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In This Life

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JACK has asked JENNIFER to marry him again, and she has accepted, they are both in sheer bliss and are enjoying finally being able to be close to each other again and openly admit how they feel.

They are sitting in front of the fireplace. JENNIFER watches as JACK lights a fire, then he sits back down behind her and she sinks back against his chest as he holds her. For a few minutes they do not talk but just enjoy being with each other like this.

After a while, JENNIFER holds up her left hand by the light of the fire and looks at her ring, still unable to believe everything that's happened.

JENNIFER: It still hasn't sunk in, you know...

JACK: (resting his chin on her shoulder) What?

JENNIFER: That we're here. Together. (smiles and turns her head to look at him, then brings up her other hand to his face) I just can't believe it's really happening. I mean to think about where we were a few months ago... Just a few weeks ago...

JACK: (softly, as he strokes her hair) Things were pretty bleak not too long ago, weren't they?

He avoids looking in her eyes; he feels too guilty for having made things so difficult for them up to now. JENNIFER senses this and takes his chin, gently moving his face towards hers so he is looking at her.

JENNIFER: Maybe they were supposed to be. So we could appreciate this. So we would remember to fight for us again. (beat) I made mistakes too, Jack. I should have trusted you, I should have believed in you-

JACK: Come on, how could you, really? Time and time again I had hurt you. I had hurt Abigail. What else were you supposed to think?

JENNIFER: But I wasn't supposed to think, Jack. I was supposed to feel. God, I remember telling you the very same thing all those years ago. Don't think--just let yourself feel. The only thing is I forgot that myself somewhere along the way.

JACK: (wistful laugh) Must've been my bad influence.

JENNIFER giggles, then touches his face lovingly.

JENNIFER: I'm serious, Jack. (softly) I don't ever want to forget that again. I don't ever want to lose sight of how important this is to me. Of how important you are to me.

JACK: (takes her hand and kisses it) All right, how about we make a pact? From here on out we promise to remind each other from time to time. Does that sound reasonable?

JENNIFER: (smiles) Sounds very reasonable, Mr. Deveraux.

JACK: Splendid. (leans in to kiss her)

OUT on their kiss.



JACK and JENNIFER are snuggling in front of the fireplace, savoring their closeness.

JACK: I've figured it out.

JENNIFER: (puzzled) What?

JACK: How many days it's been since we got married.

JENNIFER: Are you serious?

JACK: (nodding) 3,437 days.

JENNIFER looks back at him with a mixture of amazement and amusement.

JENNIFER: (giggles) You figured all that out in your head?

JACK: Who needs a calculator, huh? (turns serious) Actually, if you want the truth... not a day goes by that I don't think of that day.

JENNIFER is touched to hear him admit this to her and is speechless.

JACK: And not a day goes by... when I don't think about how we got so far off track from there. (beat) But I promise you something, Jennifer. I promise you I'm going to get us back on track. I'm going to do whatever I have to do to fix it...

JENNIFER: (softly; touches his face) You already have, Jack.

They are quiet for a few moments.

JACK: (at last) So...


JACK: (clears throat) Now that you've, um... given me an answer to the big question... How about we try another one for size?

JENNIFER: (curious) Go ahead...

JACK: Uh... first, let me just reiterate how grateful I am that you... responded affirmatively to my proposal.

JENNIFER: (amused; plays along) And I am grateful that you... made such an offer.

JACK: (a little nervous) Yes, well... there is one more matter I would like for us to discuss.

JENNIFER is more than a little curious now.

JENNIFER: (smiles) By all means, please don't keep me in suspense...

JACK: All right...

He gently cups JENNIFER'S face. She realizes that whatever this is must mean a great deal to him.

JACK: Jennifer, we've already lost six years. And we've already lost these last few months--so many months--because I squandered them away trying to take all of this on by myself. Hurting you. Hurting myself. Let's not waste any more time. (beat) I want us... to get married as soon as possible....



JACK has just told JENNIFER he wants them to get married as soon as possible. JENNIFER has not said anything in response, and JACK begins to wonder if he may have said the wrong thing.

JACK: I-I'm sorry... I probably shouldn't have... I'm probably rushing you, aren't I? I don't mean to push you-

JENNIFER: Jack, Jack... (touches his arm) It's okay, really...

JACK: It is? I-I mean, you are? You're sure-

JENNIFER: (nodding with a smile) Yes, I'm sure... There's nothing to be sorry about, I promise. (laughs) You just took me a little by surprise, that's all.

JACK: (nervous laugh) Well, at least it's not like I haven't done that before. (beat) But... I do want you to tell me--honestly. Am I rushing things here?

