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In This Life

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JENNIFER and HOPE have come to CALLIOPE'S place so JENNIFER can get fitted for her maid of honor dress. They are standing outside of CALLIOPE'S door, waiting for her to answer it.

CALLIOPE (VO): I'll be right there! Just a second! (her voice becomes muffled; she is talking to someone else) Oh come on, honey, it's just the girls, you don't have to leave...

EUGENE (VO): You know, I'd really just rather not be around for all the girl stuff. You'll feel inhibited with me around anyway-

CALLIOPE (VO): Oh come on, don't be silly-

EUGENE (VO): Really, you all have fun without me... I'll be home later...

JENNIFER and HOPE exchange grins and immediately switch to straight faces when the door swings open. EUGENE gives them an awkward smile.

EUGENE: (tips his head) Ladies.

JENNIFER and HOPE: (simultaneously, both trying not to laugh) Hi, Eugene.

EUGENE: (clears throat) If you'll excuse me... (leaves)

CALLIOPE: (unaware that JENNIFER and HOPE had overheard them) He's just um... He's going to go to the lab... You know, he's working on this big project and he's really close to a breakthrough, so he's there all the time. (laughs nervously, then calls out to EUGENE, who is too far down the hallway to hear her) Good luck, honey! I'll see you later!

JENNIFER and HOPE just look at each other and smile.

CALLIOPE: Well, don't just stand there, girls, come on in! (taking hold of their arms to pull them in) So... (to JENNIFER) This one needs a maid of honor dress, huh?

JENNIFER: (chagrined smile) Uh, yeah...

CALLIOPE: "Uh, yeah?" (starts to panic) Oh no. You've changed your mind? You're not going to do this after all? You don't think I can do it in this little time, do you? But I can, I promise-

JENNIFER: (laughing) No, no, no, that's not it at all!

CALLIOPE: Oh. (beat) Then what is it?

JENNIFER: Well, um... (bites her lip, looks at HOPE) Would it be asking the impossible of you to make two more dresses within the next few weeks?

CALLIOPE: (confused) Two more dresses... Hope, did you add more girls to your wedding party or something?

HOPE: (smiling, shakes her head) Nope.

CALLIOPE: (back to JENNIFER) Okay, then I don't get it, Jennifer.

JENNIFER: All right, you're probably going think I'm nuts, but... what the heck... (beat) I'm getting married too. (smiles) On New Year's Eve.

OUT on CALLIOPE'S shock.



JACK and ABBY have come home from the pub and JACK is in his room, trying to work up the nerve to call JO to tell her about the engagement. He picks up the phone, then puts it back down again before he even starts to dial. He does this several times until finally he sighs, feeling silly.

JACK: Oh, this is ridiculous... Why on earth would I let something as simple as this intimidate me? I mean, I've been stranded on an island with no modern conveniences to speak of, fenced with a homicidal maniac--twice, survived a fall off a building, a kidney transplant, a ship wreck, a train wreck, a snow storm... Hell, I've even delivered my own child! (beat) So why does the thought of calling my mother to deliver some good news petrify me?

ABBY: (overhearing him from the hallway) Daddy? Who are you talking to?

JACK: (surprised to see her peeking in his room) Oh, hello there... (he waves her in and she comes and sits on his lap) You sure like to sneak up on people, don't you, Miss Mata Hari? (gives her a squeeze and kisses her, while she laughs)

ABBY: What are you doing, Daddy?

JACK: (still holding the phone) Me? Oh, I was uh... I was just calling your grandmother-

ABBY: Ooh, can I talk to her?

JACK: Well-

ABBY excitedly takes the phone from his hand.

ABBY: Grandma? (tries again) Grandma? (gives JACK a bewildered look) It's just a dial tone, Daddy...

JACK: (laughing nervously at having been caught by his eight year old) It is? (takes the phone from her, tries to cover up) Well, what in the blazes is going on here? Are you sure that wasn't your grandmother's voice you heard buzzing in your ear? You know, she does begin to sound like that once she gets talking-

ABBY: (giggling) Daddy! You're being silly again...

JACK: (with a straight face) I am?

