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In This Life

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JACK, JENNIFER, ABBY, and ALICE have gone to the BRADY PUB to meet BO, HOPE, SHAWN-D, and J.T. for brunch. ALICE and ABBY have gone ahead and gone inside, while JACK and JENNIFER linger outside for a few more moments. JENNIFER notices that JACK seems a bit nervous and apprehensive about going inside.

JENNIFER: (giving his hand a tug) Hey... Are you all right?

JACK: (a bit distracted) Hmm? Oh, yes, I'm... I'm fine...

JENNIFER: You're sure?

JACK: Absolutely. (beat) Why wouldn't I be fine?

JENNIFER: I don't know, I just... thought that maybe you were having second thoughts about meeting everyone for brunch, that's all.

JACK: (can't believe she has picked up on how he feels, forces a laugh to throw her off) Oh come on, that's ridiculous, Jennifer. Why would I be having second thoughts?

JENNIFER: So you're not nervous?

JACK: Not in the least.

JENNIFER: (not buying it) All right... It's just that you usually repeat things when you're uneasy about something.

JACK: What do you mean I repeat things when I'm uneasy?

JENNIFER gives him a "I rest my case" look. JACK realizes he just did it, and nervously laughs.

JENNIFER: (smiles) So you must be relieved that Doug and Julie, and Uncle Mickey and Aunt Maggie couldn't join us today on such short notice.

JACK: Well, I wouldn't say relieved, exactly...

JENNIFER: Come on, admit it.

JACK: (dryly) Exactly how am I supposed to respond to a comment like that without being offended? If you're implying that-

JENNIFER: (enjoys teasing him) Oh don't even try to lay that guilt trip on me, Jack Deveraux! I know you.

JACK: You really think so, don't you?

JENNIFER: I do. (smiles) I know why you wanted to invite everyone today.

JACK: Oh, you do?

JENNIFER: Mm hmm. I know exactly what you wanted to do here, Jack. And I think it's the sweetest thing in the world.

JACK rolls his eyes and gives her an uneasy smile.

OUT on JACK'S embarrassment.



JENNIFER tells JACK that she knows why he wanted to invite everyone for brunch at the BRADY PUB.

JACK: You know something, I think I see Abigail having a milkshake in there--I think we should go in and tell her to save that for later after she's had a proper meal-

JENNIFER: (grabs JACK'S arm as he is about to go in) Wait a minute, don't try to change the subject on me. I was about to tell you something.

JACK: Ah yes, you were about to use your psychic powers on me, Desiree.

JENNIFER: (smirks at him) Cute. You know, you're starting you give yourself away now.

JACK: I must be losing my touch.

JENNIFER: (exasperated laugh) Jack!

JACK: What?

JENNIFER: I know why you wanted to meet everyone here--and why you're so nervous. And I think it's sweet-

JACK: (cringes) Sweet... Now, there you go using that word again-

JENNIFER: (suppressing a smile) Sorry, I meant thoughtful. It was thoughtful of you-

JACK: And just what is this I've done that's so thoughtful?

JENNIFER: (sighs) Has anyone ever told you how impossible you make it for someone to thank you?

JACK: Vern might have said something to that effect once or twice, yes.

JENNIFER: (smiles) Well, that's what I'm trying to do, Jack. I'm trying to thank you.

JACK: For...

JENNIFER: For this gesture. I know why you wanted me to ask Hope and her family over here--and Doug and Julie, and Uncle Mickey and Aunt Maggie... You wanted to announce to my family that we're getting married.

JACK tries not to give away the fact that she's right, but JENNIFER notices the corner of his mouth going up into a small smile.

JENNIFER: Don't try to deny it, I know that's what you were doing.

JACK: Well, I...


JACK: (embarrassed grin) All right, you're right. That is what I was trying to do.

JENNIFER: (smiles) And I can't thank you enough for being so sw--thoughtful. Jack, I know how uncomfortable you get around my family. And for you to want to set that discomfort aside and do this anyway--I can't tell you what that means to me.