JENNIFER knows JACK does not want to wait because he does not know if his leukemia will go into remission. She also knows he does not want to say this out loud and admit it to her, but she wants him to know that she wants the same thing he does.

JENNIFER: Honestly? Honestly... I can't think of a single reason why we should wait any longer than we have to.

JACK: You mean that? Because if you have any doubts at all, if you do-

JENNIFER: (shaking her head) I don't have any doubts, Jack. I know I love you. And I know I don't want to wait one more day than I have to to be your wife. (beat) We've waited long enough, haven't we?

JACK: Yes, we have.

JENNIFER: So let's do it. Let's get married as soon as we can... It doesn't have to be big and elaborate--all that matters is that we stand in front of the people we love and say those vows to each other. Right?

JACK: Right.

JENNIFER: (noticing JACK'S smile) You've already got a date in mind, don't you?

OUT on JACK'S smile.


JENNIFER has guessed that JACK already has a wedding date in mind.

JENNIFER: You do, don't you? You have a date in mind?

JACK: Well... as a matter of fact... Yes. I do.


JACK: New Year's Eve.

JENNIFER: (eyes light up) New Year's Eve... Oh, Jack, that's perfect!

JACK: I thought so. It is, after all, the true start of the new millennium, which will make the anniversary easy to remember. Not to mention, it gets us in right under the tax deadline so I'll be able to claim you and Abigail as dependants next April-

JENNIFER giggles.

JACK: (turns serious) But most of all... Most of all, it'll be the most special day of the year. And I wouldn't want anything less for an occasion such as this.

JENNIFER: (leans in close) Neither would I.

They kiss, a long and tender kiss that seems to make up for the many months their relationship had been so strained. They begin to sink down on the floor and the kiss becomes more intimate, until JACK starts to pull away.

JENNIFER: Jack? What's wrong?

JACK: N-nothing...

JENNIFER: (caresses his cheek) Are you sure? Suddenly, she realizes why he is hesitating. He has just gone through several weeks of exhaustive, grueling treatments, and they have taken a toll on him physically. She feels guilty and does not want to push him.

JENNIFER: I'm sorry, Jack, we don't have to-

JACK: No, I'm sorry...

He is frustrated and wishes he felt better physically, but knows he still needs time to recover from the treatments.

JACK: This isn't how I'd envisioned this night. (laughs softly) In the last six years I had worked out several different scenarios on how I would ask you to marry me again and what would happen...

JENNIFER wants to assure him that there is nothing wrong, and she is not disappointed in any way.

JENNIFER: (turning his face towards hers) Don't you dare apologize for anything, Jack. I am happy tonight. I'm happier tonight than I have been in a long time. Because we're finally together and we're going to put our lives back together just like we've wanted for so long.

JACK: But-

JENNIFER: (places a finger on his lips, shakes her head) No buts... I love you. And you love me, and that's all I need to know. That's all I need, do you understand me?

JACK: (softly) You deserve so much more...

JENNIFER: You waited for me, Jack... a long time ago, and... I'll never forget that. You waited for me, and I will wait for you.

They kiss and sink down to the floor again. JENNIFER rests her head on his chest and JACK wraps his arms around her as they stare at the fire.


As the song plays, these images from their past flash across the screen.

You can say you love me
And I'll believe it's true

JENNIFER coming to THE SPECTATOR after Harper's death and they embraced.

Trusting you is easy
'Cause I believe in you

Stranded in a snow storm, and JACK holding her.

There is nothing
I would miss
As long as we're in love like this

On the island, and he told her he loved her for the first time.

All I have
Is all I need
And it all comes down
To you and me
How far away
This world becomes
In the harbor
Of each other's arms

At JO'S surprise candlelight dinner for them, when JENNIFER asked JACK to dance.

I feel like I've known you
Forever and ever
Baby that's how close we are

In the LORETTA stateroom, when JENNIFER finally told JACK she loved him.

Right here with you
Is where
My life has come together
And where love has filled my heart

JACK reading his letter to JENNIFER on their wedding day.

You know I'd go
As long as I have you to care

JENNIFER telling JACK he is her hero, when they were stuck in the tunnels in ALAMANIA.

All I have
Is all I need
And it all comes down
To you and me
How far away
This world becomes
In the harbor
Of each other's arms

When ABBY was born, and they looked at their new daughter with amazement.

Ooh and with the love you bring
I never want for anything
I found
What I've been searching for
In you

When JACK proposed in the pouring rain, with the ring hidden in the jade plant.

All I have
Is all I need
And it all comes down
To you and me
How far away
This world becomes
In the harbor
Of each other's arms

When they came home to the penthouse after their wedding and JACK had decorated their bedroom with rose petals and candles.

As the song fades, JACK and JENNIFER fall asleep in each other's arms.


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