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In This Life

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It is the morning before Christmas, the day of BO and HOPE'S wedding. JACK is the first one to wake up, and he watches JENNIFER as she sleeps. He gently brushes a lock of hair from her eyes, hoping not to wake her, but she begins to stir and instinctively reaches up to touch his hand.

JENNIFER: (opens her eyes and smiles at him) Hi...

JACK: (takes her hand and kisses it) Well, good morning.

JENNIFER: What were you doing just now?

JACK: You mean just now, just now?

JENNIFER: (giggles) Mmm hmm...

JACK: I was just... I was watching this beautiful woman who happened sleeping in my bed.

JENNIFER: I see. Should I be jealous?

JACK: (pretends to think about it) Nah, you have nothing to worry about.

JENNIFER: Oh good, because I don't plan on sharing you with anyone else...

She slides her hand behind his neck and pulls him towards her for a kiss.

JENNIFER: What are you thinking right now?

JACK: You really want to know?


JACK: All right... I was thinking about how relieved I was that Adrienne suggested that she and the brood stay at the Salem Inn. That way we have some peace and quiet around here-

JENNIFER: (laughs, playfully hits him on the arm) You are so awful! Come on, now just admit it--you love your nephews.

JACK: (rolling his eyes) Please, Jennifer-

JENNIFER: You can't fool me, Jack Deveraux. Do you think I've forgotten about you telling me that you've always loved children?

JACK smiles at the memory of them dancing in ALAMANIA and him confiding in her that he loves children.

JENNIFER: I know you love having them around as much as I do.

JACK: Well, you were always the softie.

JENNIFER: (exasperated laugh) Jack!

JACK: All right, I admit it! I... suppose I am somewhat fond of the little rugrats-

JENNIFER: You love them.

JACK: I... (can't say it, so he mouths it) love them. (beat) Happy?

JENNIFER: (giggles) Yes, I'm happy. I (imitating him, mouths the words too) love you too, Jack.

JACK gives her a somewhat embarrassed smile, and JENNIFER pulls him towards her for another kiss. When they finally part, he looks at her lovingly and kisses her forehead.

JENNIFER: (softly) I've missed this.

JACK: (knowing what she means) Me too. (looks down at her and gently strokes her face) It's been too long...


JACK kisses her.

JENNIFER: (as they're kissing) I don't want to push you before you're ready...

JACK: Shh... It's all right...

They kiss tenderly. They are both lost in their own world, in the kiss, in being in each other's arms again, and are about to make love again for the first time in months.

ABBY: Mommy? Daddy?

JACK and JENNIFER pull apart in surprise when they hear ABBY knocking on their door and calling them.

OUT on JACK and JENNIFER exchanging smiles.



ABBY has just interrupted an intimate moment between JACK and JENNIFER.

JENNIFER: (whispering) Think we can just pretend to be asleep?

JACK: (laughing) Well-

ABBY: (knocking on the door again) Mommy? Daddy? Wake up!

JACK: I believe there's the answer to your question.

JENNIFER: (smiles, then gives him a kiss) Uh... just a second, baby!

They both slip into their robes, then JENNIFER opens the door.

JENNIFER: What is it, sweetie?

ABBY: Someone's at the door! They've been ringing the doorbell for a while now...

JENNIFER looks at JACK in curiosity and wonders who it could be.

JACK: I'll go get it.

He affectionately tousles ABBY'S hair as he walks by her and makes his way downstairs to get the door. The doorbell is still ringing, and he can hear someone yelling outside.

CALLIOPE: Hello!! Hello, hello, up there! Wake up, Deveraux!

JACK: (to himself, with a grimace) Calliope...

CALLIOPE: Hello! Come on, I don't have all day-

JACK swings the door open, and CALLIOPE gives him a smile.

JACK: Mrs. Bradford.

CALLIOPE: (giving JACK a once-over glance as she comes in) Nice look, Jack.

JACK: (closing up his robe even more) Might I inquire what you're doing here at this hour?

CALLIOPE: (not listening to him) Where's that beautiful wife of yours, huh? Jennifer? Jennifer??

JENNIFER comes down the stairs with ABBY.

JENNIFER: Calliope? What... What are you doing here?

JACK: Exactly what I wanted to know.

CALLIOPE: (panicking when she sees JENNIFER still in her robe) What's going on?? Why aren't you ready yet? We're supposed to be at Hope's-

JENNIFER: What are you talking about? Calliope, it is 9:00--the wedding is this afternoon, and there's plenty of time to go to Hope's and get ready...

CALLIOPE: (gives JENNIFER a look) Honey, you may find this hard to believe, but there are some weddings in which not all things get done at the last minute, so come on, chop, chop! (grabs hold of JENNIFER'S hand and starts to pull her away)

JENNIFER: (laughing) Now, wait a minute, we're going right now? With me like this?

CALLIOPE: I've got all your stuff in my car, let's go... (to ABBY) You too, sweetie, come on...