JACK: (defending himself) Well it's not that I'm not fond of your family, Jennifer, it's just that the Hortons are... (clears throat) You're a very touchy-feely bunch. The Deveraux, on the other hand... never were. To put it mildly.

JENNIFER: (gives him a kiss on the cheek, then wipes the lipstick off his face) Come on, let's go inside.(leans in and whispers) Your secret's safe with me.

JACK smiles as they walk in hand in hand.



JACK, JENNIFER, ABBY, and ALICE are now all inside, settled in a booth. ABBY is sitting on JACK'S lap, JENNIFER is sitting beside him, and ALICE is sitting opposite them, as they talk to SHAWN.

SHAWN: I can't tell you how good it is to see the three of you back home again. Just like old times, eh?

JENNIFER: Yeah, it's been wonderful being back. I didn't realize how much I missed Salem until I got back.

SHAWN: Well I'm glad to hear that, darlin'. And Jack, I... I hope you know that Caroline and I are here for you if you... need anything. (does not elaborate further because he does not want to say too much in front of ABBY)

JACK is touched by SHAWN'S kindness. Though they have become put the past behind them and managed to become friends over the years, he is still surprised that SHAWN would say this to him.

JACK: Thank you, Mr. Brady. that's... that's very good of you.

SHAWN nods and smiles without a word. CAROLINE comes over with another milkshake for ABBY.

CAROLINE: Here you go, sweetheart-

JACK: Wait a minute, wait a minute--we haven't even ordered yet, and you're on your second one already, young lady?

ABBY: (giving JACK a pleading look) I promise to eat whatever you order for me-

JACK: Abigail-

ABBY: Even if there's vegetables! I'll eat all the vegetables!

ALICE: (smiles) Well, now, I'm sure if you promise to wait until you've had brunch before you have this milkshake, your father will think that's a perfectly reasonable request.

JACK: (looks at ALICE and JENNIFER) Well...

ABBY: Please, Daddy? I won't ask till I ask again... (gives JACK a puppy dog look)

JACK: Oh no you don't--not that face. Your mother taught you that face.

JENNIFER and ABBY: (simultaneously) What face?

JACK smirks.

JACK: (reluctantly) All right. But not until the food is here, is that a deal?

ABBY: (excitedly) Deal!

JENNIFER: Well it shouldn't be too much longer. Hope said they were on their way, so they should be here any minute now-

BO, HOPE, SHAWN-D, and J.T. come into the pub as JENNIFER is talking.

HOPE: We're here, we're here! (comes over to kiss ALICE, and then hug JENNIFER) I'm sorry we're late...

BO: We had a bit of a tough time getting this guy ready (smiles at J.T.), but we're here now. (hugs CAROLINE and SHAWN) Hey Ma, Pop...

SHAWN-D: (as they sit down) Okay, let's eat!

Everyone laughs.

SHAWN-D: What?

BO: Nothing, son, I think everyone was just amazed it took you so long to ask for the food, that's all.

SHAWN-D: Haha. Look, Abby's already having something...

HOPE: Well, now that we're all here... (looks to JENNIFER) Jen, you did have perfect timing today. There's something I've been meaning to ask you for a while now, and I'm hoping it's not too late.

OUT on JENNIFER'S curiosity.



HOPE wants to ask JENNIFER something.

JENNIFER: Well now you've got me all intrigued, Hope. What's this all about?

HOPE: All right, before I ask you I just want you to know that I wanted to ask you this before, but you were in Africa at the time and I just wasn't sure if you could make it back, and then when you got back, I kept meaning to ask you, but I never got the chance to, and now I know this is short notice, but I'm sure Calliope will help-

JENNIFER: (laughing) Whoa, whoa, slow down... What is it?

HOPE: (looks at BO, then at JENNIFER) Okay, here it is. (beat) Would you be my maid of honor?

JENNIFER: Oh, Hope...

HOPE: I know, this is really short notice, and I feel terrible for bringing it up at the last minute, but I think we can get Calliope to whip up a dress for you, what do you say?

ABBY: Do it, Mommy! You'll look so pretty!

Everyone at the table laughs.