ABBY nods.

JACK: (smiles) Yeah, I guess I am. (beat) All right, do you want to talk to your grandmother for real?

ABBY: Can I?

JACK: Absolutely. Here... (hands her the phone) The number is 555-

ABBY: (already dialing) I know it!

JACK: (surprised and impressed) Don't forget the area code-

ABBY: It's ringing!

CUT TO: JO answering on the other line.

JO: Kiriakis residence.

ABBY: Grandma?

JO: Abby? Is that you, sweetheart?

ABBY: Yes, Grandma, it's me! Hi!

OUT on JACK'S smile as he watches ABBY.



JENNIFER has just told CALLIOPE that she and JACK are getting married again.

CALLIOPE: (excited) You two are really going to take the plunge again? Oh, this is such great news!! (hugs JENNIFER) Two Horton weddings within a week of each other! (grins) Wait a minute, you two aren't going to get into some sort of competition about that, are you?

HOPE: Of course not! (beat) Although I do get to go first...

JENNIFER: Oh, well what's new? You always get to do things first, Hope.

HOPE: Those are the advantages of being older-

CALLIOPE: (puts her fingers in her mouth and whistles) Hold it you two--time out! I'm breaking this up. Now, we've got work to do!

JENNIFER and HOPE exchange grins.

CALLIOPE: All right, Jennifer, let's get this show on the road. (begins to wrap fabric around JENNIFER) Oh wait... Oh no... Oh no, no, no...

JENNIFER: What's wrong?

CALLIOPE: (rummaging through her sewing kit) I can't believe it! Argh!

HOPE: What?

CALLIOPE: I'm all out of pins! Can you believe it, I'm out of pins? I've been so scatterbrained lately... How could I run out of them-

JENNIFER: Calliope, relax! It's going to be okay.

CALLIOPE: You're right. You're absolutely right, it's not a big deal, right? I'll just run to the store and get boxes of them. Boxes of them!

JENNIFER: (trying not to laugh) See? Nothing to worry about...

CALLIOPE: (still high-strung) I'm sorry, Jennifer, now we're another half an hour behind on schedule-

JENNIFER: You know what, we'll make do. We will. Don't worry about it, really!

CALLIOPE: You're sure?

JENNIFER: I'm positive.

CALLIOPE: Okay, well I'll go run to the store right now and I'll be back as soon as humanly possible, all right? Will you two be fine here by yourselves?

HOPE: (deadpans) We'll try to manage without you.

CALLIOPE: (harried) Good, okay... Well, I'm off!

CALLIOPE takes off in a hurry and slams the door behind her. JENNIFER turns to HOPE and bursts out laughing.

HOPE: Well, that was quite a scene.

JENNIFER: She'll be fine, once she calms down a little.

HOPE rolls her eyes and grins.

JENNIFER: You're right, it's Calliope.

HOPE and JENNIFER: (simultaneously) She doesn't know how to calm down.

HOPE: So... Bet you had forgotten how insane this wedding planning business is, huh? Not that I'm rubbing it in that I had months to prepare and you only have... (looks at her watch) 29 days...

JENNIFER: (smirks) Yeah, thanks for not rubbing that in. (laughs) Actually, that's more preparation time than I had for my first wedding, so I think I'll manage.

HOPE: I'm just teasing, Jen, you know that. (beat) I am so happy for you. Have I told you that in the last few minutes?

JENNIFER: (smiles) No, not in the last few minutes. You better not slip like that again.

HOPE: I mean it, Jen. I know how hard things had been for you and Jack, but I'm so happy to see you guys work things out the way Bo and I did. This is a happy time for both of us. And we sure deserve it, don't we?

JENNIFER: (softly) Yeah... Yeah, it's a happy time...

HOPE: (noticing a hint of sadness in JENNIFER'S voice) What? What is it?

JENNIFER gives her a sad smile and turns away.



ABBY has just called JO, after JACK couldn't work up the nerve to call her. JO is thrilled to hear from ABBY.

JO: And to what do I owe the pleasure of my wonderful granddaughter calling?

