wait until you guys are married again, Mommy.

JENNIFER: (smiles) Me too. (looks at the clock) Well, it's a little early but what do you say you help me get ready until Hope and Grandma and the rest of the girls get here?

ABBY: Sure!

JENNIFER: Okay, I knew I could count on you...

She goes to her dresser to get something the sits back down on the bed.

JENNIFER: C'mere, baby, I want to show you something...

ABBY sits on her lap.

JENNIFER: You see this?

ABBY: What is it, Mommy?

JENNIFER: It's a shell that Daddy gave me a long time ago, when we were stuck on this island.

ABBY: You were stuck on an island?? Like Swiss Family Robinson?

JENNIFER: (smiles) Something like that, yeah...

ABBY: (looks at the ring) It's so pretty!

JENNIFER: It is, isn't it? You see how it's shaped like a ring?

ABBY: Uh huh...

JENNIFER: Well, I used to wear it as a ring all the time. (looks at ABBY) And I would really love it if you could wear it today--would you do that for me?

ABBY: Can I, really?

JENNIFER: Absolutely... It's a little big to wear on your finger, but you can wear it on a chain around your neck.

ABBY: Do I get to keep it, Mommy? Please? I promise to take good care of it...

JENNIFER: I know you will, baby. (beat) Every time you look at that ring, I want you to remember how much Daddy and I love each other, all right?

ABBY: I know. Grandma said you guys'll love each other forever.

JENNIFER: (kisses ABBY'S forehead) Your Grandma Jo is right. (looks at the ring) Forever.

OUT on mother and daughter.



VERN is helping JACK get dressed. JACK is wearing a white tuxedo, with his jacket still hanging on the door as VERN helps him with his cufflinks.

JACK: I sure hope those heat lamps work like a charm out on that island, or we are all going to be frozen popsicles before we make it down the aisle.

VERN: (struggling with the cufflinks) Why did you pick the island of all places to get married in? Call me old-fashioned, but to me, weddings are always in a church or city hall. Much warmer either way.

JACK: (seeing VERN fiddling with the cufflinks) You know, Sheldon had much nimbler fingers than you-

VERN gives him a look.

JACK: (apologetic smile) I mean, thank you, Vern. That's so... dexterous of you.

VERN goes back to putting the cufflinks in.

JACK: As a matter of fact, there was a reason we chose the island as the place for our wedding.

VERN: I know--you wanted to be different. Wild West Arena, islands, same difference, right?

JACK: (smirks) No, Vern. For your information--and I know this might stun you--there is a sentimental reason behind all this.

VERN: Oh... Well, I'm sorry I doubted you, Jack.

JACK: Quite all right.

VERN is still trying to get the cufflinks snapped shut.

JACK: Vern, would you just... here, you know what, allow me. I'd hate to have you strain yourself on such a minor task.

VERN: I can handle it-

JACK: No, really, it's fine. Thank you. Why don't you, uh... Why don't you start getting ready?

VERN: Oh, please, it takes me ten minutes to get dressed.

JACK: (trying to give him a hint) Your talent astounds me. I really think you shouldn't let that amazing ability go to waste.

VERN: (smirks) Whatever you say, Jack. (starts to leave) I'll be right in here if you need me. Just holler.

JACK: Oh, I will!

He manages to put the cufflinks in and snap them shut, then slips into his jacket. He looks at his reflection and sees that he's forgotten to put on his tie.

JACK: Vern? Hey... Vern? Vern, have you seen my tie? I think I left it in the guest room...

VERN does not answer.

JACK: Vern? Ver--

He gets frustrated, and decides to go to VERN'S room.

JACK: Vern! (bangs on the door) What, did you put earplugs in? Vern! (opens the door) Have you seen my-

He sees VERN lying on the ground.

JACK: Oh my God...



HOPE, ALICE, JO, ADRIENNE, and CALLIOPE have come over to the house to help JENNIFER get ready. JENNIFER is still in a robe and is sitting on the bed as CALLIOPE applies her make-up.

JENNIFER: Now, um, Calliope... It's not that I don't trust you, but remember, I said I want to look natural.

CALLIOPE: Yes, yes, I remember. You wanted the natural look. (grins) Honey, even the natural look takes time to do.

JENNIFER looks to HOPE for help, but HOPE just grins at her.

HOPE: Just a few more hours, Jen... You nervous?