JENNIFER: (smiles) You think so, baby? (to HOPE) Of course, I'll do it. I'd be honored...

HOPE: You will? Oh, Jen, that's fantastic! (goes over to hug JENNIFER) It'll be great, all us Horton girls reunited. Melissa and Sarah going to be bridesmaids too, and so are Kayla and Kim for that matter. It's going to be perfect now that you're here too.

JENNIFER smiles and looks at JACK. HOPE sees the way they're looking at each other and is surprised, but happy, to see them so close.

HOPE: So uh... what's going on here, you two?

JENNIFER: (feigning innocence) What do you mean?

BO: What she means is, you two have been quite cozy since we got here.

HOPE: (smiling) Really cozy.

JENNIFER: (exchanging amused looks with JACK) Well, as a matter of fact, we do have something to tell you...

BO and HOPE smile at each other.

HOPE: I see...

JACK: (clears throat) Yes, you could say we, uh... have an announcement of our own.

HOPE: (getting excited, looks at JENNIFER) You mean...

OUT on JENNIFER'S radiant smile.



JACK and JENNIFER are getting ready to announce their engagement.

JENNIFER: So... we were hoping you wouldn't have any plans yet for the week after your wedding...

HOPE: (a little confused) You mean New Year's Eve?

JACK: Yes, New Year's Eve. (beat) Would you two be enjoying your honeymoon at that point?

BO: (sighs) I wish, Jack. But unfortunately, we're always shorthanded at the station during the holidays and it's real tough to get any kind of time off, so we had to put the honeymoon off for a little while.

HOPE: (thinks she's figured it out) Oh, were you two thinking of putting on some sort of a bash this year? Is that it?

JACK: In a manner of speaking, yes.

JENNIFER: Uh, let's just say Calliope's going to be working overtime in the next few weeks... making lots of dresses...

HOPE: Okay, wait a minute--I'm getting a little lost here... What's going on? What are you guys trying to tell us?

BO: Yeah, if you don't mind me saying, Jen, I think Jack's rubbed off on you in the communication department because I have no idea where this is heading.

JENNIFER: (smiles) We're-

ABBY: (unable to keep it in anymore) They're getting married!!

HOPE: (shocked) You're... what? (exchanges bewildered looks with everyone) What?

JACK: Well... you heard the child...

HOPE: Wait a minute--Jack, Jen, is it true? You're really getting married again?

JENNIFER: (nods, holds out her hand) Yeah, Hope. We are.

The table erupts with glee.

SHAWN: Well, congratulations!

CAROLINE: (overlapping) That's wonderful news!!

BO: (overlapping) Congratulations, you two!

SHAWN-D: Wow, you two are finally going to go through with it again, huh?

HOPE: Shawn-D!

JENNIFER laughs.

HOPE: I can't believe it! Oh my goodness! (gets up and hugs JENNIFER) Congratulations!! (to ALICE) Did you know about this, Gran?

ALICE: (laughing) They told me this morning, darling. It's just wonderful.

HOPE: Yes it is... I just... I didn't expect it, I mean, I had a feeling you two were back together after seeing the way you've been all morning, but...

JENNIFER: I know, it's completely sudden, but you know us. We don't really do things the ordinary way.

SHAWN: Well, this calls for a celebration! I'll go get some champagne for a toast...

SHAWN and CAROLINE go off to get the champagne.

JENNIFER: Well, I expect you to return the favor and be my maid of honor, of course.

HOPE: Oh, you don't even have to ask. (smiles) Oh Jen, I'm so happy for you. For both of you. I know it hasn't been easy lately, but this is really fantastic. I'm so glad you two have worked things out.

JACK: We're pretty pleased ourselves.

JENNIFER: (rolls her eyes and smiles) What he means, in his usual understated manner, is that we're happy too. Very happy.

ALICE: This is going to be a very good Christmas for the Horton family, I just know it.

JENNIFER: Yes, Grandma. It is.

JENNIFER looks at JACK and JACK smiles back at her.

JACK: Indeed.

OUT on everyone as they celebrate.


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