JENNIFER: Well, I- (looks to JACK and shrugs) I guess I'm being whisked away now...

JACK: I guess so. I'll, uh... I'll go and get some things taken care of as well, and I'll see you both at the church later.

He leans in to kiss her, but CALLIOPE gets in the way.

CALLIOPE: I'm sorry, but we're really in a hurry here... Bye, Jack!

JACK glares at the door after she pulls JENNIFER and ABBY away with her, then he looks at the phone, and reluctantly picks it up and dials.

JACK: Hello, Jo? Hi, it's... it's me... Uh, do you mind if I come over right now?



JACK has come to see JO, ADRIENNE, JUSTIN, and the kids. He is standing in front of the door to JO'S room, and does knock right away, but finally does.

JO: (opens the door, immediately pulls him into a hug) Jack! Get in here...

JACK is practically choking in her embrace, but it is clear he does not mind too much. ADRIENNE joins in on the hug and proceeds to put her own choke hold on her big brother.

ADRIENNE: Hey, you!

JACK: (can barely talk) Good... morning...

JO: (realizing she's hugging him too tightly) Oh, I'm sorry, Jack... (laughs) I was just so happy that you're here.

ADRIENNE: Yes, it was very sweet of you to want to take us out to breakfast.

JACK: (embarrassed) Well, um... I would have asked you over to the house, but seeing as I haven't really inherited Jo's culinary skills, I thought it best if we just went out to eat. (beat) So... where is the rest of your clan, Adrienne?

ADRIENNE: Oh, Justin took the boys over to see Victor.

JACK grimaces upon hearing VICTOR'S name, which ADRIENNE notices.

ADRIENNE: (giving JACK a knowing smile) I know. But he does want them to get to know their cousin Phillip, and... well, I am not about to make them turn their back on family, so...

JACK: So you've just decided to just hold your tongue.

ADRIENNE: As hard as that may be to believe. (laughs)

JACK sees JO from the corner of his eye, smiling at him and ADRIENNE.

JACK: What?

JO: Oh, nothing... I'm just so happy to see my kids like this--together, and smiling, and healthy! (gives JACK another hug) I'm so glad you're going to be fine, son!

JACK: Yes, you uh... you mentioned that yesterday. Several hundred times...

JO: (laughs) Well, it's just because I am so happy about it. I'm happy that I won't... lose you too...

JACK and ADRIENNE look at each other, knowing JO is thinking of STEVE and the fact that it's been 10 years since his death. JACK gently lays a hand on JO'S shoulder, and JO touches his hand and squeezes it in gratitude.

ADRIENNE: (linking arms with JACK) All right, big brother... So where are we going for breakfast?

OUT on the three as they exit the hotel room.



JENNIFER, ABBY, and CALLIOPE have arrived at HOPE'S house. HOPE'S family and friends are already there.

CALLIOPE: Hey, look who I brought...

JENNIFER: Good morning!

MELISSA: (seeing that JENNIFER and ABBY are still in their robes and pajamas) She got you too, huh?

SARAH: If it makes you feel better, Calliope made us get over here pretty early too.

HOPE: (overhearing) Hey, wait a minute! I would have thought that my bridesmaids would be eager to get up out of bed at the crack of dawn just to help me get ready!

KIMBERLY: Hope, sweetie, don't take this the wrong way, but we would have rather gotten the extra hour or so of sleep...

HOPE pretends to be offended, while everyone laughs. JENNIFER hugs and gets reacquainted with MELISSA and SARAH, whom she has not seen in a long time. KAYLA goes over to JENNIFER, who had not seen her yet.

KAYLA: Jennifer...

JENNIFER: Kayla, hi! (hugs her) How are you? It's so good to see you!

KAYLA: It's been a long time, hasn't it?

JENNIFER: (softly) Too long.

KAYLA: I'm so happy to hear about Jack. Jo gave me the great news. How's he doing?

JENNIFER: (excitedly) He's doing great, Kayla. He's getting stronger and stronger every day and I'm just so thrilled that he's going to be all right.

KAYLA: And I see you're not wasting any time getting things back on track, huh? (smiles) Next week is the big day?

JENNIFER: Sure is. And you're absolutely right, we're determined to make each moment count so we were not going to wait anymore.

KAYLA: Good... (squeezes JENNIFER'S hand) You make sure to cherish every moment with him, Jennifer.

JENNIFER (smiles back, knowing she is remembering STEVE) I will.

KAYLA: (sees ABBY standing next to JENNIFER) Well, hello there! I haven't seen you in a long time. I hope you still remember me...

ABBY: (shyly) You're my Aunt Kayla, right?

KAYLA: (smiling) That's right. (gets STEPHANIE to come over) And this is your cousin, Stephanie. I don't think you've seen each other since you were very little girls...

ABBY: Hi, I'm Abby.


ABBY: Do you like Pokemon?


