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No Ordinary Love

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Cub Reporter Meets Cub Publisher

By early 1989, Jack's world had completely deteriorated. The father who had raised him was in jail for a killing spree; his stepmother had married someone else and was expecting her own baby; his ex-wife had married his brother, whom he hated more than ever; and his fiancee, whom in truth, he had used and shamlessly exploited, had left him at the altar, humiliated and alone. Life for Jack was all about hurting others now, because he himself was in a great deal of pain.

Jennifer, meanwhile, was still dealing with a broken heart. Frankie's departure had crushed her, but now a friendship was developing with Emilio, the brother of April, Jennifer's brother's girlfriend. She and Emilio were getting close and Jennifer began to think that she could come to care about him.

Jack learned that Diana Colville, the reporter who owned and ran The Spectator, was planning an expose on him, and to keep her from doing so, he secretly bought 51 percent of the shares in the newspaper, thus making himself the controlling owner. Diana was furious, but could not fight him as majority owner.

Soon, what began as a purchase on a whim so he could keep his dirty laundry from airing became a lifelong passion for Jack...

Around this time, Jennifer was busy with her studies at Salem University. A journalism major, she decided to seek out an internship at a local paper. Diana hired her to intern at The Spectator and Jennifer came up with a story idea: profiling the horse Emilio was going to enter into a race. She went to Diana's office one day to pitch the story idea, and her life would never be the same again afterwards.

Diana was not in her office that day--but Jack was. Still enjoying playing mind games with his reluctant business partner, Jack sat himself in her office and was busy with something when the young intern walked in looking for Diana. He was intrigued right away, while Jennifer, well aware of Jack's noteriety (because of his history with Kayla, as well as with her cousin, Melissa), was very wary.

Jack tried to break the ice by flirting with her, but this threw Jennifer for a loop. Soon, though, it became clear that something could develop between them professionally, as Jack began to ask her about her story idea. Though a bit unsure of herself at first, Jennifer began to gather more confidence as Jack pushed her to defend her idea, and thus began what would become the very dynamic of their working relationship: Jack pushing Jennifer to become a better journalist.

There was much potential in her, and Jack recognized it. He knew that she had a raw talent that was waiting to be developed and sharpened, so he took it upon himself to be her mentor, although he himself was new to the publishing business, having entered it for dubious reasons. Together, though, they would learn the ropes and grow closer as a result...

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