ABBY: No real reason, Grandma. I just called 'cause I missed you. When are you and Aunt Adrienne and Uncle Justin coming back to visit?

JO: (touched) Oh we hope to visit again soon, honey. Really soon. We really miss all of you too.

ABBY: Even the boys?

JO: (smiles) Yes, even the boys, sweetheart. They even said so--but don't tell them I told you that, okay?

ABBY: (giggles) Okay. I miss them too. They are a lot of fun to be around--even if they do pick on me all the time.

JO: Oh honey, I am so glad you called. How are you?

ABBY: I'm doing great, Grandma! I got an A+ on my math quiz the other day, and I won the third grade spelling bee!

JO: You did? Congratulations!

JACK: (yells into the phone) That's my little girl--nothing short of brilliant!

JO: (laughs) She sure is, Jack. Abby, that is just fantastic. I'm so proud of you! I have such smart grandchildren... (beat) And what about your mother and father? Are they doing all right?

ABBY: Oh yes, they're doing great too!

JACK realizes she is talking abut him and JENNIFER and listens intently.

JO: I'm so happy to hear that, sweetheart.

ABBY: Yeah, and guess what, Grandma? They're going to get married again!

JO: (not expecting that at all) They're... what?!

JACK panics and takes the phone from ABBY.

ABBY: (as JACK is taking back the phone) They're getting married again, and I get to be the-

JACK: Uh, sweetheart, why don't I just take it from here, all right?

JO: (overlapping) Abby? Are you still there? What did you just say? Abby? Jack?

ABBY: Tell her I get to be a flower girl, Daddy! Tell her!

JACK: (stammering) A-All right, I'll tell her, Abigail...

JO: (overlapping) Jack?

ABBY: Ask her to come to the wedding, Daddy! And Aunt Adrienne, and Uncle Justin, and the boys, too!

JACK: I will, I will...

ABBY smiles and starts to leave.

JACK: (as ABBY walks out) Uh... Jo?

JO: Jack? Jack, what's going on? What did Abby mean when she said you two were getting married again? Is it true?

JACK: (laughs nervously) I guess the child got a little excited there, huh?

JO: Son, talk to me. Is it true? Are you and Jennifer really getting married again?

OUT on JACK as he tries to figure out what to tell her.



HOPE has noticed that JENNIFER seems a little sad and is worried.

HOPE: (putting her hand on JENNIFER'S shoulder) Jen, what's wrong?

JENNIFER: (turning around to face her) Nothing's wrong... I'm fine...

HOPE: Nice try. Look, I know you're happy about you and Jack, but I can tell there's something bothering you--oh...


HOPE: Oh my God, I'm so sorry... How could I be so insensitive?

JENNIFER: What? What are you talking about?

HOPE: Here I am going on and on about how this is a happy time for both of us, and you're still dealing with Jack being sick... I can be so thoughtless sometimes-

JENNIFER: No, Hope, it's okay... Don't blame yourself, all right? You didn't say anything wrong. (smiles) It's natural to get caught up in the good things that are happening in our lives. It makes dealing with the bad stuff a little easier, too.

HOPE: You are thinking about Jack being sick. Oh, Jen, I know that's still really hard to wrap your mind around, but that's why you have to live for the moment and embrace what's about to happen.

JENNIFER: (nodding) I know. And yes, that's on my mind. It's always on my mind--what he's going through, what he's up against... But... there's something else.

HOPE: Something else? What is it?

JENNIFER: I just... (quietly) It's times like this when I wish... that my mother could be here. (sighs) You know all these years I had taught myself not to miss her. I told myself that I never really formed much of a bond with her because she was put away when I was so young... But the truth is, Hope, even though I had to grow up without her--even though she couldn't be there for me--she's still my mother. And I still love her, and it still hurts to think that she can't be here to share this with me.

HOPE: I know how you feel.

JENNIFER: (looks up at her) Yeah, I guess you do, don't you? (beat) Do you ever fantasize about what it would be like? To have your mom around?

HOPE: (smiles) All the time. I think about what it would have been like for her to meet Bo. And to see Shawn-D being born, and J.T. That's probably what hurts the most, that she never got to see her grandsons.