JENNIFER and KAYLA watch with amusement as ABBY and STEPHANIE go off by themselves to play.

KAYLA: They grow up so fast...

JENNIFER: Yeah, they do. Sometimes I can't believe Abby's eight. I mean it just seems like yesterday when I was carrying her around in her little baby carrier...

KAYLA: (laughing) And I can remember when Jack was carrying Stephanie around in the baby carrier you gave him.

JENNIFER: Before we know it, we'll be getting together like this for one of their weddings...

JENNIFER and KAYLA: (simultaneously) I am not ready for that to happen!

OUT on JENNIFER and KAYLA laughing.



JACK, JO, and ADRIENNE have arrived for a late breakfast.

JO: Oh, I have been dreaming about the sweet rolls here...

JACK: Yes, I seem to remember those were their specialty...

JO: (looking at JACK) All right, out with it.

JACK: Out with what?

JO: You've been looking at me funny ever since we left the hotel. Is there something you want to tell me?

JACK has been wanting to ask her about VERN but can not work up the nerve.

JO: Well?

JACK: Well what?

JO: Is there something you want to tell me?

JACK: You're imagining things...

JO: Oh no, I don't think so.

ADRIENNE: I know what it is, Mama.

JACK and JO both look at her. JACK arches an eyebrow.

ADRIENNE: (smiling because she thinks she's guessed it) You're nervous about the wedding next week.

JACK: Oh, now don't be ridiculous-

ADRIENNE: So you're telling me you're perfectly cool about the fact that one week from today you will be getting married again? That you're not the least bit anxious?

JACK: What, just because this will be the fifth time I will be heading down the aisle? Although I suppose I should stop counting the ill-fated wedding to Melissa Anderson since that did not actually make it to the vows-

ADRIENNE: I knew it!! I knew it, you are nervous!!!

JACK: I am not nervous-

ADRIENNE: Look, Jack, there is nothing to be scared about, I promise. When you look down that aisle and you see Jennifer looking absolutely breathtaking in that wedding dress, you're going to know that you're doing the right thing.

JACK: (grins) And I suppose you're going to tell me you felt the same way on your second wedding?

ADRIENNE: (beaming) Absolutely.

JACK: (feels awkward discussing this, clears his throat nervously) Well, what do you say we order... (gestures for the waiter to come over)

JO: (eying him) No, there's still something going on with you. And it's not just pre-wedding jitters. What is it, son? Talk to me.

JACK looks at her above the menu, then finally decides to go for it and puts the menu down.

JACK: All right, you want to know what's on my mind? (beat) Is there something going on with you and Vern?

OUT on JO'S smile.



JACK has just asked JO whether there is something between her and VERN.

JACK: You don't seem to anxious to answer my question.

JO: (unable to hide her smile) Well, I'm sorry Jack, it's just that you caught me a little off guard with your question, that's all.

JACK: (tentatively) So... what is your relationship with Vern, exactly?

JO: We're friends.

JACK: Friends?

JO: Yes, Jack, friends. (sees the waiter) Oh good, we can finally order-

JACK: I see, so you've been friends for a while now, it seems.

JO: (to the waiter) Hi, I'd like the sweet rolls please...

JACK: Because I have to say I'm a bit surprised-

WAITER: And what will you be having, sir?

JACK: Uh, could you give us a minute here, please?

WAITER: Certainly. (leaves)

ADRIENNE: Jack, come on, what's the big deal? So he and Mama are friends! (mumbles) I think it's cute.

JACK: (overhearing) Cute?

ADRIENNE: Well, sure...

JO is enjoying seeing JACK'S reaction.

ADRIENNE: I mean you should see them together, they're just adorable-

JACK: Wait a minute, wait a minute--how do you know what they look like together? (beat) Has he visited you in Texas?

JO: Well...

JACK: I don't believe this...

JO: (laughing) Oh Jack, I think it's sweet that you're being protective, but really, there's nothing for you to worry about.

JACK: (muttering to himself) So she says now...

JO and ADRIENNE exchange amused looks and try to hold in their laughter.

OUT on JACK'S embarrassment.



The wedding is about to start. JACK, JO, and ADRIENNE arrive at the church, where JUSTIN is already waiting with ALEXANDER, JOEY, VICTOR, JACKSON, ABBY, and STEPHANIE. ABBY runs over to JACK and they sit and wait for the wedding to begin. The wedding march begins to play.

ABBY: (whispering) Mommy looks really pretty in her dress!

JACK: You got a sneak peek, huh?

ABBY: Uh huh! You're going to think she's a hottie...

JACK: (laughs) A hottie? And just where did you learn that word, young lady?

JENNIFER begins to walk down the aisle, and JACK sees her. They exchange smiles, which ABBY sees.

ABBY: Are you excited about next week, Daddy?

JACK: (softly) More than I've ever been in my life, Abigail. (smiles at her and gives her a kiss)

OUT on father and daughter.


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