ADRIENNE: (incredulous, exchanges amused glances with HOPE) Oh, really?

JENNIFER: (smiles) Really.

ADRIENNE: You're not nervous, even a little bit?

HOPE: Not even the tiniest bit?

ALICE: Now, girls, if Jennifer says she's not nervous, I'm sure she isn't. After all, she's been waiting for this day for a long time, haven't you darling?

JENNIFER: That's right, Grandma-

CALLIOPE: Blot your lips for me for just a second, honey...

JENNIFER blots her lips.

JENNIFER: That's right, Grandma. I've waited six years for this, and it's finally going to happen.

JO: Well, I always knew it was going to happen. I did. I said to myself, those two kids were meant to be together, and they are going to make it work somehow, someway.

ABBY: You're psychic, Grandma!

JO: (laughing) Oh, I don't know about that, sweetheart-

The phone rings.

JENNIFER: I wonder who that could be? It better not be the caterer--Doug told me he got everything straightened out-

CALLIOPE: Blot for me, one more time...

HOPE: (overlapping) I'll get it, Jen. (beat) Uh... Jen, it's Jack...

JENNIFER: (takes the phone) Jack?


JACK: Jennifer-

JENNIFER: (worried by the sound of his voice) Jack, what is it? What's wrong? I can tell something's wrong...

JACK: It's, uh... It's Vern...


JO immediately looks at JENNIFER.

JENNIFER: Jack, what happened to Vern?

JACK: He collapsed, Jennifer... I found him lying on the ground, and I called 911... We're at the hospital right now...

JENNIFER: Oh my God! What was it, do they know? What happened?

JACK: I haven't gotten anyone to tell me anything yet--they just rushed him in... He... Can you come? Please?

JENNIFER: Don't worry, I'll be right there, Jack... I'll be right there...

She hangs up the phone, and JO grabs her arm in concern.

JO: Jennifer, what happened?

JENNIFER: It's Vern, Jo... Jack found him on the ground, unconscious-

JO: Oh no... Oh no...

JENNIFER: They're at the hospital... (looks at everyone) I have to go there right now...

JO: I want to go with you...

ADRIENNE: Uh, we'll stay behind and watch Abby. Go on.

JENNIFER: Thanks, Adrienne... (to JO) He'll be fine, Jo. Don't you worry. He'll be fine...

OUT on JENNIFER and JO as they leave for the hospital.



JENNIFER and JO have arrived at the hospital. JENNIFER sees JACK and rushes over to hug him. JACK is very shaken.

JENNIFER: Oh, Jack... How is he, do they know anything yet?

JACK sees JO there, and hesitates to say something in front of her.

JO: Son, what is it? Is it bad?

JACK: He's... he's had a heart attack.

JO: (puts her hand to her mouth, starts to tear up) Oh no... No...

JENNIFER: Oh my God, do they know how bad it is?

JACK: I haven't been able to get much more information-

CRAIG comes over.

JACK: Dr. Wesley--Dr. Wesley, how is he?

CRAIG: He'll be fine, Mr. Deveraux. Mr. Scofield is a lucky man. It was a minor heart attack. We've got him stabilized.

JO: Can we see him?

CRAIG: Not just yet, I'm afraid. (to JACK) Has his family been notified?

JACK: I've, uh... I've called his sons--they're in Las Vegas. They're coming on the next flight over here.

CRAIG: Good. Listen--I don't want you to worry. He is not going to need surgery, and that's good news. We'll keep him here to monitor him and make sure he's stable. But he will be fine.

JACK: Thank you, doctor.

CRAIG: Of course. (leaves)

JACK: It's my fault...

JENNIFER: What do you mean it's your fault?

JACK: (overlapping) It's my fault... I put him through all kinds of stress with the wedding, and-

JENNIFER: Jack, what are you talking about? Don't... Hey... (grabs his chin to turn his face towards her) Vern's one tough customer. He's got a high threshold for stress. Not even you could break him.

JACK half-smiles.

JENNIFER: We'll just... have to pray for him. We'll have to pray he'll be all right.

JACK nods. He notices JO is crying. He goes over to her, and without a word, puts a hand on her shoulder. JO collapses in his arms and sobs. JACK tentatively raises his arms up to embrace her.

JACK: He'll be fine, Jo... He'll be just fine...

OUT on the three.


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