JENNIFER: I've told Mom about Abby. But I have to wonder how much she knows, if she can even understand... And Abby... I think about it sometimes, about taking her to visit Mom, but she's still so young and I don't know, I don't want to scare her...

She does not say anything for a while. HOPE reaches out to hug her.

HOPE: Hey, you know what Gran says all the time? We Horton women are strong women.

JENNIFER: (cracking a smile) Oh, is that why our men are so intimidated by us.

HOPE: (laughs) To tell you the truth, I think they like it. (beat) We're going to be fine, Jen. You and I. We're going to live each moment to the fullest and be happy. I think that's what our mothers would want, right?

JENNIFER: (smiles and nods) Yeah. (hugs HOPE) Thank you...

OUT on their hug.



JO wants to know if it's true that JACK and JENNIFER really are getting married again.

JO: Jack? Are you still there?

JACK: Oh yes, I'm... still here...

JO: Well, please put me out of my misery here, son. Is it true? Have you and Jennifer gotten back together? Are you getting married?

JACK slowly breaks into a smile.

JACK: Uh... yes... Yes, it is true. That's actually why I called--why I meant to call, anyway. (laughs) Abigail just beat me to it.

JO: Oh, Jack!! I've prayed for this to happen and now it finally has! I am so happy for you and Jennifer...

She is really excited and gets a little loud. JACK winces and takes the phone away from his ear a little, then places it back.

JACK: (smiles) So you approve.

JO: (laughing) Oh, you... I have been waiting for this day to come ever since you came back to Salem six years ago, Jack. And now it's finally happened and it's a dream come true. I always knew it would happen, just like Justin and Adrienne found their way back to each other, just like Steve and Kayla did.

JACK: I suppose it has become a Johnson tradition to marry the same person twice, isn't it?

JO: What I hope has become a Johnson tradition is finding happiness, son. Because we all do deserve it, don't we?

JACK: Indeed.

JO: I still can't believe it! I mean we were just there last week, and now...

JACK: Yes, it is a bit... sudden, isn't it?

JO: Well, you two have been waiting six years, but... yes, I suppose after what's happened in the last few months it does seem a little out of the blue.

JACK: (clears throat) Then I think I can safely anticipate your reaction to what I'm about to tell you next.

JO: (worried) What?

JACK: Well, um... in keeping with the theme of a whirlwind proposal, we thought we would also have a... whirlwind wedding.

JO: A whirlwind wedding... Jack, how soon is this wedding?

JACK: (mumbles) Four weeks.

JO: What was that? I couldn't quite hear you, son.

JACK: (a little more clearly) Four weeks.

JO: Four weeks! That's right around...

JACK: New Year's Eve, yes. New Year's Eve is when we were planning to tie the proverbial knot.

JO: Oh my, that's right around the corner-

JACK: I know it's rather short notice here, and it's murder to get plane tickets for the holiday season this late in the game, so believe me, I will not be offended in the least if you and Adrienne can not be here in person-

JO: Jack, don't be ridiculous! Of course we'll be there!

JACK: You will?

JO: Yes!

JACK smiles. He is happy to hear his family will be there, even though he can't admit it.

JACK: Well, good. It would really mean a lot to me--I-I mean, Jennifer and the child, if you could come. (beat) And it would me a lot to me too.

JO: (touched) I wouldn't miss it for the world.

JACK simply smiles.



JENNIFER gets home from CALLIOPE'S and finds JACK working in the living room.

JENNIFER: (smiles as she watches him) Hi... (gives him a kiss) Miss me?

JACK: Well, as a matter of fact... Yes. See, I don't think this paragraph flows quite right-


She swats him on the arm, but he pulls her onto his lap and they fall backward onto the couch, laughing and kissing. JENNIFER is on top of him and they lock eyes for a while, until finally JACK breaks the silence.

JACK: I am glad you're home, Miss Horton.

JENNIFER smiles and thinks about correcting him, but doesn't.

JENNIFER: Me too, Jack. (reaches down and they kiss tenderly, then she lays her head on top of his chest) Me too...


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